Good Monday morning, friend

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Oct 22, 2007.

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    Yup, it's back into the weekly drudgery. Other than kt's in home psychiatrist coming there is nothing on my calendar today.

    husband continues to work from home - it's a good thing. Saves on parking, gas, wear & tear on the car. It's a bad thing because the man is driving me crazy. I take a nap & am startled awake because he's checking in on me. I finally told him last week that unless I was bleeding profusely from an ear or turning blue to let me sleep.

    I sleep when I can - the increase in medications are screwing my sleep pattern even worse than it was before.

    I have a grocery delivery arriving this morning & a couple of loads of sheets to get done. kt & her PCA are in charge of cooking dinner tonight - I just have to make sure the dishwasher is unloaded if necessary & the right utensils, pots & pans are out. Otherwise, it turns into an experiment in terror & I end up cooking.

    The sun is supposed to come back out again today after a dreary, drizzly Sunday. I hope to get out for a short walk to the end of the block & back. I see a few leaves at the end of the block I'd like to pick up & preserve for wm. I'd also like to draw them in my nature journal.

    Enjoy your Monday - I hope it' calm & safe. Hug your loved ones.
  2. SRL

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    Good morning, Linda. Have you tried Melatonin to help with sleep? I get dizzy when fatigued and that sometimes helps at least enough to get me over the immediate hurdle. Even a little is better than none when the balance issues start in for me.

    Grocery delivery! I've recently found myself making frequent trips to the store. I tell myself food is fresher but mostly it's a sign of my disorganization. :wink:

    Today I have a zillion loads of laundry and then I need to do some serious decluttering of the upstairs. Middle school band concert tonight and the grandparents usually show up. Send Merry Maids!

    Have a happy Monday everyone to follow and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    Linda, I can relate to the sleeping problems and being easily disturbed. For years now I have slept with ear plugs - the squishy ones you roll between your fingers and then stuff in your ear quickly before they expand again. And for glare, I have a number of eye masks is use. Not the crinkly airline ones which don't breath, although I have used those as a pattern, cutting out good fabric such as black velvet, or cotton. If you add a small piece at the nose the light can be blocked out completely. And with that, all husband needs to do is hold a mirror to your face and check if you're breathing.

    Can't you come up with an option such as hanging a tie on the doorknob or something, as a do not disturb warning? Or make up your own - "Do not wake me unless your life depends on it. Even then, think twice!"

    SRL, the laundry sounds busy. I've had to organise to only wash one day a week, the day I have home help. I can't wait to see my home help's reaction to my new vacuum cleaner!
    If you're feeling guilty and always shopping for food, just tell yourself you are being just like the meticulous housewives in Paris, and China - they HAVE to have fresh ingredients, only the best for their families! We're just in season for garlic flower stalks here at the moment, my latest "let's find out what it does" ingredient. You can feel very virtuous when you shop this way. Just keep telling yourself that.

    We had a quiet day today, although busy with difficult child 3's schoolwork. He's been struggling with a module of English drama, it's taken him too long to complete it.
    Then after school hours he went to play. The first neighbour was not home, so he went to his next friend's. And that's where first neighbour was! So they all trooped back to the first friend's house to swim in their new above-ground pool. difficult child 3 was late home, he was engrossed in playing games. It's lovely to see - these kids are all a lot younger, but they seem to understand him. No hassles. The parents have just invited difficult child 3 to their little girl's birthday party, there will be another boy his age there, an Aspie. They want the boys to meet. I suspect difficult child 3 and this boy will be inside on the computer games while all the little girls are outside playing in the pool.

    A lovely end to the day. And now, after a fairly hot day and a glorious sunset, a cool wind has sprung up. It's still dry, but very pleasant outside. The air is cool but the ground is still sun-warm.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I can understand you telling husband not to wake you up unless of an emergency with the little of sleep you are getting. I hope you get in that walk today. :autumn:

    SRL- I need to remember the "fresher" reasoning when I am yet again running to the grocery store! Wouldn't daily maid service be a great thing? :)I hope the band concert is fun!

    Marguerite-Sounds like a great day for difficult child 3! I love a breezy day or night-glad you had a beautiful sunset to enjoy :flower:

    I'm up early again unable to sleep. Five of the last six mornings I've had a very upset stomach-yuck!

    It's back to work but the kids only come three days this week due to teacher's conventions.

    It's supposed to be a cool rainy day day. When we get home from work and the club we will enjoy the homemade soup that will have been warming all day.

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and finds reasons to smile :smile:
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :coffee: Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!

    Linda, glad you have a quiet day today. Enjoy your walk and leaf collecting :autumn:

    SRL, I try to hit the grocer only once a week. If I go more than that, I spend probably $25-30 more! I just can't seem to only grab the milk :slap:

    Marg, I love the handmade eye mask idea. My mom uses them when she travels. I'm going to make her one out of velvet for her Christmas stocking! :thumbsup:

    We are still struggling with our drought and heat. We may supercede the record high of 86 today!!!! It's a typical Monday here - laundry and catching up on the house after a full weekend.

    difficult child and bonehead attended a small local airshow on Saturday and he had a ball! His most favorite part was getting a dog tag made by a vet on a 60 year old machine! He keeps pulling it out of his shirt and looking at it! Bonehead bought him some pins that look like military metals and he has been wearing those all weekend too! He enjoyed his long weekend.

    easy child had a wonderful time and looked so lovely on Saturday. Her hair got done like Audrey Hepbern's in Breakfast at Tiffany's to go with her dress. When she got everything put together and came downstairs, her boyfriend let out a huge "Wow!" I had visions of my daughter at 25! They went out for a nice dinner downtown, the dance, and then came back here and sat and talked and chilled until about 1. Then they met for brunch yesterday morning, went to the park for the extreme frisbee "thing" and he finally left for home about 5 (he lives a little over an hour away but got a hotel for the weekend so they could spend the weekend together). She had a wonderful weekemd.

    Me, well I had a friend for dinner on Saturday and spent yesterday doing nothing! My weekend was good too!

    Wishing everyone a great day - remember it is No Meltdown Monday :hypnosis:

  6. hearts and roses

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    Good morning everyone! (Linda I am going to have to start using Peapod again!)

    difficult child came home on Sat and she did almost all of her laundry, didn't go out (her 'friends' ditched her all weekend) and although we've had a few moments where I wanted to scream at her, we're doing okay. Stupid stuff like picking up wet towels and hanging them to dry or getting off the phone by 11PM.

    difficult child is job hunting as I write this. Keep a good thought that she gets hired by one of the 25 places she's hitting today!!

    Only 6 more days and my easy child is home - I cannot freakin wait!!

    Have a splendid day everyone.