Good Monday morning from downunder

Marg's Man

Marg's Man here introducing myself under my own handle.

I won't be posting any more than I did when I was lurking using Marg's account so don't look for a slew of posts from me. Just for once I'll do a Good Morning post though.

It's two o'clock Monday afternoon here and I am at work, just finishing my lunch break, all 43 minutes of it. Marg has been at my mother's house supervising difficult child 3 at his schoolwork while she waits for a delivery of some new doors. They only deliver on Mondays and mum has appointments that she can't get out of without VERY good reasons.

I have the BEST lady - but you all know that don't you?

Why have I decided to register in my own name after all this time? Housekeeping mainly - Marg only got around to telling me that my reading her posts messed up the counter that shows how many posts have made since she last accessed. There is no way that I can read a post using her account without messing things up for her so I have 'come out' so to speak.

I chose my avatar because it sums me up pretty well - a sleeper on this site.

Marg's Man


Hi Marg's Man,

I love Marge. She rocks! Thanks for introducing yourself. Marguerite has been a tremendous support for me here the past several weeks. She has given so much of her time and shared her experience with many of us here and I just wanted to personally thank you for sharing her with us.




Mom? What's a difficult child?
We always knew you were lurking at times!!! So it nice to hear from you... always good to have another man around the house so to speak!

Hope the doors are right!!! thanks for taking some of your lunch and spending it with us. :coffee:


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G'Day, and welcome! Marg is great, and it's nice to know that there are husband's that take a vested interest in this!


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G'day, people. Just got home, the doors look good. mother in law due home any tick - she said she was catching the 2pm boat home, that was about 20 minutes ago. I half expected her to drop in.

Love the avatar, hon. Cheeky beggar, isn't he? He nicked par of my sig, too...

Thanks for your kind words, Michele - I've got so much help from this site it's good to be able to share some of it around.
Don't drink too much of that coffee, totoro, or you will never get to sleep tonight!

It's sunny but windy here today, bits of backyard blowing everywhere. difficult child 3's working moderately well, I finally finished the last Harry Potter (your turn, husband) and I'm getting on with other work. Spring is definitely here - flowers everywhere, my tomatoes are finally coming up (along with all the basil seeds I tossed in too) but no sign of the corn yet. It's still fairly cool today - 21 C - some people would think it summer, but the wind is very persistent.

Enjoy your Monday. Our working week is already off to a good start!


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Good Morning,

Marg's Man-Good to see you! I love your avatar as I love naps!!

Michelle, Totoro, and Witz-Have a great day!

Marguerite-Glad the doors look good. I never got my tomatoes planted-it's great yours are coming up!

Long day ahead! After school we have difficult child's IEP implementation meeting that was supposed to happen before school-wish it had. Then it is my school's open house and after that easy child's open house. Finally I'll get home and then head off to the health club! I hope I get there. I did make myself go last night after our long drive home from Michigan. husband and I finished our workout around 10:15 last night!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day!


Good morning

Glad to see you Marg's Man. Trying to encourage the Mr cat (Grinch) to come out of hiding here.

Marg you always seem so busy I wish I knew how you do it all.

Sharon hope the meetings goes well.

Michelle, Totoro, Wit have a good day.

husband and I are off to family session with difficult child 2. Still trying to figure out this whole privaledge return thing. Hope to get some answers a little better. Also hope to make him understand why we are not jumping for joy over this. (Not sure that will happen)

Still haven't been to bed and alarm rings in a couple of hours. So it is going to be one of those days. Yippee!!!!! Thinking I might have to start taking my ativan at night again for a while. Bummer.

Good day to all who follow.


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Good morning friends,

Marg's Man, welcome to the GM thread.

MicheleL, enjoy your day. Same to you totoro.

Marg, hope your garden thrives this year; always love the fresh tomatoes.

Sharon, your day sounds exhausting - I'd be asleep on my feet. Take it easy, my friend.

Beth, I've recently started using Lunesta - it's helped a great deal to get a few hours of sleep on & off throughout the night. Sounds like you need a little help yourself. Good luck at the meeting today - keep us updated.

"Hi" to anyone who snuck in.

Today is to be a quiet day. Nothing happening, no appts until after kt gets home from school. kt's in home therapist & my in home nurse will be showing up at the same time.

husband will be working from home until 2 this afternoon & then he heads out to the office; from there to the university & the class he teaches twice a week. It's to be a long day for him.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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:smile: Good Morning on a No Meltdown Monday!

Wow, this is a chatty good morning post for so early on a Monday!

Not sure what I have on tap for today. It's kinda nice going into a Monday and not having much on the agenda. I usually do laundry and get the house back in order after the weekend. But, I did the laundry on saturday and got the house in order yesterday after church because I thought my mom was coming.
She ended up driving straight home because her ear was bothering her and she needed one of her pain pills.

So, I think I will go to a class at the gym this morning and then play the rest by ear!

Wishing all of you a great Monday :thumb:



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Good morning! :coffee:
I agree, a very chatty group this morning! Good morning to the lot of you!
I have errands, banking, and shopping to do today. Then I simply must begin cleaning. The house is getting away from me. Please keep a good thought for Duckie as she's beginning to behave oddly again. Things like lining stuff up, twirling, waking early, tearing paper & tissue, very defiant. :smile: I had hoped her rage a few nights back had been the end of it, but now I suspect it's just the beginning. Ugh!!! :rolleyes:
Have a great day :salute:!
Good morning, all! [And a special welcome to Marg's Man, even though he's not REALLY a newbie!]

We had an OK weekend. Skipped church due to general lack of cooperation and slowness on the part of the cubs and a reluctance to expend the energy "motivating" them on mine. Mind you, difficult child generally likes Sunday School and as soon as he was off his automatic no-I'm-doing-anything-you-say fit, he was very upset to find that we were not, in fact, going to church because it was then too late. Personally, I think 6 3/4 is old enough to figure out that if you say no, you might not have another opportunity later, especially as we've had this same discussion with the same result for years now. Sheesh. We've had some regression of behavior at home, which I suspect is due to the stress of being back at school.

Hope everyone has a good day!


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Hi Marg's Man! Nice to meet you! I love your avatar.
You two are a great pair. Your kids have no idea how lucky they are.

TM, good luck with-Duckie ... sounds scary. Wish I could help.

Hi everyone!


call 911
G'day Govner,

Glad you decided to come out a bit and introduce yourself proper.

Looking forward to having you UpOver!