Good Middle of the Week Morning!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :proudamerican: Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!

    The time change is waking me up at the old body clock time! When I awoke this morning, I thought it was probably about 5. Looking at the clock, I discovered it was 4:10!! Usually when I up, I up.

    I figured I would come down, put on some coffee, and learn who our president elect is! I'm glad we know, there is no conflict, and we can move ahead!

    It's Wednesday so I will be hitting the gym then returned home for, as Linda says, "Becky Homecky" stuff.

    I've gotten a real dent in my holiday shopping. I'm almost done! Yesterday easy child and I ran some errands, after voting and hitting Starbucks for our free coffee, we hit a local craft store who had little mini ceramic loaf pans with Christmas patterns on them for 99 cents. I bought one for each of the kids' teachers to fill with homemade fudge for Christmas. I've only a few more gifts and then I'm done. I have to wait to finish difficult child's shopping until we get closer to the holiday because he changes his mind so!!!!!

    I hope your Wednesday is a good one :peaceful:

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-I have to admit I'm more than a little jealous that you are so far on your Christmas shopping-how cool that you are almost done:)

    I stayed up way too late last night watching election coverage. Usually I wouldn't but it was such a historic night for our country that I did. I also did my first workout since my back injury. It went well, I took it easy. My physical therapist said it was o.k. to go back but to take it easy. I still have major pain at times and other times it is like there is no pain at all.

    After work today difficult child and I both have therapist appts and maybe I'll be able to squeeze in an extra workout.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  3. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning all,

    Sharon, it's more fun when I say Becky-Homecky stuff. Enjoy your morning at the gym.

    It's Wednesday already - hard to believe. I've been sleeping the last 2 days & (please forgive me) didn't do my patriotic duty & get out to vote. This is the first time I've missed voting since I turned 18.

    Not much on the agenda today ~ hopefully I'm up for the count; or at least a good portion of the day.

    Have a good Wednesday, friends.
  4. Marg's Man

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    Gday from Marg's Man,

    Yes I am writing because Marg caught difficult child 3'S & my lurgy. Yesterday she said
    As usual for her ANY kind of tummy bug means that she cannot keep the medications that allow her to function normally aboard and she ends up getting a ride in an ambulance to the ED where they, eventually give her what she needs. Unfortunately her symptoms always present as a neurological 'event' so the doctors are paranoid careful and it's always a long wait usually 8+ hours while they make sure. It's not of course, but the one time we give these checks a miss will be the time they should have been careful. She's worth too much, to too many people, including you, her on-line family, to take chances.

    So she is spending the night in the ED under observation while they try to get her back onto her oral medications. If the bug follows the same course it did for difficult child 3 and me then she will be over it in a few more hours and the nurses will be able to send her back to us. I rang my supervisors this morning and told them that tomorrow was not looking good for me to get back to work and even Friday was iffy. Wonderful people they are, I was told to take whatever time I needed. Then more time on the phone cancelling all those appointments she had today before I was able to follow the ambulance to the hospital.

    As I type this the news is covering the result of the US election. As has been Marg's and my policy I am not saying what I directly think of the result but once again I am impressed by the good 'manners' of the two prime candidates. Obama could have, but didn't gloat over his win and McCain was very gracious as he conceded his loss.
    Whichever way the result went, History was going to be made. And indeed it was.

    Keep well all. Hopefully Marg will be back with us for Good Morning Thursday.

    Marg's Man
  5. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Marg's Man,

    Give Marg our best & know that positive thoughts are being sent her way for a quick recovery.

    You do take good care of your wife ~ you're a good man.
  6. artana

    artana New Member

    Sharon - Sounds like a great day. We just got an invite to a Reward's Zone special event at Best Buy on Sunday. I'm thinking this might be my chance.

    WO - Glad to hear your back pain is better. I am a wimp and never work out.;/

    Linda - I hope you feel better and find the energy you need for today.

    Marg's Man - Please wish her well for us!

    Me, I'm taking my older son to his initial assessment evaluation. My stomach is turning in knots. I didn't ever want my child labelled.:/ I have asked and been told that everything they do will be geared towards teaching him coping strategies and helping him be able to do it on his own, so I am a bit reassured.
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning my friends from a sleepy :bloodshot:warrior mom. Yawn! Long night.
    LDM, how fun to have the Christmas shopping done already. I'm close but we don't really do a lot of gifts. I have a list and most will be done on line.

    Wiped out, glad your back is feeling better. Good idea about starting gently. I must say I am feeling "wiggly". Someday soon I will get back to the exercise. I do pretty long trail walks about 5 to 6 days a week so I think I'm ok but I definitely need some firming and toning. Oh well.

    Marge's man, give Marge my best. Poor thing, hope she feels better enough to get her medications to stay down. It's a worry.
    It's a time of hope in some dark times for people. I was pretty impressed with both candidates and how they treated each other.

    Artana, not to worry. Labels are really for treatment plans and educational plans. It doesn't define your child. When difficult child is older you will realize how inconsequential they really are. My thinking was I would do anything to help my son. If labels got service then I would swallow my preconcieved notions of what was acceptable and get my son the help he needed. I wasn't going to waste energy on worrying about what others thought. I had a war to fight for my difficult child. Go and keep your goal in the forefront. Hugs. It's scary in the beginning but after a while it is very freeing to not have to conform difficult child into what average is.

    Today is a day for the vet oncologist. Hopefully we have a good check up with no progress of the disease.
    difficult child is home from Virginia and has been a big help. He is always so much pleasanter when he has had a break from home. We are hoping for vocational rehab to be in touch after they process the paper work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it happens sooner than later.

