Good Monday morning, April 25

pigless in VA

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Candy and I spent a couple of hours in the yard yesterday trimming bushes. Bingo dug some new trenches. Ferb hung out with a friend. SO was at the farm doing chores. It was a peaceful, pleasant day. It makes the transition to crazy, annoying middle schoolers a bit harder. The best part about my job is that my coworkers are the bomb. I've never worked with such a great group of people before. Now if we could just get the mythical margarita truck to show up about noon with drinks, it'd be perfect.


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Good morning! I spent most of the day yesterday in the yard as well. Planted 27 new perennials and relocated about another dozen. Drafted a chart of what I put in and where, so I can keep track. J sat outside with us for a little before he went to work. SS6 was playing with the neighbor boy. SS10 was negative and bossy and no one wanted to deal with it, so he spent the majority of the day inside. I really wish he would control himself better so people would want to spend time with him. We bbq'd for dinner. Pretty good day overall.


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Still not many flowers here. Trees still not covered in leaves. But its been warmer and we Wisconsinites are used to a colder climate.

Quiet weekend. Dog park on Saturday. Clean up Sunday. Back to work later today. My last week at this retail store and next week I get to start back at Goodwill where I love my job snd everyone who works with me.

Jumper is in Florida with a friend housesitting. Sonic back at work. Orincess and Little Princess both have strep throat!! Wish I lived there to help with baby. Bart counting down the days until he goes to pre trial. In a good mood this morning.

Have a great day!


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Good morning!

I'm calling the doctor's office in about an hour; the muscle pain I've been having is getting worse. Other than that, I'm planning to work on my classes and pet the dog. Maybe some laundry.

Have a wonderful "no meltdown" Monday!


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Well, it was a weekend.

Saturday wasn't bad. We looked for mushrooms again. Didn't find any morels, but Jabber found some oyster mushrooms and we had them with dinner last night. Saturday afternoon we took the boy to the Morel and Microbrew festival. They ran out of both mushrooms and beer before the festival was over...kind of poor planning. But then took the boy to a friend's and went home.

Sunday was church then yard work. We bought a screen door to replace our patio door, had to take it back. I discovered we're missing 3 cabinets for our kitchen. Turns out we were never charged for them so the order didn't get placed. Etc., etc... More money. I swear it just flies away......

I managed to hurt my knee doing the yard work and didn't sleep worth a darn. I had disturbing long dream actually that I barely remember, except that it ended with us putting our son out for stealing again. :( I remember waking up thinking - WTH? Why did it have to end like that!?! Annoying. But it didn't have the "feeling" that my other "prophetic" dreams about him have. So maybe it was just a dream.

Brought him to work with me this morning so he could put in for a job at the cafeteria in one of the state buildings. I thought it was good that he was willing to get up early - but that was before he refused to bathe or wash his hair and griped because his friends weren't keeping up with his wanting to hang out "since he was already uptown". :sigh:

But...this thread isn't supposed to be about "them" I'll just end it there. I'm tired, in pain, and in a mood.


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Quiet weekend, first one in a long time, and yesterday was my 34th wedding anniversary. Dear Difficult Grandson (DDG) was very dear and not at all difficult. He once again had to call my hubster and me to come get him from his father's house because he just cannot make it there. His father is a large, imposing man who yells, has a very short fuse, and gets somewhat physical with him. He was supposed to stay from Friday to Monday, but only made it from Saturday a.m. at 9 until dinnertime on Saturday. 11 people in the house, and DDG and his father have the same issues, so you know how that goes. DDG loves our neighborhood, roams around on his bike, talks up all the adults, visits garage sales, plays with the little kids, and everybody loves him.

It's cold and windy here, which my special needs students hate. I'm doing an activity I found in The Out of Sync Child Has Fun book. We recycle plastic shopping bags and using stickers, markers to decorate, some twine tied around the handles, and lengths of crepe paper for tails, we make Earth Day kites. The kids love it and even kids who tend to sit on the benches outside at every opportunity will run around and have fun.

So, happy Monday, all.


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Good Monday Morning!

Well, we had a good weekend, warm and sunny, for once.

We aired the bike tires and went for a ride along the river early Saturday. Saw tons of geese with their little goslings in tow.

Hubby and D C went fishing and caught quite a few walleyes on Saturday. D C spent the night and we had a big breakfast on Sunday and then had fresh fish for dinner. D C was appreciative and pleasant.

Today, the usual.



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Today is day 13 of trying to get things fixed after the storm. I will be spending the morning on the phone........again.

My daughter's car was totaled, too, Pasa.

She is not happy about having to deal with buying a car, either.

She is on the northwest side, by the way.