Good Middle of the Week Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, May 5, 2010.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Middle of the Week!

    :good_morning:Hope the morning post finds everyone well rested and ready to begin another day. The humidity has finally loosened it's hold around here so it feels more like spring than August!

    Today is a house day for me. Hope your day is productive and as stress-free a life with difficult children can be!

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Our laptop is finally fixed so now I can participate in the morning thread more often.

    Long day ahead-my class is walking to the Farmer's Market this morning to buy a bunch of herbs to plant in our school's new garden. This afternoon we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

    After work I have a class and then it's off to pick up my car-hopefully it will now be running smoothly!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. Rabbit

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    Good Wednesday Morning Friends
    Hope u have a good day!
    Our cat Bob is sick. It may be a fatal disease called FIp.
    I am trying to deal and help the 3 difficult children deal.
    Sending hugs To all. Rabbit
  4. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Good Wednesday Morning Friends
    Hope u have a good day!
    Our cat Bob is sick. It may be a fatal disease called FIp.
    I am trying to deal and help the 3 difficult children deal.
    Sending hugs To all. Rabbit

    Sharon- Happy Cinco de mayo
  5. crazymama30

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    Good morning all.

    Sharon, if house day means you are cleaning you can come to my house too, i will even put the dogs up!

    Sharon(sounds like I have an echo)--hope your class likes the outing, it sounds like fun. I am glad you got the laptop fixed, I would be lost without mine.

    Rabbit--Sorry to hear about your kitty, I hope it is not the fatal disease.

    I am going back to work after being sick for the last week! Still not feeling up to snuff, but if I continue to use my vacation pay I will get not vacation, so I am going to toughen up and go to work, or at least that is what I am telling myself. difficult child let yesterday for a fieldtrip, he won't be back untill Friday. The house is very quiet, even when he is doing well he adds commotion.

    Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day folks.

    Sharon/LDM, enjoy your warm weather. The cold snap has hit here, it's been scarves and hoodies today.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy that walk to the Farmers Market. Any idea on what herbs you will plant? My vote is for basil, plant it with the tomatoes. And teach the kids how to pinch out the flower shoots as they appear.

    Rabbit, sorry your cat is sick. I hope it's not as bad as you fear.

    Crazymama30, I hope you manage to soldier on today and feel better soon.

    I'm a bit late tonight. husband & I have been watching "Who Do You Think You Are?" with Lisa Kudrow. A fascinating episode. It is on late so I haven't missed any of it, even though I've been out at choir tonight.

    We had a productive school day today as well as a physically restful day. Tomorrow is going to be very busy for me, beginning with (if I get the time) fasting blood tests, then pain clinic, then radiology clinic for my first appointment. I've been joking with my friend, singing Groucho Marx's "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" because by this time tomorrow, I'll have my tattoos for the radiation treatment.
    After the radiation clinic (no ray treatment tomorrow, it's the dummy run) I'm hoping to fit in a midday appointment getting my shoulder bursitis injected with cortisone. I know it's crazy, the chance of success is limited, but if I get even one night's sleep out of it, I will be grateful.
    After the injection, I have a mid-afternoon appointment with my neurologist.

    A busy day. Thankfully husband will be with me and doing the driving. Here's hoping that difficult child 3 back home will be getting on with schoolwork. We've already planned what he has to do, hopefully he will get work done.

    Enjoy your Wednesday everyone.

  7. candiecotton

    candiecotton Guest

    this moring was awful
    C didnt have school so shes off to her nannys for the day ( shes the youngest grandchild & loves to go in there ) & just as hubby got home from bringing S to school ( it was raining) who follows him in but the socal worker . we are doing our spring cleaning here & i cant find any of my laundry baskets & its much easier to bring laundry down in garbage bags to wash she had something to say about that & she doesnt like that the house is perfectly spotless @ 8:30 am so she said she was concernd the vaccuming hadnt been done or the breakfast dishes haddnt been done. she said we are slipping . i wanted to scream at her that if she went into most homes @ 8:30 in the morning the breakfast dishes wouldnt be done.
    she advised us that G will not be aving as many visits out here becaus eof her behavior ( they found a fgarbage bucket in ght group home with pee in it nut we can beat that we threw out a mop bucket this morning with a bm in it)
    she told us to lok into a summer program for S & C because she wants them doing something this summer . i told her that we couldnt afford & she said not to worry she wil put in for it to be paid by them . we will separate S&C so they can have some time to build friendships outside of each other because the report from the foster home said that they spent too much time together & didnt seek out other people to play with ( they were yanked from their home & out with strangers 2 hours away & had to change schools )
    & because C had the day off today she was in our bed last night & hubby didnt have to work so he slept in the bed too i was on the couch & some a**h*** decided to knock on our door @ 3 am & ring the bell of course that set the dog off & i wanted to scream this morning . im still in a bad mood so im taking it out on the house as soon as i get D 's birthday cake in the oven its his b day tomorrow its hard to believe he is 17