    Have a good day everyone and appreciate the first day of NO POLITICAL ADS. :beautifulthing:
  8. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Hi Hope everyone has a good day!
    Marg's Man_- I will keep her in my thoughts and I wish her well
    sending Hugs to all Rabbit
  9. Jena

    Jena New Member

    Good morning

    I have witnessed some things in my time, yet last night was remarkable and moved me on such a high level. I'm glad I was part of it.

    I am very glad and proud that my children are able to see this, that their children will read of this historic night in their school textbooks.

    It's not just affected us here, yet abroad.

    I am hopeful that this will give our children a brighter future.

    Have a great day everyone.
  10. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Little Dude's Mom - The fudge in decorative pans sound perfect for teacher gifts. I haven't started my shopping (except for one item for brother in law). Unfortunately there is conflict in my house as difficult child is not very gracious about "losing" and I refuse to tell him who I voted for. Can't wait until the next therapist appointment - he needs to address his anger on about this big time.

    Wiped Out - Glad your back is getting better. I hope the healing continues.

    Timer - I hope you feel better soon.

    Marg's Man - Send get well wishes to Marg.

    Artana - Don't worry about "labels". Drop that word and replace it with "diagnosed". You would be surprised at how many kids are 'diagnosed'. This helps your child get the best help possible.

    I am so not surprised with the results of the election. I refuse to tell anyone who I voted for and thus difficult child is furious with me because I will not tell him. He is super upset and I am getting very close to calling therapist. I told him that McCain has respect for Obama and that things will be fine. I wonder if hearing McCain's speech would help him but I doubt it. Actually, difficult child is stuck on only one issue and is afraid. I refuse to let him bully me into telling him my vote. Time for him to learn that the majority wins and you don't harrass people into telling you their vote.

    difficult child set aside, I think the 'clean' race will help unite the country. People really do have to realize that as it is o.k. to seperate for an election, and it is important to reunite afterwards to meet goals. Things may change, but it is what the people as a whole want.
    (and i am still not telling anyone how I voted)

    Everyone have a great day - find a way to make your difficult child laugh (a huge challenge for me today).

  11. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Fran, Rabbit and Jennifer - You all snuck in on me. I need to run again. I hope you three also have a great day.
  12. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Good morning everyone - Happy Hump Day! I am a bit bleary-eyed this morning:bloodshot:...still haven't caught up on my sleep, at all...but just wanted to say "Wow, what an election, huh??" I wasn't able to stay awake to see the acceptance and concession speaches, but I will watch them on line today. Wow...the turnout was just amazing.
  13. Kjs

    Kjs Guest

    Morning everyone.

    Time change has difficult child very happy, also gets me up very early on my days off.

    Have most of my xmas shopping done too.

    With the nice weather yesterday I hung my outside xmas lights. Still need to do the bushes, but the house is done. Next week suppose to drop to the high 30's with possible snow. I hate doing xmas when I am so cold my hands can't move. Neighbors thought I was crazy. I'll be laughing when they are out there freezing.

    Glad the election is over. My kids have absolutely no idea what is really going on. Yet they argue with me telling me I don't know anything. easy child works for cash, has no savings, doesn't pay taxes yet he knows it all.

    Just glad it is all over and we can now move forward.

    Have a good day.
  14. Happy Wednesday All,

    Wow, what a busy morning string!!!

    Sharon (1),I am so impressed with your Christmas shopping and your Becky Homecky side.. Enjoy your workout!

    Sharon (2), I know what you mean about staying up late... Wow, I can't do this like I once could.. It's good to hear about the workouts... keep plugging away. Sounds like another busy day for you.

    Linda, do enjoy your day. I'm glad to hear that you have gotten some good rest.

    Marg's Man, I'm so sorry to hear that Marg is under the weather (and that you have been as well). Please let her know that her Board friends are thinking of her and sending positive thoughts for a very quick recovery- back at home soon. I know that she is in very good hands and that the whole crew will give her the deluxe treatment :)

    Artana, I remember those nervous feelings well. Take a deep breath and take it one step at a time. You are on the right path to help difficult child the very best you can. He's lucky to have such a good Mom.

    Fran, I hope that the check up with the vet goes well. Here's hoping that you hear from voc rehab soon!

    Rabbit, it's so good to hear from you. Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Jennifer, I'm with you - just so excited about our country's "new beginning". Wasn't it a great night?

    Andy, I hope that things settle down with difficult child today. Our difficult child often gets "wound up" on certain issues from time to time as well. It's hard to figure out what's O.K. and what's not O.K. to discuss without a game plan. Funny, I seem to have misplaced that pesky game plan....

    I'm really exhausted today after staying up way too late at my neighbor's election party. Mid way into the evening he brought out his easy child Karoke and the singing began. I felt like I was back in my 20's :) . It was simply incredible being there with my neighbors and friends - just being a part of the positive vibe of like minded people. My hope is that we can take these positive feelings and accomplish some real good for our families, our communities, our country.

    Have a wonderful day and don't forget to take a few moments for yourself out of your busy day!
  15. Pookybear66

    Pookybear66 New Member

    Well, I read all the comments but don't have time to post individual responses. I will say that we are all making history every moment of every day!

    Marge-I do hope you feel better soon as you are one of the great assets to this board.

    I have gone on "lurk" status and will not be posting as much in the coming months. I will try to read when I can. Things get pretty crazy around here from now until the end of Feb with holidays and birthdays and things. Plus I really don't do well with this time change stuff either. So, best wishes to all of you and all your families. Hugs to all out there for trying so hard to handle all the things they do.