Good Friday morning....

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    friends & fellow :warrior: parents!

    :coffee: HMJ is brewed & tasting fine this morning. I've spent the majority of this past week sleeping & am finally awake; feeling almost human again. :abouttime::cutie_pie: About time.

    husband, kt & I are leaving later this morning to go see my family - especially my dad. His 79th birthday was Tuesday, then there's Father's Day on Sunday & he retires (last day of work) is on the 20th. This Saturday is a celebration of all of these events. Big shrimp boil at my big sister's house with all the fixings. I believe I'll put together a butter pecan ice cream torte for the dessert table.

    I'm so excited to get out of town - I haven't done anything out of the house that wasn't medical/treatment related since last August. It's about time to get out & have some fun. Even if I have to sleep all next week! :happyguy::jumphappy::try2fly:

    Enjoy your day friends. Find a reason to smile - it's good for the soul.
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    Good Morning All!

    Timer Lady - Enjoy your weekend. Sounds like it will be a great vacation for you. Family gatherings are nice to have.

    It is almost 4:30 am here. This is the 2nd phone call I have gotten within the hour from easy child (calls on cell phone from bedroom) so thought I would take the time to check in the boards before trying to catch Z's again. My easy child's bedroom is in the basement (a few years ago she turned the family room into her bedroom using the guest room as her walk in closet). She thought she heard something under her bed (Maybe I should find our Monster, Inc movie for her to watch?) This 2nd time we pulled out her bed from the wall - nothing. We think there might be a mouse in the wall?

    I am glad it is Friday. I THINK husband can watch difficult child this afternoon so I can get some hours in at work? Summer is so hard to find time to make up hours or even to complete my extra monthly project that I am allowed extra hours for.

    difficult child is having a great summer so far with his babysitter. There has been a large improvement in behavior this last week without the stress of school. I pray he can continue this improvement.
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    Linda-I am jumping for joy that you are feeling well enough to do this:jumphappy::jumphappy: Have a wonderful time!

    Adrianne-Sorry you keep getting woken up! I'm glad to hear difficult child is doing better right now. Crossing my fingers it continues. I hope you get to go to work this afternoon.

    Hard night of sleep with constant storms and poor difficult child barely slept because he heard on the news about a dangerous escaped convict and he was sure he was headed to our house. We had almost another 3 inches of rain yesterday. They had to close parts of the interstate. At the end of the school day yesterday we had a tornado warning. Imagine 345 kiddos in a hot humid lockerroom!

    But, :its_all_good: because today is the last day of school:teacher:

    Can you tell I'm a bit excited? Not much planned after work other than a definite visit to the health club. I can't believe I missed three days in a row-yuck!

    Wishing everyone a day filled with some fun:try2fly:
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    G'day, folks.

    I'm still struggling a little with the new computer and the way it opens pages on this site, so I have difficulty greeting you all individually.

    Linda, I hope you have a wonderful visit with your father. A lot to celebrate, by the sound of it. I hope he has something planned to occupy him in retirement.

    Adrianne, I hope easy child lets you get some sleep soon. Isn't it odd? They can't wait to grow up and leave home, but you wonder how on earth they will cope when there's only them to deal with the things that go bump in the night?

    Sharon/Wiiped, sounds like you've got the perfect weather to be worrying about escaped convicts - like a plot from a really bad teen horror film.

    Well, I had a fairly ghastly day today. It figures - Friday 13th, AND my birthday.
    I got an early phone call from difficult child 3's therapist (also my good friend) to wish me happy birthday, which was interrupted by second call from difficult child 1's caseworker from his employment disability support agency who is trying to help sort out our utter mess of red tape (I posted separately). Thanks to that phone call my day was headed downhill fast, as I put things in motion to get action taken.

    It took me all day to finally get information gathered to get things happening politically, and the person I spoke to who has promised to kick some rear ends won't be able to start until Monday. difficult child 1 still doesn't know about any of tis.

    easy child rang me tonight for my birthday and I'm afraid I dumped it all on her. She's also concerned for how her brother will take it all. Meanwhile husband got difficult child 1's bank records off the Internet (he has access to difficult child 3's passwords etc) so at least I have something I can pass on to the authorities who are nagging for details.

    Very frustrating.

    Tomorrow I can ignore all this for a few days (why fret while nothing can be done?). I am doing some paid market research in the morning, which gets me "on the mainland" to do a bit of grocery shopping. Then tomorrow night husband & I get to go out for his train club's annual dinner. I get to show the other blokes that I don't always look like a train-driver's moll. It's a worry - I'm one of the youngest train widows in the club. I've not really had much chance to dress up since I began the diet.

    mother in law has gone away for the weekend to Newcastle. Her niece (husband's cousin, same age) drove down to collect her and will be bringing her home on Sunday. They have nothing special planned so I suggested they drop in on easy child so mother in law can see her granddaughter's new home. easy child doesn't remember cousin so it will be good to re-introduce them. I know they will get on well.

    So I'm hoping tomorrow is a vast improvement on today.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  5. Happy Friday Everyone!

    Linda, I hope you enjoy the party... wow that dessert sounds wickedly delicious. I know everyone will have a piece of that. I'm so impressed that your Dad is just now retiring. I hope I will make it to that age.

