Good Friday morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    A very happy Friday to you all! We've made it through the week.

    :coffee: I'm enjoying that first cuppa hmj for the day.

    I might have mentioned that husband & kt bought me a beta fish for my desk. He's a delightful little guy & has begun following my mouse around when I use it. Mostly it's almost hypnotic watching him swim about in his fishbowl as I work or paint at my desk here.

    In home therapist for kt; I'm heading out with husband to have a "redo" of a fluroscene angiogram this morning. The opthalmologist is determined to get it done this morning come he$$ or high water.

    Enjoy your Friday!
  2. Wiped Out

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    Linda-I hope your appointment goes well today and that then you are able to enjoy a peaceful Friday. It sounds relaxing to have that fish.:DWhat have you named him?

    I am so relieved it is finally Friday. I'm feeling a bit worn out:bloodshot:The good thing is we have nothing major planned for the weekend. difficult child does not have a tournament this weekend!

    We have a field trip this morning which will be a nice break from the usual.

    After work today we have a work party but with husband now being sick:sick:and difficult child being such a difficult child I will probably stay home to help out which is o.k since I'm so tired. I do plan on a visit to the health club:treadmill:difficult child can come with me to give husband a break.

    I hope everyone has a fun free choice Friday! My free choice is that difficult child is an angel today.:angel:
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Linda, husband & I were trying to work out what kind of fish - is it a tropical fish like a guppy? difficult child 3 has a tank full of guppies, they are about all that survives in it. Sounds fun, though. Good luck with the angiogram.

    Sharon, I hope you enjoy the field trip and it's not too cold for you.

    The news today for Sydney - apparently it's in the record books, we've had the hottest January on record in Australia, pretty much across the country. They say that with the records continually getting broken, global warming is fairly conclusive.
    Today it's been damp. We had an inch of rain overnight, a little bit more during the day. We could have gone to the beach but it wasn't too hot this afternoon, plus the sand would have been wet to walk back on.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 went to a funeral for his step-great-grandfather. The old man was also a surrogate grandfather to him - complicated family history, but a very special man. He was a refugee post-WWII from Poland, he always taught his family to love Australia, it was for him very much "the lucky country" and he lived for Australia Day. And died on it, too. Somehow fitting.
    BF2 showed me a photo - he looked like James Dean. His wife was a widow with almost-adult kids who were in shock when their mother married this fabulously good-looking and very young man - what a woman she must have been! And when her son-in-law (BF2's grandfather) died young leaving a very young family and the authorities were about to split up the kids, this man adopted them and raised them, looking after his step-daughter as well.
    Sounds like it was a very fitting tribute today, to an amazing man.

    Tomorrow it's a fairly normal Saturday for us. I've got some messages to run and will have to use my scooter - the main street is almost impassable with the 'improvements' the local council is doing. Nowhere to park. I'm hoping I can still get in there on the scooter, they've taken out a lot of the wheelie accessible paths (illegal, but there's nobody to stop them).

    Wish me luck.

    And have a great Friday too. Last day of the school week!

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :hearye:Yippie, it's Friday - Free Choice Friday!!!!!

    Linda, hope all goes well at the doctor appointment today. Nice to hear you have a little buddy at your desk. Fish are extrememly calming. Hope your weekend is a good one :peaceful:.

    Sharon, sorry to hear husband is sick. Seems to be the time of the year when sickness runs rampant :ill:. Hope you get your workout in tonight. I love weekends with no plans (I have one of those coming up too). I know you will watching that Super Bowl - you would be proud of me - I have company coming for the game and I'm doing a bunch of WW stuff and sticking with the plan!!

    So I changed over to Comcast for my phone (already had cable and internet and the triple play deal was good) on wed. I go to get the phone and set up my voice mail yesterday morning - no dial tone - nothing! I had hear the phone service was having some issues, but I though I would give it a try and save some bucks in the process.

    So, I have a tech coming between 8-11. My cleaning folks come today, but I have no idea what time because I don't have a home phone and the office calls the day before to tell you what time they will arrive (don't believe they have my cell number and I didn't think to call during business hours yesterday). difficult child is off school and he wanted to go to a movie today. Hopefully the comcast guy will be here on the early side. I can leave the cleaning crew here but not the tech.

    Other than that, the weekend is quiet - tomorrow both kids gone for the day - a sharon day :bath: and Sunday it's company for the Super Bowl.

    Hope everyone has a great Friday, makes a good choice, and has a simple weekend planned :woohoo:
  5. house of cards

    house of cards New Member

    Good morning all,

    Linda, enjoy your hmj, I'm still waiting on mine, hope your doctor appointment goes well.

    WO-Sharon, I don't know where you find the energy for a field trip and gym, you must be very fit...wish I was, but not enough to do much about it.

    Marg, enjoy your outing, dodging all the obstacles. My husband is one of "those" people that still will not hold man accountable for global warming. Go figure.

    LDM-Sharon, Hope you get your phone problems worked out, I hate the phone so I would probably like it not working but most people need and love their phones. Enjoy your kidless weekend. You can borrow a few of mine if it gets lonely.

