Good Friday Morning!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Good Morning Friends!

    On my way to water fitness class.....trying to seriously get back into my work out routine - not sure I like this early hour in the summer though....

    Housework for me today - easy child is going with bonehead up to IKEA to check out some furniture for her new apartment - difficult child will probably sleep till noon....

    Wishing you guys a great Friday :peaceful:

  2. Marguerite

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    Sharon/LDM, summer is always the easiesttime of year to get fit, especially with swimming.

    We're having a wedding pow-wow night tonight. easy child 2/difficult child 2 &BF2 are here, there was a lifestyle TV show on tonight about weddings plus I bought ther magazine that goes with it. daughter in law is here so we can cut out the fabric for her bridesmaid's dress.

    My life is geting busy again and I'm still not well enough for it. I was rushed tis afternoon and put dinner on a bit earlier than I intended; plus the kdis were late arriving, so the roast vegetables are a bit cremated. But difficult child 3 just says, "Great! I LOVE it when the vegetables are all crispy!"

    I have a meeting to go to tomorrow, I HAVE to be there because I have to give a talk. Then on Sunday I'm usually helping husband out with his trian club, Monday I have to be at difficult child 3's school all day then my GP in the afternoon. And then it gets busy!

    I think I have Tuesday off, then Wedneday is another big, rushed day. And Thursday.

    The TV today has been full of news about Michael Jackson's death. Farrah Fawcett got a very minor mention, but the news shows got greatly expanded and other stuff cancelled, to deal with over-and-over news on MJ. Every network trying to scoop every other... I'm so over it.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  3. therese005us

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    Good evening everyone!

    Well, someone rang me to say that they'd heard MJ had died. That's all I know. I am so glad we don't have 'TV', I can imagine how saturated everyone's lives are going to get with the reruns of his life.
    Farrah Fawcett too? Well, rest in peace, she was apparentlly suffering so much towards the end.

    Today I tried to get up early, but decided to ignore the 5.00am alarm for a while. Then I managed to struggle out of bed for the chores, calling daughter on the way.

    I called DS too, as previously warned, as he had calls to make regarding setting up times for 'mini' interviews where he would hand in his resume. He refused to get up, then refused to help with outside work, so I refused to budge on my already busy schedule until there was an impasse.

    After breakfast I went out on the tractor to try and 'smooth' the bumps. I nosedived into a ditch and that was the end of that till a kindly neighbour helped me out.

    Then I took daughter to her art class, and DS for a driving lesson, stopping on the way for the interview. He came out smiling, and we talked about how enthusiastic this lady seems to be. She said she'll ring him.

    I did a few errands before picking up daughter and by the time we got home the neighbour had relocated my tractor for me! The road is so awful at present, it's a nightmare to drive it.

    After lunch we picked up the 'three terrorists' but they're not so bad actually, very well behaved. The 20month old baby girl, I am really tipping autism. She does this flappy thing with her hands, laughs to herself (for no reason) and won't make eye contact. Taht's just a few of my observations so far.

    Bio mum sent two garbage bags of wet laundry - I am hoping I can dry soem around the stove. It won't dry enough for the weekend I don't think, but I can try. I wish she'd started the laundry earlier than this morning.

    When we got home,we showered them all, and deloused them. Dinner, then they settled for bed quickly and calmly.
    I have a very full house.

    DS is staying with friend overnight as I haven't enough room for everyone to get to church on Sunday.

    Well, I'm tired, so I'll sign off, hoping everyone has a peaceful weekend too.
  4. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Little Dude's Mom - Sounds like a quiet day in your home today!

    Marg - I hope you can find ways to not feel so rushed as your schedule fills up again. Concentrate on purposely feeling calm between events.

    Therese - You are very busy! How are you feeling?

    I have a super long list of things to do and pack today. difficult child will be home alone and I am suppose to be at an all staff meeting this afternoon. I will skip that if he needs me to come home. Or, I may go home to make lunch and go back in. Actually husband just called, he will be in town today so difficult child can hang out at his work and at school when husband goes there for school board work. YEAH!

    Diva is going to bowling buddy's home. She is not looking forward to that. She is suppose to make him clean. I will be very surprised if that happens. Diva said, "Mom, if he won't clean for his mom, why does she think he will listen to me?" I told her to just do the best she can and he may listen to her better than his mom. His mom said he can not come over here until he gets his work done so maybe that will be an incentive. Also, if they are looking for Diva to be cleaning also, that will not happen.
    To make matters worse, it is from 9:30 - 3:00, a very long day for that battle.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  5. AnnieO

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    TGIF all!

    The bad thing about Friday is I tend to avoid my computer at home so I don't talk to my friends here much.

    BUT... I get enough sleep... husband doesn't have to work... I get to lounge around in my pajamas till two PM if that's what I feel like doing.

    I'm hoping they get over Jackson's death quickly, I understand that he was young and it was unexpected, but I'm already sick of it. And I didn't find out till 7:00 last night!

    I can't wait till 4:30!
  6. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Enjoy your class! Good for you for getting there even when you don't feel like it. I hope easy child finds some fun stuff for her apartment. I love IKEA!

    Marg-I'm sorry things are getting busier before you are feeling better. Is there any way to cut back on some of it? Take care of you!

    Therese-Sounds like a busy day. I hope you are feeling well enough for all the activities.

    Andy-I hope you are able to get everything done on your list. Wishing Diva luck with her job of trying to get bowling buddy to clean.

    StepTo2-I love lounging in my pajamas when I have a day like that! Enjoy your day.

    As for me, I slept in a bit (for me anyways). No health club today because we have already been there 5 days so I'm going to relax this morning as both kids are gone. Poor difficult child called in tears last night asking us to come and get him and easy child-oh the drama (I posted in wc) but husband and I managed to enjoy ourselves anyways.

    This afternoon I am planning on heading to the pool so it better be sunny. The forecasted high is 89.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  7. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    It's been a dramatic morning already ~ kt left for school in the "wrong" shoes. Poor girl! I'm beyond distressed over this situation; yeah right.

    I've watered my garden & refilled bird feeders & baths. I have an electrician coming in at 8 to figure the wiring for my kitchen. The floor man came yesterday to bid on the OMG beautiful maple wood flooring under all that ugly stuff. $500 under what it would be to tile the darned floor - I'm going with it.

    Need to get showered & dressed before the crew hits. kt heads off to respite this afternoon. Yee Hah!
  8. tiredmommy

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    Morning! :coffee:

    Just a quick note... 30+ kids (& a bunch of parents) will be descending on us in 4.5 hours... lots to do! :swimming:

    Have a great day! :salute: