Good Monday Morning (already)!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning:Good Morning on a No Meltdown Monday Morning!.

    Seems like this morning came awful quick!

    If it's Monday, it's a laundry and household stuff day. I'll hit the gym for class at 9:30 then the bank to deposit the cash from the yard sale! It was extrememly successful! I made more than I thought we would. Both kids got a cut - a minimum of half to be placed in savings. The balance is going in my savings for our spring break vacation.

    It was fun to meet so many folks. I ended up giving everything left (with the exception of 2 small boxes) to a family with eight children and one on the way! So nothing had to come back in the house. difficult child had a ball selling his toys. He's a natural salesman!

    Wishing everyone a great Monday - it is a no meltdown day.

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  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-You aren't kidding that it's Monday already! I'm so glad to hear the garage sale was such a success!:)

    The weekend seemed to zoom by. easy child had fun had the homecoming dance on Saturday night. husband and I went out to dinner yesterday at my favorite restaurant (difficult child was at religious ed class and easy child didn't want to go-wanted to work n her hw or at least that is what she said). Most of the day was rainy which matched my mood because of my bad cold. At least the laryngitis is about gone and hopefully teaching with the microphone will prevent it from returning!

    Long day ahead as after work it is our open house. We are having it later than usual this year. husband will pick up difficult child as difficult child has an in home therapist appointment. I'm kind of doubting a trip to the health club will happen with the long day and my bad cold but who knows?

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:

  3. smallworld

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    Good Monday Morning!

    Sharon/LDM, glad the garage sale was a success. Enjoy your household stuff and gym class today.

    Sharon/WO, hope your cold continues to improve and the Open House goes well.

    J is already en route to his school. His bus arrives at the unbelievably early time of 6:30 am! I'll be packing A's and M's lunches shortly and then herding them off to school as well. Like Sharon, I'm off to a gym class this morning. It's 20 minutes of stretching, 20 minutes of strength training and 20 minutes of cardio. I've been really picking up the pace of my workouts over the last few days so I think this will be a good addition to my routine.

    After school, M has a psychiatrist appointment, and A has a soccer game. husband is traveling for work so we may have breakfast for dinner (waffles!) tonight.

    Hope you have a no-meltdown Monday. Hi if you snuck in.
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon (ldm), sounds like all the work you put into your yard sale paid off. Have a good morning at the gym.

    Sharon (with-o), a cold already? A pass on the gym sounds like a good idea - that along with a nap snuggled in a quilt with a good book. It's too early for you in the school year to be struggling with this stuff.

    My week looks pretty empty other than an attachment therapist appointment for kt. Sometime today I'm supposed to see a cardiologist - had a blip on my ekg along with some breathing issues this past Friday & over the weekend. Sometime this week (docs are hoping today) I'll have an echocardiogram completed. All this done to be told that prednisone is bad for my system to which I'll reply, we're tapering off the stuff.

    Another rainy day ahead - need to wake kt up & get her body moving for the day.

    Have a good day - hope there's a reason to smile.
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, folk.

    Sharon/LDM, congrats on the garage sale! I bet the kids are happy to get a cut as well. And to not have anything left over - wonderful!

    Sharon/WO, the dinner with husband sounds like it was much-needed. I hope your throat gets better - laryngitis is an occupational hazard for a teacher.

    Smallworld, your gym class sounds like a heavy workout. I'd be needing a rest afterwards, to have the energy to continue with your day.

    Linda, I hope the appoitment for the echo goes OK and they don't find anything of concern. Sometimes you can get an occasional blip just from tiredness, or pain.

    It's a cold evening here tonight, after a really weird day weather-wise. They'd forecast a cooler day then revised it to 25 C (77 F). I woke to thunderclaps, but nothing more happened. It was grey and overcast, the budgies didn't mind and were doing their usual morning to and fro across the width of the house, as if they were playing tag, or relays. husband isn't usually home to see this, he was most amused. Then the birds settled to play quietly in our airy bathroom.
    It started to rain - the first we heard of it, was the lorikeets outside getting excited. Although part of our house has a tin roof, we can't heat the rain on the roof for the shrieking of the birds outside. They LOVE the rain, carrying on as if it's been put on just for them.

