Good Friday Morning Folks!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SuZir, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. SuZir

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    Goof Morning everyone!

    We are having beautiful sunny and brisk (25F) day today. Unfortunately weekend is not looking as nice and this time of the year our days are so short that it's still totally dark when I start work and again totally dark when I come home.

    I'm looking forward to have a lazy weekend. And the best thing is, that I'm having a date night tonight! We are going to go watch Skyfall and to the dinner with husband. Haven't been in movies with him in ages and I'm all excited.

    I do hope you all have a good Friday and fabulous Weekend!
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning SuZir and all to follow!!!

    We have had a cool week and it's a cool start to the day - high 20's - but we are supposed to have 60 today and high 60's tomorrow before it cools again! Lovely fall weather. Lazy weekend beginning with date night sounds great! Enjoy your evening and your weekend!

    This morning will be filled with household errands (I'm off on Fridays) and then this afternoon will be helping easy child pack for a "spur of the moment" trip. The family she is a nanny for texted her last night and said they had an extra bedroom (one group of friends cancelled) in their villa in Anquilla (BVI) and offered to fly her down for a week! They've been there a week already. She, of course, said YES! Comes at a really good time with the death of an important young person in her life. Sunday and Monday were really tough (she was invited by his father to the intimate family visitation on Sunday and then the funeral was Monday) for her and she has been trying to hold it together. Being off from work and only attending classes one day a week has given her too much time to think. This unexpected trip is a godsend for her.

    My cousin is back in town this weekend and has only one more week left out of town for the movie she is currently working on. She came in town yesterday for the premier of Spielberg's Lincoln movie (that was shot here) for those who worked on the film. Tomorrow she wants to go out and do some shopping for "wrap gifts" for her current movie job and I think I'll go along for the ride! Other than that, the weekend is open! Might have a nice relaxing one like SuZir!

    Enjoy your Friday!

  3. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    Good Morning Everyone,

    SuZir, Enjoy your date night!! It sounds like the perfect way to start a relaxing weekend.

    LDM, Sorry to hear about about easy child losing someone special in her life. I lost someone I was extremely close to when I was in my early twenties. It was one of the darkest periods in my life. I agree, the timing of her trip to Anquilla is perfect. Enjoy the visit with your cousin and relaxing the rest of the weekend.

    Today it's off to another cold start here, frost everywhere, looks like snow (hate to think about this!) but it's going to warm up into the upper forties today, tomorrow we should hit almost the mid sixties, and Sunday it's supposed to be even warmer. I'm so ready for warmer weather and we're just beginning the cold season, lol...

    I have a doctor's appointment this morning, haven't had a complete check-up in over three years. If it wasn't for the fact I lost consciousness while on vacation, was out for 10-15 minutes according to husband, I probably wouldn't have made the appointment. So, in a way, it's a good thing because while I'm careful to make sure everyone else in my family takes care of their health, I've been neglecting mine.

    Then on to more fun things. I've got a bit more shopping to do before difficult child 1 gets here tonight. Talked to him for over an hour last night, can't wait to see him!! He has an interview for a position really wants this afternoon. He's already had two phone interviews, this one is with the head of the company. Keeping my fingers crossed. He really wants this job. If he gets it, he'll be moving really far away from us. It'll give me a chance to visit a place I've always wanted to see but haven't been to.

    Got to get moving. One more cup of coffee, then out the door...

    As always, hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile... SFR
  4. Malika

    Malika Well-Known Member

    Good morning (afternoon to me!) all!
    It's interesting to hear everyone's news, from various parts of the globe.
    Here too it is autumn, of course, with the leaves of the vineyards all around (this is a big wine-growing area) turning yellow, red, orange. Then they will begin to fall and be bare through the winter months until the tiny green buds start shooting again next spring. And so the seasons turn...
    I today took delivery of a big box of the published autobiography of Jacques Chirac, a translation I did for an American publisher. It looks very handsome! Good to see the result of much combined hard work. I am now working on something less highbrow, namely an erotic short story (= soft porn)... a new genre for me, I must admit.
    J went off happily to his play centre this morning, clutching his chess set... although he cannot really play in any true sense, of course, just knows the moves and understands vaguely about how to get check and checkmate, he has become a great chess afficionado! Was hoping to get a game with someone there.
    Have a great day everyone, or as great as can be and remember... today is unique and will not come again! I'll try to remember it too :)
  5. DammitJanet

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    Good Morning! Its cold here this morning and frost was out when I put the dog on the chain. She was itching to get out though because she had a new deer bone outside that she didnt want to leave last night. Thankfully I had another one though because something came along last night and ate the one she was chomping on when I brought her in last night! Those bones are in high demand.

    I need to contact the little store that we get beef fat from because we are about ready to grind up more hamburger. A few more deer and we might have enough hamburger to do us a good while. I really need to get Tony one of those food sealers so we dont have to depend on plastic freezer bags.

    Other than that, things are pretty good here.
  6. Californiablonde

    Californiablonde Well-Known Member

    Good morning. Weather is finally getting colder here in So Cal, this coming after a major heat wave last weekend. Mid to low sixties and rain on and off. I'm finally getting to enjoy some fall weather. Unfortunately I'm nursing a nasty cough and sore throat. Called in sick yesterday but I'm back to work and toughing it out today. I am looking forward to getting some much needed rest with this three day weekend we have coming up. Tomorrow I will be housecleaning and doing laundry. Sunday the kids and I go to church and out to lunch with my mom. Monday we are taking difficult child 1 to the doctors to get that follow up bloodwork for her stomach infection, and then we are going to the movies. Enjoy your date night, Suzir, and hope you all have a great weekend.