Good Friday Morning!

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  1. Greetings everyone, and yes, it's finally Friday!

    This has seemed to be a very long week for some reason. Fortunately our temps have dropped back to normal April levels and it looks to be a lovely Spring day. The pollen is quite overwhelming right now, but we'll make it through somehow, someway...

    difficult child has an exam tomorrow, so we'll be trekking off to school. This concept of Saturday exams is a new one to me, but apparently the University pulls together several large classes to give one exam in popular subjects. As far as we can tell, he seems to be adjusting as well as can be expected. easy child's contracted job ends next week. He's going to Eugene, Oregon to visit some friends and then plans to come back and hike the Appalachian Trail. We'll see, as I haven't noticed a lot of preparation on his part.

    Yesterday, as I was climbing the crowded stairs in the train station on my way home from work, the fellow next to me lost control of the bicycle he was carrying on his shoulder, and it fell and hit me on the side of my head. I've had a bad headache since then, but otherwise I seem to be my usual self (no improvement, drats). I guess I may go off the doctor if the headache doesn't get better over the weekend. The folks around me were very nice, asking me if I was ok, etc.. Still, not a good ending to a long day.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. Find a few quiet moments for yourselves in the rush of the day!

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    G'day for Friday.

    Valerie, I hope your headache feels better soon. You may have injured your neck, that can often cause headaches. I can't believe a bloke would carry a bike on his shoulder in a crowded railway station! What a jerk!

    I've had a busy day today. I took mother in law with me because she needs to get out into the world a bit and I knew she could take things quietly physically.

    First stop - Salon des Réfusées exhibition of some of the best artwork in Australia. The artistic "slush pile" of the Archibald and Wynne exhibitions which are currently on in Sydney also. I had a meeting at the gallery and while I had my meeting in the coffee shop, mother in law wandered around the gallery. After the meeting I had a look too, before we headed off to...

    Second stop - a regional Chinatown where we bought some lunch, some Asian groceries and finally a pair of boots on sale. We have a chain of Aussie stores which have "madhouse" specials of one type of item for a few days. Then another special comes on line a few days later. Last week it was jeans for $15. And now beginning today for three days, it's short leather boots for $25. I also found they had socks on sale, really good padded socks, for $1 a pair. After tat we headed off to...

    Third stop - my doctor. I had to get a prescription written. We actually had a couple of short stops before then where I jumped out of the car to get some olive oil, some fruit and vegetables. mother in law stayed in the car.

    While I was at the doctor, mother in law pottered around the shops on her walking frame and did some grocery shopping. She's getting very slow these days and I was glad to give her the time; my doctor is always running late, so I knew mother in law would have an hour or more. I'd left her with the car key and we were parked right outside the store.
    From there it was a short drive to...

    Fourth stop - a budget grocery store where we do most of our shopping, it has a greengrocer right next door. They had the few items we hadn't been able to get anywhere else. From there it was about a minute's drive to...

    Fifth stop - our butcher. We both stocked up, loaded up the car (again, parked right outside) and then headed home.

    Yep. I was tired. But we got a lot done.

    I didn't enjoy the driving around the city, though. The gallery was right next to Sydney Harbour Bridge but amazingly, had good parking right outside. Getting there was tricky, though, because that is the oldest part of Sydney and most of the roads are now closed off with stairs at one end, or no longer usable by cars. Getting out was also a problem - I reckon we got every single red light.

    It was good to get home.

    We went down to mother in law's for dinner, watched TV with her down there, and got back about half an hour ago.

    Tomorrow it will be even hotter than it was today - I dressed for an autumn day and found myself tearing off my cardigan and wishing I could change out of my jeans. Tomorrow will be so warm, I might even get to the beach for a swim. I'm also hoping to work on some candle making. Somewhere in there I have to get to the pharmacy with my prescription. I've also got some paperwork to do after today's meeting.

    So although I don't have to go far from home tomorrow, I think I'll be busy again.

    Enjoy your Friday.