    Adrianne, maybe tonight will turn out to be a more restful evening for you all! I'm hoping that you'll be able to get more of your work done today. Sometimes it seems like all of life conspires against me when I'm on a deadline...

    Sharon, last day of school, woo hoo! Congrats to you all. Hope you can get to the health club today. I know how my energy lags when I miss going to the Y for my workout.

    Marg, Happy Birthday!!! Maybe the day after will turn out to be a better day... How many times has your birthday fallen on a Friday? Hmmm... that's a good math question. Enjoy your market research and the annual train dinner. I know that you will be the young belle of the ball :) Also, I hope difficult child 1's situation will resolve as soon as possible. We never really lose our kid's problems do we? Thank goodness we get some of the good times too!

    We returned from our Miami (South Beach)-Everglades-Keys vacation on Sunday and I'm still wiped. The good news is that we had a glorious time. husband ended up giving three presentations instead of two because one of the conference presenters didn't show up. He hurriedly created a new presentation complete with powerpoint in the wee hours of the morning. I honestly don't know how he does it! We had some glorious seafood and Cuban food (which I was really looking forward to). I think that we enjoyed the Everglades and Key Largo the most. We visited a "sick" bird sanctuary that was on a glorious beachfront property. Every type of bird that you can imagine lives there - either recooping or just spending the rest of their life there due to serious injuries. difficult child was facinated and we spent many hours there. Definitely the highlight of the trip for him!

    easy child and the professor he works for have had a paper accepted by one of their professional groups. This means that they will present their paper in Las Vagas next month at the group's convention. easy child is thrilled and terrified - all at the same time. The University is paying for his stay there. We bought him his first "grown up" suit, shirt, tie, and dress shoes for the event. Wow, he's really getting there. I'm not proud, can you tell?

    Everyone have a wonderful Father's Day!!!
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    Linda, sounds very EXCITING!
    Recently I have been thinking of my father---but mine is not one who deserves the word "father"- I usually call him my donor, even to his face...but, it has been years since I saw him, and had been thinking I might want to see him. So I considered going this week, he is up near the Dells,now......well, it figures, LOL---my timing is not good. It is terribly flooded all around him and my brother said we cannot get thru to him. (myabe it just is not meant to be- and no reason to hurry after all these years, my donor never worried about it) Anyway, enjoy YOUR visit with your father! I am so happy to hear you feeling up to this! YAY!

    Adrianne- my easy child moved herself into our basement...ours is "unfinished" but she hated shareing a room with difficult child. Last nite I felt sorry for my easy child becuz..we kept invadeing her all nite, becuz our tornado sirens went off 3 times after midnite, so difficult child got panicked and was calling me from aross the hall on her cell (thank goodness for free unlimited family to family, LOL) while she kept gathering the critters and her brother and herding everyone to basement, I wonder if easy child dreamed monsters were in her room? LOL---amazing, she did not even wake up----I am glad, cuz she had to be at work early this morning and is working a long long day today. And she was sleeping off stress from a dramatic shocker that kept her up the nite before.
    Wiped Out, YAY for end of school! easy child got out last week, cuz of graduation but everyone else here had last day today. Last Friday, I think it was? a tornado warning came just at the end of the school day and we watched out our window wondering if school would release the kids to walk home-(they did) Yesterday me and difficult child got on the topic, I cannot remember why, but....our county has the jail and courthouse and TB clinic across the street from the prek, elem school and middle school.....and our HS is next door to what used to be our county hhospital but is now our psychiatric hospital. Oh I remember why we were discussing it- they just built a 2nd HS, brand new, and built it on theback side of the courthouse, jail morgue etc here. We find the placements of these all to be very odd. Our schools go into lockdown often becuz of it all. I wonder how many kids showed up here for last day of school? Last day they only go in for an hour, and we had tornado sirens all thru the nite, and I got 30 emergency email notices, and they unofficially said we had at least 3 tornados between midnite and 2 am here. I am glad to say last time I checked outside, everything looked OK. But since the sirens kept going off all nite, I wonder how many kids made it to school?

    Marg- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am gonna go read your buracracy husband gift to me our very first Christmas together was an electric train, becuz I always wanted one. :)
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    it's Friday? I survived! Yeah!

    I am not sure what I am doing tonight being difficult child I's girlfriend is here (see watercooler post "one for the hall of Dumb")

    I would like the see "the Happening" at some point. I Have cleaning to do as usual. And the divorce papers are gathering dust, because I just can't deal with them right now.

    I also am going to give my dear old grumpy Dad $ to buy a ride on mower. he has a bad heart so he needs one, but I know no matter what one I buy it won't be the "best" one, so I will let him pick it himself.

    We also have The Giants defensive co-ordinator speaking at our church this Sunday for Father's Day followed by a tail gate party, so I will be doing some cooking for that. I am pleased that a bunch of my friends and family are going to come. Sports stars are a motivator I guess, LOL, that and free food!

    Next weekend I am volunteering at the Woman of Faith conference here In NJ (I get to see the conference for free) so long as my kids remain stable anyways. And then I have my Godson's Graduation party coming up.

    Probably also go to the pool, being it's close and I paid for the membership, it also keeps difficult child II busy and wipes him out.