Good Friday morning - TGIF!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    Good morning friends! :good_morning: It's a balmy 14 degrees this morning & I think I'll get out my summer clothes for the day! :beach:

    kt heads back to school this morning after being home ill for 2 days. :whew: Her temp finally broke yesterday afternoon & you could immediately see the difference in her.

    Not much happening around here today - in home therapist appointment & an interview for a potential PCA. I've been down & out the last couple of days myself so have been ignoring phone calls & emails. Will have to spend a great deal of time catching up with on SW or another & a few doctors offices. I think that's about it.

    I'm on the hunt for a decent daylight magnifier desk lamp. I've yet to find one that I can really afford. My eyesight seems to be dimming a bit of late; mostly due to the Susac's. My understanding is that once the bariatric chamber treatment starts that should reverse to a degree. In the meantime, I just deal & find ways to help.

    Here's to a good Friday! I really would like to head out to a fish fry tonight, however, husband is planning on cooking this evening. Something Cuban.

    Enjoy your day! I hope you accomplish all you set out to do & that your difficult children are cooperative today & all weekend. Turn off the noise in your head tonight & sit back & relax!
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :beautifulthing: Happy Free Choice Friday!!!! :jumphappy:

    Linda, glad kt is feeling better today. difficult child is going back today for the first time since I picked him up early on Tuesday. He's ready. Hope you enjoy husband's special cuban dinner tonight!

    I am determined to find a new sofa and chair for my family room today :shopping:. I have been looking for months! I would really love leather, but with the dog and his nails, I'm going to have to pass. I have a chippendale camel back sofa in this room that I have had since the early 80's. Someone had it for 40 years before I did, and I have had it for 25 years. It has been recovered twice since I've had it and taken apart and restrapped once. I think it has had a lovely life. I think it's time for it to retire! I also have a wing-back chair to replace. I'm hitting the last two stores on my list today and am convinced I will finally find exacty what I'm looking for!!!!

    We are having a little freezing rain this morning :2cold:and easy child's school system is on a two hour delay. difficult child is right on time! I can hear the "not fair's" already!

    Wishing everyone a great Friday and a Good Free Choice :woohoo:

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, I suppose 14 degrees is better than negative numbers. I'm glad kt is back at school and feeling better.

    Sharon, good luck with the sofa hunt. Any possibility of clipping the dog's nails, or making him wear booties? Alternatively, a heavy blanket over the sofa should suffice.

    We've had summer back for the past few days, but the seas have been too high to enjoy it. Wild surf, beaches closed. Plus difficult child 3 is still catching up with schoolwork. He's promised to do work tomorrow (Saturday) to try to catch up. I have a meeting to go to tomorrow afternoon, so he will be husband's problem.

    Currently feeling emotionally exhausted after (yet again) trying to sort out easy child 2/difficult child 2's extreme obsessiveness and resulting tantrums. Sometimes it's like a war zone here. I'll post separately - I need to pick people's brains.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone. I hope you see signs of spring soon. I take comfort in knowing that our winter is still warmer than your summers, for some of you. I shouldn't be selfish.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Linda-It's good to hear kt is feeling better! Glad you are warming up! It's 9 here but this weekend it's suppose to get into the 30s!!!! I think a fish fry sounds delicious. It's been two years since I've gone to a fish fry. I usually allow myself one fish fry during lent.

    Sharon-Enjoy the furniture shopping. :shopping: Sounds like fun-I hope you find exactly what you want! Sounds like :abouttime:for new furniture!!

    Marg-Sorry you didn't get to enjoy swimming today. I always try to squeeze every last drop out of summer that I can.:beach_ball:

    A bit of a lighter schedule today as it's teacher conventions so I didn't need to get up so early.

    Not much on the agenda today-just my work out:treadmill: which I desperately need. Again after difficult child's therapist and wrestling practice I was just too tired to go! I am definitely going to get back on track. Oh and I think husband and I are meeting his sister for a movie tonight as she is in town.

    I hope everyone has a fun free-choice Friday!:flower:
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    Our dog, a jack russell names Spot, cannot stand to have anything near his nails. One of my friends, who is a vet, has tried numerous times to clip his nails without success. He gets tramatized. So what we are left with is having to take him to the vet's office (my friend) and having him shot with something that puts him out so his nails can be clipped then shot with something to reverse that. Needless to say, I could get several months of manicures for the cost of one trip to the vet to have his nails clipped.

    As for the booties, if you would like to take a trip to lovely south-eastern U.S. and try to get booties on my jack, you are welcome to try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dreamer

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    Linda. Hope you can find your lamp, I never had CUban food, but I LOVE fish fry! and no matter how hard I try it is just not the same at home. Yes, it is also warmer here, too, YAY! (16 degress, YAY)

    Sharon- good luck with furniture shopping. We got new chairs for our liv room in the fall, and I LOVE our chairs. - altho I did not enjoy shopping for them very much (to my surprise)

    Marg, I am sending good vibrations over the miles to the homework problem, that he gets caught up between today/tomorrow....and more good vibrations for easy child 2/difficult child 2. I am sorry you cannot enjoy the beach.

    Sharon, enjoy dinner and move. Maybe dinner could be fish fry? Is wrestling practice every day?

    OK so it is not technically "morning" here, now. but I just got "my turn" LOL. I am happy it is a little warmer and yesterday, altho it was cold, the sun was shining stronger and brighter than it has in quite too long of awhile, so I was enjoying it. I am feeling a little off kilter not watching TV news or reading my newspaper, as if I "forgot" to do something. Yeesh.
    Last nite I went back to Marine Corps League, where i had been a charter memeber, but then lapsed when I was so busy with my son and his eye injury. Turns out it is entirely new people, and I think this might be "good" they seem far more energetic than when I was there last. I am encouraged, we are now involved in a lot more things, (I kept trying but one person cannot do it alone) The new President seems really able and personable. YAY!

    Hope everyone has a great day. :)