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    difficult child 1 came home from school yesterday saying he had a rough day But he wouldn't much talk about it. He just said that he got angry and didn't handle it well. His behavior at home wasn't great either. I get an e-mail from teacher saying she would like to talk and some things are best talked about in person; could we meet tomorrow? Yeah, I'm thinking he did something like throw desks again.

    Nope, he was in science and didn't have "his" pencil. There was a sub and he didn't want to ask for a new one. So he sat there and wouldn't talk to his aide. Wouldn't do the work. Aide took him in the hall where he sat and cried and refused to do work. The teacher came (she was in meetings) and tried to talk him into going in class and doing the work. He missed 1/2 of science.

    At the end of the day he didn't want to transition from one task to an other so he started cleaning his desk out.

    Compared to last year this was a great day!

    I did point out to difficult child 1 that he did handle his anger well.

    We talked about how he needs to be left alone to calm down. Her coming and talking about it prolonged it. We talked about having a chart for him to monitor his own behavior. About how he needs more immediate reinforcement than the once a week the therapist at school was doing. About how something is going on that is making transitions harder for him because he doesn't always act like this. And yes, sometimes he does do somethings on purpose just to bug the teacher. (He does this little smirk afterwards.) We also talked about how he tells adults "NO" and this isn't a good thing to tell adults. We're going to try to get him to say 'just a min' instead. It was a very good meeting. I'm glad she called me in.

    As soon as I got home he asked if he was in trouble. I said no. And told him about the new chart he was going to get and maybe a calm down spot.
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    Way to go!

    Bouquets to you AND the teacher AND difficult child! (difficult child can have chololate roses, right? its one form of flowers that even guys don't mind getting!)
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    Oh so many days wasted with no work done because there was "no pencil". I'd be rich if I had a dollar for each one!
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    For a while there, I had to supply the teacher with a stash just for difficult child.
    She'd email me when the stash was getting low - they were all "recycled pencils" - stuff I dug out of the backpack... But if he "didn't have his pencil" out in the open where the teacher could see it, one magically appeared.
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    Your son and mine should get together. I haven't had to buy pencils for three years. He collects every pencil dropped in a hall, street, and saves all holiday pencils etc. he goes thru them but has so many more it doesn't matter! Anyway, the real point, that sounds like such great progress and a nice plan for him. So hard for some kiddos to contain that anger/frustration. The point of keeping verbals low when they are in that state is really important for loads of children. Your ideas are great. Hope he has a successful year.
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    Awesome news:)