    My Friday is quiet, mostly cleaning the house although I don't know why I bother, every weekend it gets destroyed. Than I have my in home therapist that may or may not show up. I like her alot but we have a less than 50% show up rate. ugh. Anyway it is Friday, life is good.
  6. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    Timerlady- my oldest has been enjoying her bettafish. I asked her yesterday just how much fun is her fish compared to our kitties? She said oh mom, he follows me. Hers is well over a year old, makes me nervous, LOL. Sure is a pretty thing, tho.
    Good luck at opthamologists, gosh between my best friend and my son, I have sure been amazed at how many tests one can do! (it is the optha me and son travel to see so much all the time)

    Wiped out- sendng a feel better wish to husband and hope the field trip goes good today!

    Marg, I wish I could explain bettafish to you, but, I am afraid I am not quite sure how. I think maybe the male ones might be most popular? My difficult child has a female, hers looks like an opal as far as color. they have long decorative fins and come in a wide variety of colors. As far as I know you must keep the males alone becuz they fight, I think? My elderly aunt used to have one kept in a vase with a houseplant growing out the top of the fishbowl? My difficult child keeps hers now in just a plain goldfish bowl, but for awhile she had a double tank and had 2 of them with a divider down the middle to keep them apart. difficult child calls hers Mauii, not sure why. Her kitty loves to sit and watch it (the other 2 kitties seldom go in difficult children room and will sit and watch our turtle for hours in living room)
    Sorry to hear of the bfs grampa. He sounds like he was a wonderful man. The beach sounds kinda good to me at the moment. I do not mind cold usually but our weather has just been so extreme and so up and down here this winter, it is starting to be too weird, even for me. LOL. we have been breaking records right and left! (I am midway between Milwaukee, Wis and Chicago, IL)

    LDM- I caught the tail end of a news story yesterday, sounded like AT & T maybe? service was down around somewhere, not sure where - for like 9 hours yesterday? Not sure if it was regular telephone,cell, TV or internet or just what? Our house phone and cells are AT & T and difficult child said she thought her texting was affected yesterday, she texts with ppl all over the world, so I am not sure when she was talking about or anything.

    HOC- I hate phones, seldom will you find me on one, and when I am supposed to make calls for things, I put it off terribly long, and create problems for myself simply becuz I hate the phone that much, LOL. I have ALWAYS hated phones. I would handle EVERYTHING via email and text messageing if I could, but, here where I am it is not at all common to have email to handle much business wise, etc. (and my web tv does not always work well with some of the other emails for business...seems some businesses email blocks webtv, and I cannot access most attachments like word, works, or pdfs) I even hated phones before answering machines, and voicemail- have ALWAYS preferred to handle things via snail mail, LOL.

    OK so- this is (to me) AMAZING. Our school called a SNOW DAY today! As I said over in watercooler, "well, I'll be a monekys uncle!" Being where I am, snow seldom causes any problems no matter how much we get. I swear each town must have more snowplows in a town than school busses or emergency vehicles, cuz snow never has been an acceptable reason to ever miss work or school. and for years and years my kids NEVER had a single snow day in spite of us getting LOTS of snow. a couple wweeks ago wwe had a very very rare winter tornado, - did not even slow anything down. Last week, was it? we had 40 below windchills, 12 below before windchill was factored- did not slow anything down here. In AUgust when the kids go back to school after summer break, sometimes it is well over 100 degrees and 90% humidity, and the kids are still in that 4 story brick 100+ yr old hot building for school.
    Well at 2 am our school was still gonna be in session today, but at 6 this morning, when the elem kids should have been halfway to school already? (they start at 645 am- some are bussed in from the neighboring town that has no schools) they finally decided to call off school! (thank goodness PCs boyfriend s mom drives a bus and called us, cuz our towns name starts with a letter at end of alphabet and before they get to our towns name on the TV they break for commercial and then start back at As when commercial break is over and my webtv told me "page too big to be shown" when I tried to look at the online emergency closeing website, LOL)

    My Durango is visible out the window (it is bright red and I see red sticking out a little bit) but my VW bug is not visible. and while the snow began at dusk yesterday, and I cleared both cars around midnite, I cannot believe how much snow is out there NOW. And I think TV said more is still falling!
    easy child was dooing a happy dance! She even woke youngest and made him dance with her! LOL. Me? I am gonna snuggle down, take advantage and grab a lil nap! LOL! Good thing I am doing so much better, there sure is a LOT to shovel out there!

    Happy Friday to anyone who sneaks in behind me. Keep warm!
  7. Calista

    Calista New Member

    Good Morning Ya'll. It's been a long week here and I'm soooo Glad it's Friday!
    We have a football filled weekend coming up. My easy child daughter is playing in a church youth flag football tournament on Saturday, they have practice tonight and, of course, there's the Superbowl on Sunday. this should be an excellent football weekend. The weather is sunny and crisp and there has been just enough rain that all the little darlings SHOULD be covered in mud by the end of the tournament.
    Ya'll have a great, meltdown free, kool aid (still laughing about that one) free day!:rofl: