Good Friday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    I'll be hopping in the shower soon so that I can head over to the school this morning for Duckie's end of the year slide show. I must remember tissues! (All the moms cry!)

    Other than that, I'm still cleaning and Duckie's having a few friends over for dinner and a movie. Dinner is tacos, movie is to be determined.

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. SRL

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    Good morning, TM, and those to follow.

    I was surprised to read the end of the year activities as we've been in full summer mode for three weeks now. I'm finding it much harder to be a mom of teens and preteens in the summer months as they were much easier to nudge out the door to go play or were more willing to go out on trips to the park, pool, etc when they were little.

    Shower for me first, then will spend the morning helping a group of girls with their model rocketry projects. This afternoon I need to start shoveling out the living room for company tomorrow.:faint:

    Have a good day, everyone! And stay cool, it's so balmy this morning I can hardly stand to go outside.
  3. Happy Friday Everyone!

    I understand the tears TM! Enjoy the slide show.... and tacos... my favorite. It sounds like you are off to the start of a great summer.

    SRL - the model rocketry projects sounds interesting. Have fun with that. I hear you about preparing for company - no fun. No matter how much we clean - the chaos just reappears doesn't it?

    It is a beautiful morning here. I've been out weeding my garden - that's a job that never ends. But, we appear to be out of our drought and everything in the garden is growing quite nicely. (including those pesky weeds :0 )

    difficult child, easy child, and I are working together to prepare for Father's Day. easy child and husband have been waiting on their new Apple iPhones to arrive - so Father's Day gifts will be apps for the phone. After the celebration on Sunday, I'm off to North Carolina to visit with my mom. She's having her last cataract surgery on Monday. We hear that the surgery is much improved since her last surgery three years ago, and we're keeping our fingers crossed. I must say, it will be nice to go to the mountains to escape this oppressive heat we've been experiencing. A little "vacation" from the guys here will be nice as well. I take my moments of peace where I can find them!

    Well, back to work. I love Fridays because I get to stay home and telework!
    Have a wonderful day, and don't get overheated ...

  4. SRL

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    Good luck with the iphone apps, Valerie. My teen son hardly came up for air the first 3 weeks after getting an ipod touch.:tongue:

    We're going to buy tickets for the menfolk to go see Transformers 2, which opens this week.

    I'm off to go throw my tennis shoes in the washer as they were under a white corn syrup waterfall last night.:surprise: I think a floor scrubbing will be in order too.
  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    TM-Good idea to bring along the kleenex. As a 4/5th grade teachers many of the 5th grade moms cry at 5th grade graduation, so do we teachers. Tacos sound yummy!

    SRL-I know what you mean about getting preteens and teens out the door-not easy. The rocketry project sounds interesting.

    Valerie-I'm impressed you're already been out and doing your weeds. I hate that job. husband takes care of the flowers, I do the veggies, but I use landscaping material so the weeds aren't a huge problem but I hate even pulling those. Enjoy your time with your mom, I hope the surgery goes well.

    Lots of storms last night, I didn't sleep well and husband slept even less well. I think we should have turned on the ac last night, it was hot and muggy but we haven't had much warm weather yet so I don't think either of us was ready to do that.

    I finally found the energy to plant my tomatoes Tuesday and yesterday, I hope they still will grow well since I planted so late. I also put in a red pepper plant and basil.

    A day off from the health club today as my 5 days are in. I'm not sure what is on the agenda as more storms are expected this afternoon so that will probably cancel out any pool hopes I have.

    Later difficult child is off to respite for the weekend.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:

  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    TM, I hope Duckie's show is a blast. Take plenty of tissues, other parents will need them.

    SRL, model rockets! It does sound exciting. I'll restrain myself from the obvious puns...

    Valerie, enjoy your gadening. Summer is a productive time.
    The iPhones sound great. Our Fathers Day isn't until September.

    Sharon/WO, I'm glad your tomatoes are in. Summer home-grown tomatoes - wonderful! I have some tomato plants running wild in my garden but I doubt they will fruit during winter.

    difficult child 3 & I have had another quiet day. After school hours finished I went to mother in law's to try to find the missing nose piece from my glasses. I searched the road (lots of little bits of glass - confusing) and at mother in law's I checked her couch. Nothing. But as I was leaving I had another really long look at my scooter and there it was, wedged into a crevice beside the batteries. Lucky!

    husband & I have watched some top-rate British drama on TV tonight - two pilot programs. The first, Torchwood, is a Dr Who spin-off. It's a lot like a British dramatic version of Men in Black. The next one, Being Human, is a drama about flatmates - a weyrwolf, a vampire (on the wagon) and a ghost. NOT a comedy, very dark but also very - young. A sort of Twilight mixed with a London variation on Interview With the Vampire.

    The British do drama very, very well.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  7. tiredmommy

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    SRL- Eeww about the corn syrup! Yuck!!!

    1Day- husband loves to work from home: no commute, work in his jammies, have leftovers for lunch, etc.

    Sharon- We have your muggy air mass this morning. I feel like I'll need to be wrung out by mid-morning.
  8. therese005us

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    Hi everyone!

    Hope all the graduations go well, I needed tissues for every one of them when my daughter (23) graduated from grade school, then high school. I'm hopeless. First day, First confession, first communion, confirmation, graduations, wedding, a lot of crying! Each time, it feels like a little loss.... but I think I should have thought of it as a little gain, her little gains in life, as she plods along making her way..... Might be different with this daughter!

    We didn't have it so cold today, but we might in the next few days as we are expecting showers. So I have to fix the tractor tomorrow and get the road scraped up a bit, so we can get out a little better. There are still some big chunks of concrete to fix up too.

    Took DS to work today, for which he was grateful as he wanted money for cigarettes & alco! Then did some running about before daughter sang for the old folks. Then picked up DS, went and collected the grain a neighbour had ground for me. We also picked up a new dog, a Merrema. Hoping she will be a useful member since our other dog was washed away in the flood last year along with the goats. We might be able to get some sheep after the winter, if she proves her worth. No point around here, unless we have protection, since we have dingoes that eat them up for breakfast (lunch and dinner).

    After the outside work, Miss 12 and I went Occupational Therapist (OT) keep company with a friend who has MS and recently broke her leg. Then I came home and put her to bed, and did ALL the ironing whilst watching "After Thomas" it was brilliant. I have seen it before, and read the book, which is better. It is about couple who struggle to have their son diagnosed with autism, and never give up on him.... eventually, a golden retriever opens the door to his world and he does become a useful member of society, unlocking his feelings. .... Highly recommended... but also, read the book!

    Mothers, we don't give up on our children, but we do sometimes give up on ourselves... however, that's when we need to recharge our batteries and come up for a little air. No one said parenting is easy, and we are constantly learning... how many times have I heard myself say that this week/month/year? Even having raised two past 18, I'm still learning new curves to parenting, and glad of it.

    have a good Friday.

    no further news on cherub, but "Dad" is having control over the weekend, so I'm praying hard.