Good Middle of the Week Morning!!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :coldday: Good Wednesday Morning!

    It's a chilly one this morning......not as cold as those of you are experiencing in the midwest, but cold for us in the southern states. The weatherman just said that Friday we will wake to temps colder than we have had in several years!!!! But alas, no forecast of snow.

    I'm off to water fitness class at 6 this morning then, even though it's Wednesday, I'll go in to the office. Want to work for about two hours and get my files and such totally completed for the new year.

    Went to easy child's banquet last night. It was the induction into DECA for new members and recognition and awards for those who participated in the district competition last week. I was very proud of easy child. She was up on that stage running the show! And, to top if off, she won 2nd place in one of her role plays (they do two in their area of competition) and third place overall! That means she qualifies for states in March!

    Well, I best get a move on. Gotta finish my coffee and get my swimsuit on! Need a little extra time to warm up the car too!!! Have a great Wednesday and stay warm :2cold:

  2. Rabbit

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    Good morning all! Hope everyone has a
    great day! Cold here. Lunch with Adults
    yesterday was nice! difficult child 3 had a nice day
    with her grandma too. It worked out well
    for both of us. Today holds doctors appointment
    and therapy for difficult child 3.

    Sharon - stay warm
    sending hugs to all Rabbit
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-I'd be happy to share our snow with you-maybe some day you'll have to plan a winter trip to Wisconsin! Very cool about your easy child! I so fondly remember my DECA days. What area is she competing in?

    Rabbit-Glad you enjoyed lunch yesterday-it's always nice to get away even for a bit!

    It's very cold here! Starting tonight through Friday we have wind chill warnings in effect. If that holds they will likely cancel school for those days. I hate to think of how many days we will have to make up-at the same time, there is always a bit of excitement in waking up to find out you can head back to sleep when school is canceled. Tomorrow's high is forecasted to be a -6 degrees and that doesn't count the windchill.

    Drumroll-after work today-NO APPOINTMENTS!!! We have been having entirely too many appointments and it's starting to wear me out so I'm glad to have today and tomorrow with no appointments. Next week, every single day we have appointments-grrr.

    After work husband and I will head to the health club and I also have to make a quick trip to the mall because I have a twenty dollar gift certificate that expires tomorrow!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:peaceful:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day from sunny, smoky Sydney!

    Sharon/LDM, I hope you get your work things organised. And it sounds like easy child has done really well, I'm glad you had such a happy evening. It's moments like this that make all the struggles seem more tolerable.

    Rabbit, I'm glad the lunch with difficult child 3 & grandma went well. I hope today goes well for you also.

    Sharon/WO, Enjoy your appointment-free day today and tomorrow. You'll need it to brace yourself for next week. Don't forget to get yourself something nice from the mall.

    We didn't get to the beach today - too busy. mother in law & I had fasting blood tests to have done, then we did some dshopping. difficult child 3 forgot his medications this morning and I didn't have any spare medications with me, just two short-acting dex, so he was a ditz today, plus sleepy plus hungry. Otherwise, he was well-behaved (apart from apparent cheek and rudeness, due to the motor-mouth and his attempts to be witty; he seems to think Garfield is a good role model when it comes to social interactions). mother in law got a bit tetchy with difficult child 3 for "cheek" a few times, I find we get on better if I ignore it or correct him without scolding. Once difficult child 3 gets his back up, he doesn't accept that he deserves correction, and problems escalate.

    We got a lot of those filldy little runnign around jobs done today, with time to spare. Then I remembered, jsut as we were running out of time, that I had intended to get my hair trimmed. The hairdresser I go to doesn't take appointments, you just walk in and wait your turn. But today, there was no waiting so I had my hair cut by someone I'd never met before (it's always a gamble, a bit of an adventure). So I got my hair cut (I like it, he did a good job) with just enough time to spare, to get mother in law & me to our GP appointment. We hadn't wanted to leave the mall until the last minute, it was so hot outside.

    While the car was moving, I had the air conditioning on. But parking would mean a hot car - but we were lucky. We got a parking place, right outside the doctor's, in the shade! And we got there exactly on time, so we'd managed it all well.

    mother in law bought a few more things after the doctor, then we headed home. difficult child 3 didn't want to go to the beach (too tired) and I could have insisted, but the sea breeze we were blessed with was enough to make the heat bearable. Instead, I got a roast going and then got on to other jobs.

