Good Monday morning, my friends....

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Good Monday morning all. I'm enjoying the early morning quiet though my cat Sam is running nonstop from the living room to the dining room & back. Don't you wish our difficult children could enjoy something so simple & CHEAP? :rofl:

I enjoyed my respite weekend. Pretty much slept all day Saturday; yesterday I took time to read the newspaper pretty much all the way through. Made up my menu for the week & placed my grocery order (will be delivered this morning).

husband was away at a retreat & came home relaxed. kt, on the other hand, came home anxious & hyper. I expect it was a respite staff conflict.

No appointments today except PT. We're scheduled to take a walk outside with my new quad cane - it's lighter & less clumsy. I'm so excited to be moving forward. :smile:

Enjoy your Monday - keep it calm. :flower:



Have nothing planned for the day. Getting ready to hit the bed. Still have night and day messed up.

Hope evey ones day is stress free.



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G'day, everybody.

Linda, I'm sorry kt wasn't helped at all by respite. From your other post, it sounds like that staff member didn't have a clue.

Beth, get some sleep. It's not good to be so late to bed!

We've had a quiet day here, I've been sorting through difficult child 3's schoolwork and getting it more organised. Nothing much else - waiting for spring flowers to develop further. Some are out already, but the wisteria is still only in bud.

We've got a few busy days coming up, here's hoping the weather stays good.

difficult child 1 had no problems on his drive last night - came home safely, no problems. Feeling confident.

difficult child 3 just dragged me away from the computer to explain something he saw in tonight's "Simpsons" - what is that thing? (a flotation tank) and what were the weird images Homer saw in his head - can those tanks really do that? (it's called imagination - and poetic licence).

Never a dull moment, even when dealing with sensory deprivation...

Enjoy your Monday.



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:coffee: Good Monday Morning!

Linda, you say you were enjoying the early morning.....I think it was actually the middle of the night :rolleyes: Sorry kt came back on edge. Hope she settles after returning home with you guys for awhile.

MrsCat, wishing you a stress-free day as well :grin:!

Marg, here's hoping your weather stays nice for your plans. Send some of your wishes here that the summer weather ends. We are still hot and humid and supposed to be in the low 90's today /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif

Well difficult child was so excited on Friday when I picked him up - although I waited, and waited, and waited for him to come out. Most of the kids had already left and I thought, "I better go in and check on him." As I got out of the car, he came out smiling. "You got out late today huh?", I asked. "No, I got my locker today and I couldn't get my lock open!"

Was he mad? No. Was he frustraed? No. He handled it in stride. What a breakthrough.

Today is a house day for me. I have a breakfast room that kinda seems to absorb things! And, my dining room table has been used as a sorting depot for all the school supplies the last two weeks. Today I will do the laundry and clean those two rooms top to bottom.

I have to meet easy child at the dealership after school because they couldn't fix her car on Saturday. They only do minor repairs on Saturday and she needs a little more work (does that equate with more money as well :surprise:). Hopefully it will be done by after school tomorrow!

Wishing everyone a great Monday!

Sharon :salute:

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Good Morning,

Linda-Sounds like a relaxing day yesterday! I'm glad you don't have much on your agenda today.

Beth-I hope you are able to get lots of sleep and enjoy a stress free day too!

Marguerite-Glad you are getting nicer weather and seeing signs of spring.

Sharon-Sounds like a busy day of cleaning! I hope easy child's car doesn't cost too much.

We are in for a much cooler day today. It is only supposed to hit 63. I hope that my classroom is cooled off as well-it was so hot last week.

Today it's work, psychiatrist appointment. for difficult child, and a visit to the health club!

I miss my daily naps from the summer!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a peaceful day! Hi if you snuck in!


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Good morning. :coffee:
Rough morning here, I'm still sick from last week, could that have anything to do with standing in the drizzling rain for 2.5 hours yesterday? Probably. Have a great day!
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Linda, So glad you're moving forward!!! I hope kt's mood improves!!!

Beth, I hope you get some much needed sleep!!!

Marg, I hope the weather remains nice...SPRING :flower: - Sounds so NICE!!! Even though I love the Fall, I'm not ready for the winter...

Sharon, It's so nice to hear that difficult child was able to handle not being able to open his locker so nicely!!! Way To Go difficult child :bravo:!!!

Sharon, I hope your classroom is nice and cool!!! Glad you're going to the health club :smile:!!

TM, I hope you get lots of rest today and feel better soon!!!

This morning I have to drop a letter off at the SPED office regarding a Team Meeting for difficult child 2 later this week. I don't know why - I'm unusually nervous about this one. I thought our new SPED director was the best ever until something happened a few weeks ago. Anyway, he is still better than any of the others I've had to deal with. I know he has a reputation for being fair. Time will tell...

I have lots of small errands to do, a bunch of laundry, and a couple of calls to make.

I'm running a bit late - Got to get my workout :smile: in and get MOVING!!!

Hi to anyone who snuck in... I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower: WFEN :flower: :flower:

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Good morning to everyone~

It's a work day today.

I have to call the community college and withdraw difficult child from her classes. Then I have to call her dad and see if he will come up and get her.

difficult child left home last night. We had an ugly fight and she left then came back later for her stuff and medications, (thank God on the medications). Anyway, I have a massive headache today and I'm just worried about her.

She has no money, no job, no prospects, is dropping out of college, no car, no license (it was suspended for one month due to a possession of alcohol by a minor charge).

Anyway, if you all could just keep us in your thoughts, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

I hope you all have a sparkling Monday!

I'm keeping you in my thoughts... At least difficult child took her medications with her - This is one very positive thing...

I hope you feel better soon - It sounds you need some quality "me" time... :bath: :flower:... I hope you can squeeze some in after work today... :smile:...

I think you have to practice the fine art of "detachment" no matter how hard it is... Unfortunately, there is only so much we can do for our difficult children... I know, it's alot easier said than done... :sad:

Sending you lots of cyber hugs and hoping difficult child comes to her senses soon!!! WFEN