Good Monday morning, my friends....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 18, 2008.

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    A very good Monday morning to you all! :good_morning:

    I spent the weekend in somewhat of a mental/physical funk. Neuro doctor & my GP both asked me last week not to travel to my dad's this coming weekend for the annual cookoff. It's been over a year since I've seen my dad & this set me back.

    I think I'm back on top of my game; need to do the health thing & wait until spring before traveling that distance. I finally calmed myself down yesterday to a point where I thought I was okay to live with - husband would tell you otherwise. :couple: :help: kt just stayed out of my way - smart girl. :you_go_girl:

    President's day - no school. kt & I are heading out to the art supply store. She's taken up beading & needs a few supplies. We set up a "craft" area here in the dining room (we never eat in here anyway) for her to do her beading & drawing while I work on my painting or do paperwork. (My desk has always been in the corner of the dining room) I think I've convinced husband to just take down the darned company table for the time being (we never get company) & put up a love seat, rocking chair & craft table. A fun area.

    Here's to a happy Monday. I hope everything you set out to do gets done. That your difficult children are in good form. Hug your loved ones. :flowers:

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm sorry you won't be able to go to your dad's. I know how much you were looking forward to going. The fun area sounds like a good idea!

    We have school today and I'm thinking it could be a very difficult drive. Yesterday the buses weren't running, the malls were closed, etc.. We had an ice/rain/snow mixture that was really something. The roads today are still going to be slick.

    After work husband and I are having a conference with easy child's teachers. Apparently she hasn't been handing in any homework which is interesting since she is in the basement every night supposedly doing homework. She isn't watching t.v. so I'm not sure what is going on. We asked for the conference. Hopefully she will turn it around!

    After that it's the health club and then hopefully home for an early night as too much napping kept me up late last night!

    I hope everyone has a day filled with smiles, laughter, and peace.:peaceful:
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    G'day, people.

    Linda, I'm sorry about missing out on the visit to your dad's. But if both docs are begging you not to go, maybe they are right to be concerned?
    The craft area sounds good, I hope it can keep you and kt happily busy.

    Sharon, I'd be curious about what difficult child is doing in the basement, if it's not homework. Unless she's doing it, but not handing it in? I went through a stage of not handing in assignments at uni, because they weren't perfect.
    I hope you get to the bottom of that puzzle fast.

    I had a quiet day today with difficult child 3 getting some work done. Still very tired and sore. Tomorrow I am going out with husband, so while he is at his appointment I can get some shopping done and then go to easy child 2/difficult child 2's appointment with her. I also need to get some paperwork done for difficult child 1 - he can't get some things organised when he is at work during the week, and some places just aren't open on weekends.

    Life is never dull around here.

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    :good_morning:Hey - Good Monday Morning Everyone!!!!!!

    Linda, so sorry you will be unable to get to the cookoff with family. Perhaps dad can come and see you after the cookoff. I know, after my father passed, it took my mom about a year to begin to "do" the things they loved to do together. One of those things was travel. Mom, at 75, just gets in her car and goes! Perhpas your dad can drive, or train or plane it and stay with you for a few days once the winter weather calms a bit. Hope you get your craft space :painter:.

    Sharon, sorry easy child is having some issue at school. Perhaps she is on "aim" (really popular at her age) or on the computer - is there a computer down there? However, it really could be that she is just not turning it in. I have never understood that but man, do these kids do it! Hope you figure out what is going on. Suprised you have school today. I thought this holiday closed down all the public stuff. I hope it's a good one :bigsmile:.

    Marg, glad you had a quiet day after your busy weekend. I know you had a great time, but sometimes a good rest is in order, especially with your recent health concerns. Hope your Tuesday is not too busy :try2fly:.

    Not too busy a day here. easy child and I will head out to the mall right when it opens. She needs one more dress for her state DECA competition. They have to really dress conservative and professional - easy child's style is funky. So we need to add one more "crimp her style" dress so that she's set for state and perhaps (fingers crossed) regionals! Figured there would be some good sales at the department stores.

    After that, difficult child and I have a "date" to see a movie. I went with easy child and some folks yesterday to see Juno - it was wonderful. A great slice of life with humor and awww molments. I loved it - and the music was really great as well. So difficult child and I will be going to see something today. I think we are going to see "National Treasure".

    Still have to do my normal Monday stuff, laundry and stuff, but I'll fit it in somehow.

    Forgot to mention that I had p/t conferences at difficult child's school on Friday morning. He did honor roll. Teachers didn't have anything really negative to say. difficult child is who he is and I guess they know him by now. He does have his entitlement and frustration issues, but is getting a little better at holding it together. Thank goodness for the "other" molments when 1:1 can "take him for a walk". I told him I was proud - he is too!

    Hope your Monday is not too busy - it is No Meltdown Monday :please:around here!

  5. mrscatinthehat

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    Linda sorry to hear about not being able to leave town. However an interesting part here is that kt was intuitive enough to respect your space. Hope the crafting can go well.

    Sharon for some reason they go through the none homework thing. My easy child did a few years back. So frustrating. Hope the conference helps. Be careful on those roads.

    Marg hope you get all the stuff accomplished that needs to be. As I said before all the things that you keep a handle on impress me so much. Hope you get a chance to get a breather.

    Sharon hope the clothes shopping goes well. I cringe when I have to take either of my girls to the store. Hope the movie going goes well.

    Well I am in a hotel for a transition conference. It only took me two hours to get the darn wireless to work on my computer. Mind you that was with taking breaks for shower and breakfast. I am so proud. I didn't even need to call husband to talk me through it. I am pretty computer savvy but I always know that my computer geek (I say that with love) will fix what I can't figure out. So I did it.

    I drove accross eastern Iowa yesterday so I could be here. I am INSANE. I hadn't slept the night before so I crashed hard last night. The conference is starting late do to the weather but it is still going on. I hope I might glean even one snippet of information that will be useful. But even if I don't Two nights away is certainly going to be lovely.