***Good Monday Morning, Friends***

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  1. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    It's ridiculously early & I'm up working on my artwork. I'll be brewing up a fresh pot of HMJ shortly. :coffee:

    I have a therapist appointment today ~ home to a nap I expect. Then the usual Monday chores of paying bills :check_writer: & laundry.
    Yesterday was the final day of our annual Winter Carnival. There was a winter kite flying event not a mile from our house on one of the lakes here in town - couldn't get ktbug to budge to give it a try. We ended up watching the marathon of the Matrix movies. Warm & snuggly.

    kt is doing well even though we do not have the PCA services up & running yet.

    For all of you with a snow day (from those of us who never get one because snow doesn't stop us ;)) enjoy the wintry fun.
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Monday.

    Linda, I'm jealous that you are getting to your painting. I'm wracking my brain for subject matter that I can do justice to - I've just about got two ideas I want to try out, both of them I will use photographs for. I guess I just need to get down and do it. Outside, so I can get my dose of sunlight at the same time. I picked up a kids' table and chair on the street cleanup heap last night, that hopefully will work well with my new table easel. There's also an old window frame out there, I could use that as a garden feature (in a different location to the really big old sash window that husband & I have been working on for a few years) or I could use it as a frame for a landscape painting - you know, so it looks like it's not a painting, but the view out the window...

    I was busy today with mother in law. She had a doctor's appointment early, then we had about half an hour before she had her physiotherapy appointment right next door to the doctor. Another door away was the local cafe, so we sat there and had coffee, looking at the view, while we waited. The cafe then rapidly filled up with local swimming/bushwalking club, most of whom we both knew. It was good for mother in law to feel out and about, among friends.

    She was apprehensive about the physio, but I knew it would work out, this physio is very effective but also very gentle.

    After that, we went back home, I settled her in her armchair with a cup of tea and a hot pack, then headed back home to difficult child 3, just in time for him to say, "Mum, can you get me some lunch?" I'd tried to offer mother in law some lunch but she said she felt too nauseous, she would eat later (I noted she still had several nights' leftovers in her fridge, she's not eating except when I cook for her).
    I put him off until I'd had a rest. Then I fixed him some pan-fried teriyaki fish, with salad.

    I didn't sleep well last night so I catnapped this afternoon. Tonight we went back to mother in law's to cook dinner - another stir-fried pork and vegetables in plum sauce. She had eaten some of the leftovers for lunch, after all. Good. She now has a single serve of tonight's leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

    difficult child 3 has an appointment at the uni tomorrow, then I'm grabbing the chance to take him to meet his electronics teacher at school (down near the Harbour's edge). difficult child 3 has a 5 pm drama class back in our home district, so there's no point in us going home before then - it would be a half hour drive back out to drama. So I've got a number of other errands to run tomorrow afternoon after we go to the school. Forms to drop in to his doctor. Other forms to hand in to welfare. Documents to show to welfare. Shopping to do. Then after drama class we'll get difficult child 3's burger, and head home. Not sure yet what to do about husband & mother in law for dinner, they'll probably cook themselves some lamb chops and have salad.

    I rang today to try to organise more housekeeping services for mother in law, and to offer to cancel mine. I finally 'fessed up that although my cleaner is a friend, I just can't have him working for me any more. If it means cancelling the service, I just have to wear it. It would mean that if I ever need to go back to using them, I would need to reapply and I would be most unlikely to get my current level of service.

    But since the guy is slowly (or not so slowly) destroying my appliances and house, I figure it's worth the chance. I'm one of the few clients he has left. I know the organisation will absorb him somewhere, he has other jobs for them. But as a housekeeper, he shouldn't be let out without a leash and a minder. As husband said, "the initials FW come to mind..."

    I can't talk to the relevant caseworker about this until Wednesday, and my next service is scheduled for Thursday. So I may be stuck with him for yet another week. Our current plan is to cancel, and go private. Pay easy child 2/difficult child 2 to help me, she at least knows what I need and is able-bodied enough to help me. Also she needs the money. I could pay twice as much for half the time and still come out ahead.

    Sad, really.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  3. Rabbit

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    Good morning . running late .:D Hope everyone has a great day!
    Hugs Rabbit
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Linda-Glad you will find time for your nap! It's too bad kt didn't want to go see the kites on ice. We saw it here one year and it was great. The last couple of years they have stopped doing it here.

    Marg-I hope you are somehow able to keep the service with-o having your friend work for you. Glad mother in law ate some food today. You sound so busy; I hope you manage Occupational Therapist (OT) find some time at the beach this week.

    Rabbit-Have a fun day!

    I finished my book last night around 11:00. It really was a great book, however, I am very tired this morning. Back to work today. Should be a good day. After work we have a staffing (I think-the case manager for difficult child isn't good about returning phone calls) for difficult child and easy child/difficult child has a therapist appointment. I'll do difficult child's staffing while husband take easy child/difficult child to her therapist appointment.

    Later we hope to get to the health club!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!

    Linda, the winter kite fly sounds cool - I would have loved to see that. There's something to be said though for snuggling, keeping warm, and watching movies on Sunday!

    Marg, I say run with the idea of doing some photography outside - you get your daily dose of vit D and a creative break.

    Rabbit - good Monday to you.

    Sharon - I hope easy child/difficult child is open with the therapist about how she's been coping/feeling lately - perhaps a totally different ad medication will be in order. Wondering if it's time to do a little more digging and have a new evaluatiom done? Glad you finished your book!

    Snow day here! difficult child was off anyway, but it's still fun! Probably close, or at least delay tomorrow. easy child's roommate goes to the local community college and they announced their closure early yesterday afternoon. Since easy child goes to the local urban university, I told her they probably wouldn't close since most students live right there on campus. Wasn't until the 11 pm news that they announded their closure for today!

    I believe she and her friends will be sledding again today - difficult child will be digging out my car!

    Have a great day all.

  6. Fran

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    Good morning all.

    Linda, painting and being snuggly sounds wonderful. Glad you and ktbug are hanging together.

    Marge, it's a worry with the elderly. They don't eat right and they don't telly you when things are going the way they should. I think they figure if they don't think about it or talk about it, maybe it will go away.
    Sorry to hear about your cleaner. I had one who was so fast, that a few things got broken. I wasn't a happy girl.
    Good luck with difficult child 3 and the uni. I so wish my difficult child would give class a try.
    Enjoy your painting.

    LDM, Yay for snow days.! Our secondary roads are huge long ice skating rinks. School is closed. Even husband went in 2 hrs late but he took the 4 wd jeep so he could get out of the neighborhood and get to the freeway. Barely made it out of the iced over frozen snow drifts. I think he loved using his 4wd. It's a man thing, I think.

    Well, we are bright and sunny and expect the roads to clear up until sundown. Of course, they will freeze over tonight. I have enjoyed it but of course, now it's time to get back to work and it's inconvenient to not be able to get out of the drive. LOL.

    Hope you all have a good day.