    Today the temperatures hit 34 C (93 F). Tomorrow it's forecast to hit 40 C (104 F) before the heatwave breaks with a late afternoon storm. Tomorrow morning I have my house cleaner until 11 am, then difficult child 3, mother in law & I head off at 2 pm. difficult child 3 & I are getting our eyes checked, mother in law wants to buy some dried fruit and nuts from a specialist shop near the optometrist, to make easy child's wedding cake. We will be out in the worst of the heat, maybe the storm will break while we're still "on the mainland". Then we'll have a cooler day or two, before the heat begins to climb again.

    It's the pattern of our summers. I love summer, I want to milk every last minute out of it before we wave it bye bye and send it up to you guys. By then you will all need it, as respite from all your snow and cold.

    But not just yet - we're not quite finished with it yet.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

  5. artana

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    Good morning all!!

    Just a quick post. It's freezing here, but that's ok, because behavior sheets started again yesterday and easy child did well.:) Not perfect, but well. I was very proud of him. difficult child is also doing better. I am going to the meeting about his IEP today. Wish me luck!
  6. Andy

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    BRRRRRRRRR (teeth chattering, fingers freezing)
    Little Dude's Mom - Congratulations on easy child's awards.

    Rabbit - Glad you had a good day yesterday!

    Wiped Out - It is good to have an appointmentless day. I have gone from a huge 5 year calendar down to a one year pocket size calendar - so strange and nice not to have something on every day.

    Marg - I love those times when there are no waits. So nice that your day went smoothly and you were able to recognize difficult child 3's behavior was due to missing his medications. With way minus 0 degrees F wind chills, I think we are ready for some of that heat please.

    Artana - Good for the good report and good luck on the IEP.

    The weather channel does not have a low for today - does that mean the bottom fell out of the thermometer? Sure feels like it. It is currenty -17 degrees F with a -39 degree F wind chill. Wind chill advisery through tonight but sounds like the rest of the week will not warm much.

    difficult child made it to his two appoints yesterday. He had a bad night. At the physical appointment, he received three shots - 2 in one arm and 1 in the other. The one alone is very bothersome. He states it only hurts when touched. He couldn't get comfortable sleeping since he usually sleeps on a side. He came into my room at 5:30 and said, "Mom, my head feels weird. My anxiety is rising because I couldn't sleep." He laid down for about 10 minutes and went back to his room when puppy started whining. He also said it was weird to walk. So, I get to work extra hard at not letting his fears be transferred to me. We were told the shots would not make him sick, however ........ (no Adrianne, don't go there, he is fine, just needs sleep). I am going to let him be late for school. He has a bowling birthday party for after school. Hopefully his arms will be better by then.

    My neighbor just called to ask if she and her dogs could sit in her car in our driveway from 1:30 - 3:00 while her house was being shown. That is way to long to sit in this bitter cold and way too long to let your vehicle run to stay warm. She said her back aches also. I told her to go into our home (she has a cage for the dogs) and I will come home to visit.

    Everyone have a great day - Stay warm (Marg - you can stay cool!). Find a way to make your difficult child laugh today.

  7. Good morning, everyone! Lots of little stuff going on all week. difficult child has been amazingly well-behaved this week. Took him to the grocery store last night and he announced at the doorway that I was "such a lovely Mama". One lady wanted to know where she could get one like him. I just smiled said, yeah, he's a good one, but inside I was thinking boy, if you only knew. Anyway, I'm enjoying my little ray of sunshine while it lasts. Hope everyone else has a sweet moment with their difficult child --- or a rain check for one from the Powers that Be.
  8. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning all. I typed a hello to each of you but accidently deleted it. Sorry.
    Just wanted to say good morning.

    easy child is back at work and seems happy that they found a job that would suit him and suit their rules.
    difficult child went to social skills group last evening. He had dinner out and a movie. he enjoyed himself. He invited two guys over but due to their social skills struggles they couldn't seem to get it together. Pretty funny when difficult child is the most socially apporpriaten kid in the group.

    We are going through more chemo with Honeysue. She usually has a day or two when she is somewhat listless and pathetic. It makes me sad but I know she will perk up by afternoon.

    It's a heavy housework day plus grocery shopping. It's always tough when I am away from home.

    husband is out of town for the week which allows me to catch up and even have a "cereal for dinner" week. Gotta love those.

    Hope you are staying warm. Adrianne, I don't know where you live but I don't think I want to go there. Brrrrrrrrr.

    Have a peaceful day. Hug someone you love today.