Good for now!!

difficult child finally made it into CTTC on 08/12. At least for the next 12-24 mos, peace! She has admitted per letter that it will be a lot harder than she thought, but choosing it was better than 2yrs jail, which would have been easier. Just hope this prog works, she has to earn her way, which no phone calls for a month, at least. Then she has to earn visits, makeup, etc, then forced 1/2 house after. I feel hope and peace for the first time in yrs. Sad that peace comes when your child is locked up.. Oh, she messes up here or wants to leave, straight to prison x 2 yrs. Sitting in jail x 6 mos first is quite a motivator. Only time will tell.


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The peace that comes over us when our difficult children are safe in rehab is so welcomed. For the first time in a long time you can sleep at night knowing she is safe.