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    some of those are quite interesting.

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    I don't know about cash, but the spare key to get into the house - we used to have a pet rabbit, we hung a key hook just inside the door of the rabbit hutch. Whenever the door was opened the rabbit would rush to the door and scratch madly at the hand tat was there, unless you knew to pull your hand back for a minute and then pat the rabbit on the head and scratch him behind his ears. So if you didn't know the rabbit well, even if you knew the key was there you wouldn't go in after it.

    When the rabbit died (old age) our next hiding place was in the chook house, underneath the water bowl. This was muddy, there were lots of wood lice and slugs. The contents of the water bowl were putrid especially after a hot day. We finally had to stop leaving the spare key there because it corroded away.

    And I'm not telling you where the spare key is kept now... oh, alright. We have a small fake rock. It's hollow, made of polyester resin and looks exactly like all the other rocks in the rockery. On top of this, we have buried this particular rock under another, so even if someone recognises this particular hollow 'rock' they won't see it. So to get the spare key, you have to know where to dig.

    Another really good hiding place I saw the other week when I was in the city buying shoes, was a fake can of baked beans (or similar). It unscrews so you can hide your keys, money or whatever inside it. Anyone breaking in to your car is unlikely to steal a can of beans. I nearly bought one for difficult child 1, but at A$25 I thought it was robbery!

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    I've just been thinking about this today. A good friend confided to me that their house was robbed while the were away for the afternoon at the beach this past summer. Stole ALL of her jewelry, including her wedding rings, as well as perfume and some of her clothing (still had tags). I was trying to think of where I should hide my stuff that it wouldn't be found. She said the thieves rifled through ALL of her drawers, closets, bathroom cupboards, kids rooms, desk drawers -- pretty much any place she would have thought to hide something.

    Marg you have some good ideas with regard to the animal quarters. My friend suggested building a false bottom for our cat litter box and stashing stuff there. Or maybe our chicken coop. Or I'd also thought of sticking things in a ziplock bag and putting it at the bottom of our pond with a brick on it. The water is turtle green about 80% of the year, and I don't think anyone would bother to feel around with all the turtle sludge and muck for anything...

    We've had a recent burglary in our area while a family was home ASLEEP -- that takes cajones, let me tell you. The three male thieves accidentally woke up the 15yo girl while they rummaged through her room. They managed to make off with two laptops. Apparently they got in through an unlocked door.

    It's very upsetting and disconcerting -- especially since we live in what's usually considered a very quiet and safe area. There have been many times we've forgotton to lock our front door and left for the day, with no problems. Lately, though, I am MUCH more diligent about ensuring deadbolts are locked and first floor windows are as well.
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    We got robbed one summer evening while we were home. Because it was so hot we'd left the bedroom window unlocked and open to let the air flow through. husband was in the next room and I was in and out, to and from the bathroom. I walked into the bedroom from having a shower and if I hadn't stopped to talk to husband at the doorway, i would have seen the burglar's face and he would have seen a lot more of me (hey, it WAS a hot night!). As it was I got a good look at him from behind. I think I know who it was but we didn't have enough proof. All he got was some watches and a torch, sentimental value. If I'd been any longer in the shower he'd have got a lot more.

    We had a security firm quote for a system to keep us safe but we cancelled it because we worked out afterwards that the new security system still wouldn't have protected us form the burglary we did have.

    This is a village where people go out for the day and leave their house unlocked. In fact the neighbour we dog-sit for leaves the doors open so the dog and cat can get in and out. We've had a few burglars recently taking advantage of this, which is sad. husband is very security-conscious but in this village, having slightly more security than the house next door is generally enough.