Good Monday morning, friends.....

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  1. timer lady

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    It's warm & muggy this morning & more storms are promised today.

    I've an appointment with neuro doctor this morning, Occupational Therapist (OT) comes in around noon & then a SW will be coming in to help me navigate a few things for myself. Ladies, I'm here to tell you learn to advocate for yourselves first ~ if you can't do that, you'll be lost for your kids.

    kt is off to be a mall rat with PCA this afternoon ~ she's on the hunt for the "perfect" denim messenger bag for school this year. No more back packs for this girl!

    Have a good Monday - keep it calm.
  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Linda- I couldn't agree more! I hope kt finds the messenger bag of her dreams, lol! :winks:

    Duckie and I have a few errands and back to school shopping to do. Then her little friend from down the street will be her to practice a talent routine for tonight at the library's summer reading program. We'll grab something to eat before heading out.

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-You are so right about being able to advocate for yourself. Sounds like a busy day of appointments. I hope kt finds the perfect messenger bag:shopping: easy child switched to one last year when she started high school.

    I had such a wonderful weekend away. The girls weekend was a blast. We shopped all day Friday and stayed up way too late (3:00 a.m.). The wedding was beyond perfect-I've never seen anything quite like it and it doesn't surprise me because our former principal was always well planned and detailed. I've never met anyone quite like her, she is admired and loved by many. Saturday night we stayed up talking again til 3:00 in the morning.

    Not much sleep last night due to the storms rolling through. Like Linda it is warm and muggy and storms are predicted.

    It's back to the health club for a much needed workout (the food was also amazing this weekend)after we drop off difficult child at camp. I think we'll go to the movie we meant to see last week.

    I'm sure I'll squeeze in a nap too.:sleeping:

    Wishing everyone a day that finds reasons for laughter and smiles.:kisses:
  4. Wiped Out

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    TM-You snuck in while I was typing. Enjoy your day, the talent show sounds like fun!
  5. house of cards

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    Good Morning Linda and TM, I love the school shopping, hope Duckie and kt find alot of great bargins. WO, glad you enjoyed the wedding, they always make me more emotional about my marraige, more content.

    My day feels overbooked to me, one kid off to summer school, one to day camp, pick up from school early and day camp by 11:30, grab my 16 yo and run him to his first day of job training then go to speech at 1 dragging 5 other kids along for fun(not)-no babysitter. After that I plan on talking the 3 yos into a nap and getting some down time. Oh I better remember to pick up the 16 yo.
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  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    My, we've been fast to respond today! I was just sitting down to reply (no other replies) when the phone rang. Then I checked my emails. Forty five minutes later, look how many of you have got in ahead of me!

    Linda, I fully agree about becoming a good advocate for yourself in order to be there for the kids to the best of your ability. I also find it is good practice for when I have to advocate for the kids. I hope kt finds the bag she is looking for - I think I need to bite the bullet and finally get myself a decent bag instead of the frayed bumbag I've been using for years.

    TM, sounds like a busy but fun day planned. I hope the rehearsal goes well - I well remember the difficulty we used to have, getting started. We'd stall, chat about stuff, look embarrassed at each other and never really rehearse properly.

    Sharon/WO, sounds like you had a marvellous weekend away at the wedding. Don't overdo it in the gym!

    Kathie, it's supposed to be holidays for you, isn't it? I hope you manage to get the nap you need.

    I had a quiet-ish morning although I was busy on the phone, advocating for difficult child 3 (again) with our bureaucracy problems (*sigh*). Problems sort of sorted - for now. Then I grabbed a spare minute while difficult child 3 was off the computer, to get the contact details of any local pet shops to call and ask about budgies. difficult child 3 had scrubbed Lucky's budgie cage clean in case he died because of some sort of infection, then I put it out in the sun. I had a doctor's appointment schedule this afternoon which entailed a drive "to the mainland" with mother in law and while mother in law had her turn in with the doctor, I took difficult child 3 to the pet shop and we looked at their budgies. One immediately stood out as THE choice - the wild green banded colouration difficult child 3 had wanted (and husband had advised, as likely to be stronger) and it also seemed to be the most curious and lively in a very lively cage of little birds. In the fifteen minutes or so it took for the shopkeeper to finally come and catch him for us, we remained convinced this was the right choice. The shopkeeper clipped the wings (evenly and not too much) then put him (the bird) in a box. For the rest of the evening difficult child 3 sat in the back of the car, quietly talking to the cardboard box.
    We got home at about 8 pm after me seeing the doctor, and then mother in law & I getting our shopping done.
    The doctor - I told her about my increased pain and problems with some tingling and loss of feeling - tests are ordered. Other test results were back, there are still problems. I'm looking forward to forgetting my worries and helping difficult child 3 tame this new budgie. He's called him Buddy. And judging by the way he seemed to be sweet-talking all the female budgies in the cage at the shop, we may have to change his name to Rhett. Our older female budgie is in for a shock. Should we change her name to Demi?

    Tomorrow it looks like I'll be babysitting a sick child, therapist's daughter and good friend. It promises to be a full day.

    Enjoy your Monday.