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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee2:,

    Another morning having trouble getting out of bed. More rain today... It poured most of yesterday. Late afternoon we had thunderstorms that made the house feel like it was shaking. My "favorite sanity saver" was terrified and jumped onto my lap - Not an easy thing for her or me either - She weighs 90 lbs.!

    difficult child 2 has an appointment with his counselor at vocational rehab Monday. husband and I are going too. Now that he's graduated, she can finally start working with him. He told her about the scholarship money he received at graduation. Not sure if it means that vocational rehab will deduct the scholarship money from the total of what they would normally give him towards his education, or if the scholarship money will be in addition to that amount. difficult child 2 is excited about going to junior college full time in the fall. It's so strange - Here he is going to junior college, learning how to live on his own (with supports of course!), and still playing "house" with his monkey puppet. Even though I should be used to his childlike behavior, it is still mind-boggling to me how he can manage to survive in the adult world!

    Hope everyone's morning is off to a good start! Have a great weekend! SFR
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    Good morning SFR, we are having rain here also....I'm a little sick of it even though I know Mother Earth probably needs it? Lol.I hope the visit with the counselor goes well today.H and I are heading off to Maine for the weekend later this morning. As per usual, since we took the day off work, H is trying to delay our departure by hours so he can do some chores...the man doesn't have enough time to do the paperwork for his business and won't let me help, sigh. So the goal is to leave at 10 AM. We shall see. Now I need the sun to stop hiding behind those ugly rain clouds!Have a great day everyone!
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    Good Morning!!

    SFR-Sorry about all the bad weather! It's not fun when it is suppose to be summer. I have to say I had to laugh at the visual of your 90 pound sanity saver jumping on your lap:) I'm glad that difficult child 2 is excited about junior college! Let us know how the meeting goes.

    Our weather is the pits for this time of the year. We haven't seen sunshine in what feels like weeks although I guess it's been about a week and the temps are super cool for this time of the year. People around here are saying it feels more like fall.

    In a bit I'm going to drop off difficult child at day camp. I'm sad that it is his last day of camp for two weeks-it's going to be a long two weeks!

    After I drop difficult child off I'll either go to the club or take a nap. I know which one I should do but will I do it?

    Hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day!!

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    Jo-You snuck in on me-enjoy your getaway:)