Good grief.


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Saturday, we got a letter from Pat's English teacher, letting us know that our son was in danger of failing her class and that he had to get an 80% or better on the final exam. If we had questions we should email her.

Not gonna happen. Not without a miracle and a half. So the kid's gonna be in summer school. Which should really annoy him since he will either have to pay the fee from his bank account or ride to and from (5 miles each way).

But here's my problem with it. At the beginning of the year, they were reading Romeo & Juliet, and I saw they had a project coming up. I emailed her, and politely asked what we could do to help him out. Her reply? "We're done with that project."

That night, I asked him - and what do you know, they'd just started it. But without info, I couldn't help.

I tried again, several times, over this past year. She wasn't at his IEP meeting and we don't do conferences in our SD for HS. So. No answers. I got with the sped, and she didn't answer HIM, either. Her putting grades in has been hit or miss, so I never know how Pat is doing until long after.

So I'm kinda wondering exactly what the HECK is going on here. His IEP revolves around reading and writing. That being the case, why are his supports in ENGLISH class lacking?!

I am seriously wondering if we should file a complaint with the SD and request Pat do his summer school online. If possible. Because I am SO VERY SORRY, but he's not that far from passing, only a few points. And that's what's ticking me off so badly.

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I'd be ticked too, especially with the fact that you have been so proactive! I would definitely talk to his case manager and mention that you may file a complaint.


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That's the thing, WO... He doesn't HAVE a specific one. They change every dratted year!

However, the sped supervisor did ask about Belle, so we are on HER radar - and SHE was in the IEP meeting. She did note down that yet another family was having problems with Mrs. S.

Pat took his English exam yesterday. He thinks he aced it. He even used his allowed extra time! Bless his heart, he's trying. (Besides my patience.) He did say a lot of kids in his class are failing - and several I know by name, and I know they are also sped. HMMMM.