Good Free Choice Friday!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    It's Friday! It's Friday!
    It's Finaly Finaly Friday!
    O.K. It is 6:30 my time on Friday morning - that is atleast one or more hours ahead of our East Coast friends - and no Morning Thread yet? Hmmm - maybe I am not seeing straight? I suspect at least one same time friend out there and then a moderator gets to merge them?

    I am so glad it is Friday and will be even happier to sleep in tomorrow!

    We are caught in the Cars for Clunkers chaos. Our application for one on Wednesday night may be too late. I say that we fire about 2 or 3 of the governement officials who put this into play without a complete play plan. That will save the tax payers $1 - 3 Billion dollar salaries to make sure everyone that has applied and qualifies will get the deal. I don't know how they can be fair with the first come first serve basis and we are at the end so may not get the vehicle.

    difficult child stayed with a neighbor about 5 - 6 hours yesterday while I did some errands and took diva for supper and helped clean the church kitchen. I am so glad I was able to help with the kitchen since only three of us showed up. That is another huge successful step for him to be left that long under someone else's care.

    Diva states she will enroll in full time school in January. This fall she is watching her Godchild and kids in another family. She is helping someone move out of state and will be gone about 10 days. This will give her a chance to grow and experience independency away from home since the person she is helping is about 23 - 24 yrs old.

    I better go so I can work 7:30 - 12:30 and be caught up with this week's hours.

    PAY DAY TODAY!!!! OMG - can the day get any better? (well until I pay debts and get down to zero $$$ by 5:00 tonight)

    Everyone have a GREAT day and find a way to make your kids laugh.

  2. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Good morning! :coffee:

    Today starts an incredibly busy weekend. First off, I simply have to take care of some cleaning around here... my home is disgusting. I also have altar guild. Duckie has a sleepover birthday party and I have a get together with friends. Then, we have an event for cheer at 11am tomorrow followed by a trip to a nearby field day. Finally, Duckie acolytes and I have more altar duties on Sunday followed by grocery shopping. It doesn't sound like much except that Duckie has a little summer cold and I'm not sure how she'll hold up.

    Have a great day! :salute:
  3. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Good morning Andy, we were posting at the same time so I merged the threads. :) I hope you manage to get in for the cash for clunkers praograms. My car missed the government mpg by 4 mpg. Sheesh. :rolleyes:
  4. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Tired - I knew there had to be someone else out there this morning. I hope Duckie gets over that cold soon.

    We heard there are a ton of people that rushed out to claim a car but can not get financed for the balance causing them to loose their claims so that will help us. Also, the government states if you were late in making even one tab payment then you are disqualified - one person was disqualified for that as we were making our claim.

    Now a friend of diva's wants to switch engines in the jeep. Fortunately she is seeing the foolishness of that one and has her foot firmly down on that offer. They would disengage ours and then not get the old one in right so the jeep will not run disqualifying us from the deal. The guy is very mad but his wife understands. Good for Diva to hang into what needs to be done if this goes through.
  5. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    Andy, I've got my fingers crossed that you can get that you get into the cash for clunkers program... Sounds like yesterday was a busy one for you - I hope you get to sleep extra late tomorrow morning!

    TM, I hope Duckie feels better ASAP and that no one else catches her cold. As always, you're so BUSY!!! My house could use some cleaning too - Not sure I want to tackle it today... Hope you get a bit of time to yourself this weekend.

    Today is another cloudy day with chances of thunderstorms. I think we are on the last day of the absolute worst July in history:(. I have a few hours of work this morning. This weekend should be fairly quiet - A good thing as difficult child 2 has been at his absolute difficult child best.

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... SFR
  6. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Good Morning,

    Andy-I'm glad difficult child did well at the neighbors for so long! Sorry about the cars for clunkers mess!

    TM-It does sound like a busy weekend to me. I hope Duckie is feeling better soon, I know how being that busy and not feeling well can be exhausting.

    husband, easy child, and I had a nice day/night yesterday while difficult child is away at his last night of sleep away camp for the summer. Five Thursday nights he has slept over at camp and that has given us some nice respite. He'll be home for two weeks and then we're hoping to get him into the YMCA camp for the last two weeks of summer break-more like it's still break for the kids, husband and I will be working a lot those two weeks getting our classrooms ready.

    Today a workout with weights is on the agenda. Not sure what else we'll be doing (o.k. I know I'll be doing some napping:))

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  7. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    SFR-You snuck in on me! Sorry about that awful July weather. The weather people said yesterday this is our coldest July on record. Saved a lot on ac which is great but haven't had as much pool time. I hope your weekend remains quiet!
  8. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folks.

    Andy, the cars for clunkers thing - is it part of a US stimulus package? Great! I hope you get one. Sounds like Diva is doing some growing up.

    TM, you do sound like you have a busy weekend coming up, but Duckie being away at a sleeover should give you a gentle introduction to the chaos. I hope Duckie doesn't get sick.

    SFR, sorry you/ve had such lousy July weather. I hope this weekend is better for you.

    Sharon/WO, I could have used your muscles yesterday when I was helping grub out a tree at my friend's place. That was our workout!

    The first day back at school for difficult child 3 and he hasn't put pen to paper. However, he has done revision all week and I think it's bearing fruit. I did thison my own bat without referring to the Maths teacher (it's Maths revision) but today when the PE teacher rang I told him and he seemed to think it was a good idea. I LOVE them at this school!

    I took difficult child 3 down to tennis this evening, he played well, learned well but got very anxious due to the actions of another kid. The 'irritation' is continuing into our evening here, it takes very little for him to be touchy after an afternoon of heightened stress.

    Tomorrow I have to leave early to meet up with easy child 2/difficult child 2 for her final wedding dress fitting. Our good friend (and difficult child 3's speech therapist) is meeting up with us afterwards at easy child 2/difficult child 2's place (with her daughter) so they can see the glorious dress, since they will be overseas for the wedding. I'm not sure whether to bring difficult child 3 - he can't go with husband tomorrow so otherwise he would be home alone. He likes ST and her daughter (great mates) so tat might be an incentive, although before hand having to wait around in a bridal shop could be very heavy going for an adolescent Aussie male!

    We shall see...

    Enjoy your Friday.

  9. therese005us

    therese005us New Member

    Hi everyone

    I haven't posted in a few days. Such a stressful week. Thursdays are always awful with drivign here and there and everywhere!
    Today I did some cleaning up in readiness for my Aunt and uncle to visit next week for a few days. They are on the last leg of their Aussie trip downunder. Not sure where they'll sleep. Probably I'll give them my room again and put cherub in another corner and I'll sleep out here on the floor or something.

    Cooking will be fun - that'll be ???? for 7 I think! Guess I'll have to make more than a quick throw together dinner!

    Miss 12 has a dance exam on Sunday and 2 on Monday; Dancing from 8-2.30pm tomorrow and a flute lesson. Miss 16.5 (German Student) will go out and meet her friends for the day; Mr 19 will go to his friend's place till Sunday and cherub is with mum till Sunday. That's still lots of driving, and little time for cleaning. Guess I'd better get busy early with washing at least.

    Still feeling a little depressed. I had another chat to the principal today, she really doesn't want cherub at the school. Methinks once I've got all the paperwork to take to the psychologist I might just pull her out and homeschool her. More on that later.

    Have a great Friday and a great weekend.
  10. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning all,

    Sounds like there's lots of activity with the cash for clunkers debacle (Marg it is a stimulus thing ~ not well thought out though) to sleepovers & the like.

    I have piano lessons this morning - my golfing yesterday went well (I shot a 40).

    Have a good one all - keep it calm.