Good Friday Morning!


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Well, since Pigless isn't on to post this I will start it today. Happy Friday the Thirteenth!! If you see the psycho with the hockey mask and machete, walk, don't run. They always catch you when you run.

Anyway, its a bit chilly this morning but should be decent weather for most of the day. Mid to high 70's with storms rolling through tonight. Hopefully it will be a good day.


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Happy Friday everyone! I have a morning CPR class at work. It's going to be a cold weekend but it's a weekend so I'll take it. Have a great day everyone!


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Good Morning! It will be sunny, humid, and hot in the heart of Texas. I had the honor of attending the college graduation of one of the sweetest and brightest young ladies last night. She graduated with her associates degree one full month before she even graduates from high school. She has received over 200 thousand dollars in scholarships. Her mother passed away 1 year ago from ovarian cancer. Her speech was so moving and inspirational there was not a dry eye in the house. How different our kids lives could be if they would put forth the effort.

Today, I will be working with a group from church. We are having a conference on mental illness that is open to the community. We are inviting local police agencies and mental health professionals to speak and have break out sessions with members of the community. If anyone has any suggestions for specific topics or ideas / persons that would enrich this experience, I would love to hear them. The conference is slated for this summer.

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Good Morning, Everybody

This morning has been uneventful. I am currently clean, awakened tick free, and am pretty much fully recovered from the you-know-what in the bathtub yesterday.

I told D H that one of us posted I had handled the you-know-what situation well. He looked at me for a minute.

"Nah." he said.



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Good morning!
Presently driving from Savannah back to Asheville. Left the hotel with a jacket, thinking the early morning air might be brisk like at home, was met with steamy, balmy air, in the 80's already! Love this weather! It's so beautifully green...No droughts here!
Have a wonderful day everyone!


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Getting a haircut and tint after work to bring me back to looking like myself. It's amazing what two hours and waaaaay too much money can accomplish. I have really thick hair, even at my age, and they actually have to thin it out to make it manageable. And since I wear it short, it has to be done every six weeks.

Got some testing to do for a set of twins with a rare neurological disorder that makes them move like they have Parkinson's. They have really....uh....interesting behaviors and distract each other so getting a reliable result will be very difficult. Oh well. They are cute and fun (when they decide they want to cooperate) so I'm hoping to get some good data out of our session.

I'm going to have difficult grandson all weekend. It's easier to know that he will be sleeping here than wondering when his mother will be bringing him to us, picking him up, etc., because time to her is completely different than the rest of the world. It's maddening. So, it's just easier this way, and sadly, he doesn't seem to miss her when she's not with him. Perfect Granddaughter is with her father 3 out 4 weekends and she thrives wherever she is, thankfully.

No weekend plans, happy to say. Teaching my Saturday Zumba class, which is always sweaty good fun, will be fertilizing my fruit trees, and trying to keep the boy appropriately busy. He hasn't seen Jungle Book yet, so we will probably do that. It's pretty good, if you haven't seen it. Some bike riding and boogie boarding will probably happen, too.

Have a good one, kids!