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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by flutterby, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Heather, this was great!

    I think a lot of our kids here lean towards Borderline (BPD) and it often gets confused with bipolar. I'm really glad you brought up your daughter's diagnosis. I didn't know I had borderline at the time, but now that I know (interesting story on how I realized it), I can see it in many younger least many are heading toward it. Kudos to you for believing you can get this diagnosis. before eighteen. I think so too. I had shades of it from a very early age. I'm starting to question my BiPolar (BP) diagnosis.

    Keep letting parents know this is a possible reason why their teenager, in particular, is all over the map, confused, cutting, substance abusing...etc. There is good help out there now.
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    The thing you have to be careful with, is that most teenagers have what would otherwise be considered traits of Borderline (BPD) as a normal part of the growth process. That is why there is hesitancy to not diagnosis it until adulthood. It's the degree of the symptoms, as well as the impact on daily functioning, relationships, etc, that determine the diagnosis.

    To paraphrase therapist, "All teenagers have traits of Borderline (BPD), but there is no question of it with difficult child."
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    I're right. That's probably why they usually wait. Plus there is this feeling that you can't do anything about Borderline (BPD), but you can...if the patient is willing...

    Thanks again. I really enjoyed the read.
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    Thanks, that was a very nice overview. I see the abandonment and emotion intensity in Major as well. His birth mom has Borderline (BPD) traits.