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  1. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning friends,

    I give ~ sleep is out of reach tonight. Not that big a deal but will have to pick kt up for a pass this afternoon & need to be on top of my game.

    kt & I are making linguine & clam sauce with garlic bread & a salad for dinner. Then we're watching chick flicks. If there is zero threatening behavior she can spend the night. Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff is on alert. If kt runs or becomes physically aggressive I will call the police once again. You know just goofy stuff. Saturday we have some yard stuff to work on together.

    I have piano lessons this morning & a very special young lady is coming to visit as well ~ the most adorable (non related) 3 year old is coming to visit with her daddy. Daddy is meeting with a building inspector for electrical so he has to hang here until he arrives (1/2 hr either way).

    Have a good day. Hope you get lots of free choices.

  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'm still up, too, Linda. Somehow I took a 2.5 hour nap today, and I'm still wound up from my NAMI meeting tonight. I hope you can take a nap later! Dinner sounds yummy!

    I made a meatloaf "yesterday" and will be cooking that tonight for dinner.

    I've got a Lacrosse booster club meeting tonight for difficult child 1. Not looking forward to the fundraising we'll have to do for this. This is not the best time for husband to be out of work!

    Not sure what my day holds. I haven't been motivated to do much around here lately. Plus it's been insanely hot. And the weekend will be crazy with 3 soccer games and 3 team picture slots on Saturday, and 1 out-of-town soccer game on Sunday.

    Welcome to Fall in the gcv household!
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :jumphappy:Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where Linda and gcv are still up, I up ealier than usual. Nature called at 4 and since the alarm goes off at 4:30 I just decided to come on down and start the coffee!

    Linda, hope you stay awake for your time with kt! Don't know how you manage with so little sleep :holymoly:.

    Gcv, hope you have found your way to bed now and are getting some zzzzz's..... :sleeping:

    Class at the gym this morning followed by the grocery run. After that I putz a little here at the house until my weekly WW meeting at noon. After that, I believe I have an appointment with the sandman for about 30 minutes - late dinner plans tonight - it's either a nap or lots of coffee - I'm not too good late when I'm up this early!

    difficult child is home from school since Wed afternoon when he came home a little early with cold symptoms :ill:. He's running a low grade fever, a tad achy, congested, scratchy throat, runny nose - you know the drill. I've got to get back up to his school around 3 this afternoon - I emailed his teachers last night so I could pick up some assignments. He's doing really well and I don't want him to get behind.

    easy child will be 19 tomorrow - where does the time go? My cousin is taking us out to dinner late tonight when easy child gets off work at 8:30. We are going for Thai. Tomorrow the boyfriend comes and she'll spend the day with him. Sunday she and I will go out to the mall and get a few fall things and come back here for cake with difficult child! A whole weekend event :hapBday:!

    I hope everyone has a great Friday - it's a day that always seems to start and end well around here!

  4. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning all. I only have a few minutes but wanted to say good morning.

    Linda, dinner with kt sounds delicious. Hope kt. holds it together. Hugs.

    gvcmom, you have my sympathies. Heat and lots of team sports is a brutal combination. What time is dinner? I love meatloaf.

    LDM, your weekend sounds like a lot of fun. Happy Birthday to easy child

    All is well at the Fran household. Amazing how much less stressed I am when I stay at my own house for several weeks at a time.
    easy child is loving school so far this year and is doing well. His roommates and he are having a blast. Life is good for easy child finally.

    difficult child continues to impress me with his development. Wish it would help with making him less messy. LOL. He does chores and is actually a good help. Still waiting for the job call but he and young lady seem to be continuing forward. Tonight they go to her college play. Definitely getting difficult child out of his normal routine.

    We had a break in the rain but the heat and humidity isn't so great. Hopefully that will change.

    Hope you have a productive Friday. I'm off to finish week 3 of boot camp.
  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, friends.

    Linda, I hope things go well with kt and with your piano lesson.

    Gcvmom, if you want some fundraising ideas, let me know. We have some ways of raising money that don't have to cost the fundraisers anything they wouldn't be spending anyway.

    Sharon/LDM, I like te sound of putzing around the house. I envy you the planned nap.

    Fran, I'm glad difficult child's romance seems to be proceeding well. it's amazing what it can do for our boys.

    Today was busy, but not too physically demanding. Not to begin with, anyway.

    I got difficult child 3 working - an easy day for him - watching a tape we made of a TV show on artificial intelligence, it's related to his schoolwork. He decided he has to share the tape with his Computing Studies teacher, which meant converting the file through the computer into MP4 and emailing it. He's one determined kid!

    I headed off to get my hair streaked etc for the wedding. She also blow-waved it and it really looked good. We've got to see how well it looks in the morning (and into tomorrow night) so we know if it's worth getting her to do it again for me before the wedding next week.
    On the way back from the hairdresser I stopped off at the school where they were getting ready for the opening of the art exhibition tonight. I needed to ask if I could leave brochures there, our writing group is looking to make contact with some illustrators (and where else to find them, but via an art exhibition?). Then I dropped in on my good friend who is helping us out with finishing the bridesmaid's dress and the wedding cake. I wanted her opinion on my hair. She liked it! I do too. But while I was there I got a text message form easy child 2/difficult child 2 - today was her last day at work before taking five weeks' leave for the wedding, plus prac to follow. And they sacked her! She rang me during her half-hour lunch break (I would have walked out, frankly, after being sacked in the morning. Under those circumstances - but she's too loyal for her own good, she stayed and worked out the day).

    So I headed off home to start making legal enquiries (again). I'll have to post separately. The rest of the afternoon was me finding out what to do, setting it out in an email to her, wrapping a gift for friend's daughter's new baby, taking difficult child 3 to tennis (and kicking back tennis balls while I walk around the court). Getting home at 6.30 pm, changing into glad rags, collecting husband from the 7 pm boat then heading down to the Art Exhibition. I don't usually go to opening nights but the need to network and find illustrators sort of made it necessary. I enjoyed it though, got my photo taken (which may or may not end up somewhere) and bumped into my hairdresser who agreed, my hair was standing up to the hectic day so maybe it's worth her doing Occupational Therapist (OT) for me for the wedding after all.

    Quote of the night - "I'm not here tonight for the social stuff, I'm only here to look at the art."
    Considering the art exhibition is on all weekend and considering opening night costs three times as much to get into - sorry, that's utter rubbish. At least I admit why I was there! If I want to just look at the art, I will go on Saturday or Sunday when it's cheaper, and when it's also quieter and less crowded.

    The artwork was lovely. Very wide-ranging in quality. Some of it brilliant, some of it very amateurish. But it all makes money for the school. I'm hoping husband & mother in law get a chance to have a look at it tomorrow or Sunday.

    Tomorrow morning I've told easy child 2/difficult child 2 I'm ringing her at 10 am. War Council. easy child arrives mid-afternoon, I'm supposed to go to a meeting but instead I could be working with easy child 2/difficult child 2 on her government forms to begin formal complaint proceedings against her (now former) employers). It's easy child 2/difficult child 2's hens night tomorrow night, plus we have to plan a lot of things to do over the next week in terms of sewing, searching for fabric to finish the wedding dress, finishing off the flowers, the cake etc. Council of War, for sure.

    Enjoy your Friday.