Good Monday morning, friend..,,,

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Happy Labor day.

Just another day here - school starts tomorrow. :bravo: I may have mentioned a time or 2 thousand here that I always considered school to be daily respite not repeating myself am I? :rofl:

Today husband & I celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. Many seems like at least 20 or even 21, 22. :smile:

Enjoy your day, keep it calm.


Happy Labor Day!

Linda, Happy Anniversary! Wishing you and husband all the best on your special day.

Although M started school last Monday, J and A start tomorrow so I will finally reclaim my house after a long summer!!! Today we're doing some last-minute school supply shopping, summer reading and room cleaning. husband and I are planning to take the kids for celebratory ice cream cones tonight after dinner.

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good Morning Linda and smallworld.
Happy Anniversary Linda.
Smallworld, hope you enjoy the peace of having your home reclaimed.

Yesterday the weather was very pleasant so we took the pups for a nice walk along the lake. Not sure if the pups enjoyed it but I did.

Hope your last day of summer vacation is restful and you have some peace.


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Happy Anniversary, Linda! It's amazing how fast time flies.

Smallworld, enjoy getting your space back. I hope the shopping trip isn't too expensive.

Fran, the walk by the lake sounds very restful. Enjoy the last of your summer.

I had to see the neurologist today. I got a little trivia shopping done - the stuff I can't always do on the usual weekly grocery shop. Bumped into my neurologist again, he'd come to the mall for a coffee. Got home for a much-needed rest and got a call from a friend who's just begun to home-school her boys. She didn't follow the rules, just pulled t he boys out of school and is sorting out the paperwork now. I'd promised her a look at our resources so she said she'd drop in with the boys for a short while. Yeah, right - "short while" - she was here for three hours, right when I'm normally cooking dinner and getting difficult child 3 through his routine - totally thrown out. Still, difficult child 3 was really helpful, taking the boys through his computer programs and giving them a turn on what they could handle. She's got the education department people inspecting her home schooling later this week, at least now she has resources to show them.

I had to start cooking dinner while she was still here, while her boys were still on the computer with difficult child 3. In the absence of much other food, I made risotto, using all the leftover frozen soup I could find. easy child 2/difficult child 2 came home from work and got plenty of baby-handling practice on this friend's 18-month-old, which freed me up some more.

But after the day I've had - I desperately need my sleep now. I have a meeting in the morning, other appointments later in the day including my grocery shopping. mother in law wants me to look at her new paintwork in there somewhere too.

And I thought this week would be quieter!

Have a good Monday, everyone.



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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- Happy Anniversary! :smile: And Happy Back to School Eve as well!!! :teacher:
Smallworld- Enjoy your day! I don't plan on being within 5 miles of a mall, strip center or big box store today. I'd have flashbacks to my retail days. :surprise:
Fran- I can't imagine the pups not enjoying a walk around the lake. :dance:
I have to get dinner in the crock pot, hit the shower and get this day moving! Duckie is in a parade for cheer today and I work a hot dog stand for three hours after. Wish us luck... she woke everyone at 3:49am crying about the curlers in her hair. :smile: Hopefully, I can save the 'do and she won't be so exhausted as to drive us all batty (like she's already doing!). :hammer:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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:salute: Good Labor Day Monday Morning :salute:

Linda, Happy Anniversary to you and husband :flower:

SW, better you than me hitting the stores today :bow:

Fran, the weather is georgeous here as well - the lake walk sounds lovely :smile:

Marg, sounds like your Monday was a busy one, hope you get a good nights' sleep /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif

TM, hope duckie does ok with the interupted sleep - you guys have fun :thumb:

BBK, good morning to you and wishes for a nice day :grin:

Well, it finally came - the last day of summer. I am so bummed. I am the opposite of most of you in that I love having the kids here in the summer and going back to school is just the measurement of another year flying by.

difficult child and I slept in until about 10 minutes ago! easy child and her best bud are still abed and probably will be for a couple hours! We don't have anything formally on the agenda. Just going to see what hits us. Probably the hot tub, filling backpacks and watching movies.

Enjoy your day everyone :kisses:



Happy Labor Day

Everyone rest up today.

Linda..happy anniversary.

SW - wishing you a smoothe shopping trip and good ice-cream

Fran - a walk by the lake sounds so relaxing.

Marg - You have been so busy, you deserve a good sleep.

TM enjoy the parade. I am sure Duckie will do just great.

BBK - Enjoy the Holiday today.

I was up early and took the puppy for a walk. After our walk I took Chloe down to the Lake to meet my morning dog walkers. I really enjoy walking with them, and the dogs love to run and play and swim. Unable to take the puppy there now because she is in heat. It was a beautiful sunrise over the Lake. But a gazillion mesquitos. I must wash Chloe in her medicated shampoo and get the benadryl in her. We did not go very often this summer due to her allergies.

Having panic attacks! I am so afraid of school starting. I haven't broke the news to difficult child that he will be in Honor's classes. I don't think I will. I need to let him know that the program director was unable to put him in classes with his friends as she said she would. Don't quite know how to put it yet. I really don't want honors classes. Academically he could do well. It is the homework part that I know he will not handle. Hopefully, praying he has friends in his classes.

I am cooking Turkey and all the fixings today. Maybe see a movie. husband will likey play ball with difficult child, tomorrow after school is a double header.

difficult child and husband went to the races yesterday. They had funny cars, jet cars and drag racing.

Well, everyone relax on this last day of summer vacation. Hope everyone has a great first day of school. (to those who haven't started yet)

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Good Morning All,

Sorry I don't have time to address everyone individually but did want to say good morning and Happy Labor Day. I'm heading out to the club and then the store. I need to make some pasta salad because we are having a cookout later--husband's sisters are in town.

Around 11 we are going to take our dog to the pool. They are having a police k9 fundraiser and since it is the last day of the pool they will drain and clean it. Don't even know if our dog can swim but guess we'll find out!

I'm not so anxious about school tomorrow. difficult child has had a great end of the summer and I guess I'm a bit worried about what the new school year may bring.

I hope everyone enjoys their day! :beach:


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Good morning ladies! Happy Anniversary Linda! I am happy to say that I slept in. For the first time I think this whole summer, I had no reason to get up and the kids slept over at grandmas so I had no guilt to get up either.

Today I will finish my house cleaning and get the kids organized for school tomorrow and then difficult child has hockey tryouts (again) and then we are taking them to go and see Mr. Bean.

I am nervous for both kids to start school. difficult child is actually looking forward to it but easy child is very nervous to start her first year at high school (here junior high is attached to the high school).

Hope everyone enjoys their day off today!


Good Morning from the rockies. We've been enjoying some cooler weather and rain which has been very nice. Going to a bbq at mom's today.

I wish everyone an awesome day :smile: