Good Friday morning, my friends....

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Yup, made it through the first week of school with-o any major disasters or meltdowns! :dance:

It's been a busy couple of days here .... mostly filled with appointments & lots of hot, muggy weather. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif That broke last night when a somewhat volatile storm came through. Today promises some more storms & less muggy hot weather. :future:

Today is a psychiatrist appointment for kt. After that we head to Best Buy because kt has earned a new game that she is drooling to have for her Game Boy. Home....get kt ready for respite. She's outta here at 3 pm.

husband heads out to the office around 10 this morning & then he heads out to a retreat (respite) for himself.

That's right I have the house to myself after 3 this afternoon until 3 on Sunday afternoon. :smile: Be jealous, be very very jealous :rofl:

Enjoy your Friday....keep it calm. Find a reason to smile today.


good morning

Linda...I am jealous. I would enjoy so much to have the house to myself for just one overnight.

Well the excitement of school has turned into a very down in the dumps difficult child. I was informed via email when i got to work that he refused his DOL work on Thursday. Sad thing is he knows if he messes up he will be moved. He PROMISED he would not do that. He promised me yesterday he will not get behind. That lasted a whole 12 hours.

Storms are just moving across our area as I write this. cooler weather is promised.

Have a great Friday.



Linda I am sooooooo jealous. No matter what in my house I am never alone as the animals are always here.

Kjs we have had some intermittent storms here. Nothing major but making it humid. Ick.

Today I am off to my group that took off for the summer. Then tonight I am going to library to prepare for trip to Chicago on the 15th (genealogy trip).

As long as all else stays quiet should be good to go.

Gonna try and take a nap now as I have been up all night until it is time for group.

Hope everyone has a good stress free day.



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G'day, everyone.

We had the APEC public holiday today, an extra one for the year we hadn't expected, but an attempt to keep as many people out of the city as possible. The Chaser boys have been told they could face 6 months jail for yesterday's stunt (I posted on Watercooler) but it didn't stop another stunt today - they drove up to the checkpoint in a limousine labelled "Canada" - only this limousine was made of cardboard and was worn by straps over their shoulders.

We're told it's reached the US news.

Linda, I'm jealous of your peaceful time - use it to rest.

Kjs, I hope difficult child can hold it together - I know he wants to be in Honors, but can he handle the stress? Motivation alone isn't enough, he really needs extra support. I hope he's getting it from the school.

Beth, the genealogy trip sounds really good. Do you have some good genealogy software? husband is into it for our family, other branches of the family have also used our data.

We've had rainy weather for the last couple of days, it was really heavy at times today. Our rainwater tank overflowed and husband realised - the overflow pipe is blocked. Probably some unmentionable animal crawled up the pipe and died, maybe months (years?) ago, but guddling about in the rain is no time to sort it out - he had to open the drain on the tank and let out some precious water. Maybe over the weekend, if it fines up, we'll be able to clear the outlet. Not good.

difficult child 1 had husband inspect a car he wants to buy - sounds too good to be true, but it looks like he's landed on his feet with this one. At last life seems to be coming together for difficult child 1 - the prospect of a new car, an apprenticeship looking likely, and then? We have our suspicions about what he plans to do from there. Fingers definitely crossed for him, that things keep working in his favour.

Enjoy your Friday.



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:wink: Good Friday Morning! We made it! :wink:

Linda, Kt doesn't have school today? Is that every Friday or just this first week of school? Enjoy your respite :kisses:

Kjs, hope that was just a fluke with difficult child yesterday and he gets back on track today :future: Enjoy the cooler weather.

MrsCat, enjoy your group and your nap! :thumb:

Marg, good luck to difficult child about the car! Good to hear that you all aren't having lack of water issues! Enjoy your Saturday :flower:

Well, I didn't get much out of difficult child about school yesterday. He said he finally met some kids at lunch and that he didn't get his locker yet (he's excited about his first locker). But, he had a smile when I picked him up :teacher:

It's still warm and really humid here and doesn't look like it will break any time soon. It was lovely last week but in the 90's now! Sounds like beach weather to me......hmmmm....... :beach: My mom has been wanting to go to the beach. If the warm weather sticks around maybe we can take a little weekend trip to the shore next weekend......

Hey, enjoy your weekend. It's Free Choice Friday - make it good :smile:



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TimerLady -

I am, oh so, jealous! But very happy for you to get that time for yourself. I'm with Mrscatinthehat... always animals around. Which means the cat is on my head and the dogs are on my lap. I can't complain though. They are my easy child's if I had one.

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Good Morning!

Linda-Color me green with-envy! Enjoy!!!! :smile:

Kjs-I hope difficult child gets back on track quickly! :teacher:

Beth-Sounds like a nice day planned! :princess:

Marguerite-It's great to hear you are having rain-sorry the pipe is blocked. Glad things are going well for difficult child 3. :smile:

Sharon-I'll be more than a little jealous of you if you get to the beach but I hope you do!!! :beach:

The humidity here has been GROSS. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif We are supposed to be getting some storms and then a break in the humidity. By next week we have promises of days only in the 60s!

Big day for easy child today. She is having pictures taken that she will take to a modeling exposition in November. She went to a meeting in August and was one of the ones selected. It's a long shot for sure but she really would love to do some modeling. It would be for catalogs or commercials as her height isn't right for a runway model. husband will drive her to Milwaukee for the pictures.

difficult child and I will hang out and then later this evening husband and I will hit the health club. :smile: Yesterday I biked 11.2 miles in 40 minutes-a record for me!

I survived the first week of school! My class seems so good! :teacher:

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi if you snuck in! :flower:


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Jealousy doesn't begin to describe it! :devil:
Kjs- Fingers crossed that difficult child gets back on track real quick. :surprise:
Beth- I hope your group goes well today. :thumb:
Marg- It's good to hear that everything is going better for difficult child 1. :smile:
LDM- Why wouldn't difficult child have his locker yet? :hammer:
Lori- My cats like to snuggle too. :rofl:
Sharon- I'm sure easy child will do great today! :princess:
Today has not started well. Duckie was complaining about being tired. She insisted she wanted to sit on the couch and watch some tv, but rule #1 around here is no tv until she is 100% ready for the bus. No exceptions. :warrior: There was some drama, and the cat (see my avatar) decided to toss her cookies. Ugh!!! :smile:
I have to seriously do some cleaning today. Then I pick Duckie and a friend up at school to bring them back here. Another Mom is also bringing her daughter over. :crazy: Then, we get them ready for a cheer competition at 4pm (it's really close to my house). But it will be in the 90's, so we are lugging a large cooler of water for the kids. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif Tomorrow is another parade. :dance:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good morning!

Easing back into work hasn't been bad this week considering it was a 3-day week. difficult child is going to her dad's out of state for the weekend, thank God. Mom is visiting with us for 3 weeks (it's a lot of work). H will be working on our home addition. And my sister who lives nearby is driving me crazy. My hope is that this day will go swiftly and I can go home to chill.

Sounds like we're all busy and have lots going on, except Linda gets to chill in an empty house today (yeah!). Oh! Tomorrow and Sunday our library is having a book fair - I can't wait to stuff a bag full of books! Unfortunaly, I bet most of them are books that I've donated! :eek:P