Good Monday morning....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts's back to the grind, if you will. :puppet:

    Today is my day of laundry, bill paying & I have an order of groceries being delivered this morning (spent most of yesterday afternoon planning out meals & such for the next week or 2).

    I've been listening to audio books over the past week or so; it's been a godsend in helping me stay awake during the day as I get caught up in the plot while I'm working in the kitchen & such. I don't know that I'd be able to drive long distances but for the daily grind it's helping. All I know is that husband is frustrated walking into the kitchen finding me sound asleep standing up in the kitchen. My body is so very tired all the time it seems.

    Not much on the agenda this week - thank goodness. I have a couple of PT appointments, a few items at the art store to pick up (a frame for my mother in law's special order painting) & a traveling art bag. I'm thinking really organized messenger bag; wood art box - hey maybe go to a hardware store & pick up a tool box. :happyguy: husband loves to make trips to hardware stores.

    Enjoy your Monday. Listen up, difficult children - time to get with the program so take your medications with-o arguing, stop & think & remember your parents love you to the moon & back. Warrior parents, find some time for you today. Don't sweat the small stuff - it's all small stuff after a while.:musicdance:

  2. mrscatinthehat

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    Linda hope you get those things done you want to and if you don't they will be waiting for you later.

    Haven't been to bed yet. Which of course means I am on the confused internal clock cycle again. Gotta love that. Nothing major planned for the day. Just have to make a hotel reservation for the conference I am going to Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of next week.

    Hope everyone that follows has a good day.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Linda-I'm glad you are enjoying the audio books:reading: and that they are keeping you awake-for me when I'm tired nothing keeps me awake. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead. I hope my difficult child hears your ending message!

    Beth-I hope you are getting some serious sleep right now:sleeping:

    As for me I'm feeling a bit like this:bloodshot: due to the long day yesterday and not a lot of sleep. The roads were horrible yesterday and the drive to the wrestling tournament was scary!

    I do have to say husband earned extra points for going back to out in the cold to rent the movies I am showing to my class today (they're doing a comparative essay on the books they just read that are movies) and he is the one who remembered I needed them!

    Today it's back to work. After work I have to take easy child to get a shot and then I'm really hoping to get to the health club.:treadmill:Didn't make it yesterday because of the cold and the roads.

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful, no meltdown Monday!
  4. KTMom91

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    I haven't been to sleep yet...too much thinking...Miss KT has returned from my mother's and has no school tomorrow, so I'll be on full alert all day long. She wants to paint a mural on the garage...I think I'll let her do it. It will keep her busy, and we can't see that side of the garage anyway!
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :beautifulthing: Good Morning on a "No Meltdown Monday!"

    Linda, sounds like you have a lot to do in the house and out of the house - take it easy :angel2:.

    Beth, hope you are sleeping now :sleeping:!

    Monday means "house" around here. I have two small loads of laundry, a little housework, a little grocery shopping, and I will try to get my nails done too! I will be going up to Northern Va tomorrow as my mom is having surgery. She found out a little over a month ago that her carotid artery (which is located in your neck and provides blood to your brain) is 90 to 95% blocked! She found out in a flukie way, and thank G*d she did! She is a walking stroke. My mom is extremely active and healthy. So, she has the surgery tomorrow at 11.

    I can take difficult child to school and still be up there before she goes in. My sister will be there and my aunt, mom's sister, has come up from Charlotte. Mom will need to stay in the hospital overnight, and my aunt is staying there with her.

    I have easy child getting out of school a little early so she can pick up difficult child from school. I told the kids I would be home at bedtime. I thought I would just stay for the day, the surgery should take just a little over an hour and since she will not be going under, the recovery room time should be short and she should be in her room by 1. Even though they are performing surgery on her neck, since they will be temporarily blocking the bloodflow, they want the patient able to respond (though she will be "doped"). Mom was really, really scared at first, but has calmed as she has gotten closer to the surgery date. I think she has been reading more about the blockage and knows she really needs this. My aunt will be staying with mom until she is able to do and drive, about a week they say. There are some positions she should'nt move her neck in.

    So, think about us tomorrow with wishes or prayers that everything goes well and that easy child and difficult child behave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great Monday, and don't forget the No Meltdown part :stopglass:

  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, all.

    It's been somewhat busy today. Took mother in law out "to the mainland" for her blood tests, we did some shopping and headed home. I unloaded urgent stuff then fell asleep, exhausted, before getting up and getting dinner happening.
    Don't know why I'm more tired than usual - might have a bug coming on.

    Tomorrow - chess class at the local school(which could be empty, or could be overcrowded - won't know until I get there) and keeping difficult child 3 working. Plus the gardening bloke we know from church is dropping in to see about cutting down a dead tree which is threatening to take out the fence, the neighbour's sheds and his garage. We've only been trying to get him to look at it for 18 months!

    If he turns up I'll be amazed. His nickname is Wally, as in "Where's Wally?" Worth waiting for, though. Does good work.

    Linda, I'm glad you're enjoying the audio tapes. Can you listen to them in the car?

    Beth, get some sleep. That's an order. You too, Sharon/WO and KTMom.

    MDM, I hope your mother's surgery goes well. Finding it now is a good thing. She could have been having TIAs for quite a while. Sounds like they're putting a stent in (or similar). Amazing what they can do now. She won't know herself.

    I got told today, they usually do liver biopsy with sedation. But I need to be able to drive my car. besides, I don't like what they were going to give me - pain medications of unknown ability (probably not enough for me) plus Medazalam (which I object to vehemently for me, unless they're treating burns). I didn't have sedation last time I had a liver biopsy, I don't see why I should this time. And the doctor seems OK with that. We'll be driving north over the next few days, I hope I'll be OK to travel.

    Should be fun. I don't think. Still, it's gotta be done.