    Over lunch husband & I talked to difficult child 1. I had just had an exhausting phone call to sort out a messy phone bill for which I've been receiving nasty debt collector's notices, even though there is supposed to be nothing owing. It all began because of a mistake by difficult child 1, he accidentally paid his phone bill online to a wrong account number.

    So while we had difficult child 1, we talked about wedding invitations. The RSVPs have been coming in, we had kept some aside for a second round. If we could we'd be inviting five times as many people. So we talked about it, made a second list and then I got difficult child 1 to come around the neighbourhood with me to hand-deliver the local invitations. There are only two others in this round NOT local, I'll post them tomorrow. OK, it's not the usual way to do it, but due to the anxiety of both difficult child 1 and girlfriend, we've had to not send out invitations on a grand scale all at once.

    We left with rain pouring down and it was cold so I piled on the warm clothing, including my long ugg boots. We stopped to chat at the first house but ten minutes later when we left it had stopped raining and the sun was out. At the next house we talked at the door for a few minutes ten left - the car was hot by the time we got back. After that - we drove through bright sunshine and clouds of steam rising from the road. Sweat pouring off us. Utterly bizarre weather. In the background the sky was aniseed coloured with more storms coming.

    I just stepped outside a few minutes ago, dressed warmly again - it's icy cold again!

    Tomorrow I WAS planning on meeting girlfriend to finalise shopping for wedding dress fabric. However, she took herself off to the one remaining GOOD fabric shop, and didn't find what she wanted. She did buy a pattern, even though I have tried to assure her that we can make exactly what she wants with what we have. But that's OK - she's going to feel more assured this way. So I'm going to meet her tomorrow and compare my pattern to hers so we can work out exactly how much fabric to get. Then we're off and running!

    difficult child 1 told her this evening about us inviting the extra people - as we expected, she was a bit anxious about it, worrying about going over the numbers we were restricted to. But it should be OK - the people we invited are the church elders, the ones who set the limits! With them there to keep an eye on everything, it should all go well.

    I'm having a fine needle biopsy on a lump on my thyroid tomorrow, then I see my GP. After that I will call girlfriend and arrange to meet with her, maybe even go with her to buy the fabric.

    Tomorrow morning is my last diet pill too. Seven months. so we'll see how we go.

    A lot of uncertainty, a few risks, some unknowns - and some major life changes coming up very soon. Life is all about dealing with the unexpected.

    Enjoy your Monday.

  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Yep, Good Already Morning!
    Little Dude's Mom - I am so glad you had a successful sale and that difficult child enjoyed the day as well. Sounds like an early morning is what you need to day to get all your day's work done.

    Wiped Out - Glad your voice is back. Get rid of that cold. My easy child gets sick every 1st week in Oct. It used to be later in Oct but the last several years has moved up. It would be almost flu like for one week that lost too much school time.

    Small World - What an early bus time! Waffles sound wonderful! I it will be a "when can we get supper in tonight" for us also.

    Timer - I am glad you are able to get the medical tests you need. Take care. Sounds like you have a good handle on what is going on and what needs to be done.

    My husband is also gone for most of the week (home Thursday night). Tonight will be super busy - better not be much hw. difficult child has 3:40 - 4:40 bowling, 5:00 - 6:00 tutoring, 6:30 - 8:00 Kids club at church. Looks like a fast food at 6:00. He can do hw during the tutoring time. I was going to go grocery shopping during the tutoring time but not sure if I would have time to get groceries home? We can be late for 6:30 or I can drop him off and come back (I want to work on Sunday School lessons on Monday nights while difficult child is at the club).

    It rained all day yesterday - a gentle constant rain. Suppose to rain much of this week and next Saturday. I need Saturday to be nice so I can take difficult child and two to three other kids to a pumpkin patch farm nearby.

    Strange to have it so dark out when I wake up in the morning!

  7. Andy

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    Marg - You snuck in on me. I hope the cell phone company can figure out the mess. Too bad someone doesn't come forward to admit there is payment they didn't make on their acct. Those cell phone bills! Our easy child has to go talk to the company today - husband was furious over the bill to the point he was going to take her phone away - she says we didn't the entire amount of free minutes we were suppose to get. If she doesn't get this straightened out and the bill reduced, she will loose her cell phone and go to a track phone where you pay for what is already on it.

    Good luck with the needle biopsy.