Good Monday morning,

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  1. timer lady

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    friends & :warrior: parents.

    Yup, home from Mayo until Wednesday (possibly sooner). I'll update in WC a bit later. :secret:

    I had lovely weekend - got home on Saturday afternoon with my sister. Sis & I made dinner for husband & kt (who was delighted to have mom & auntie home to pay attention to her). We had a girl's night of popcorn & movies; kt slept on the living room floor, sis on the couch & I in the recliner. Watched chick flicks - the favorite being Sleepless in Seattle. After kt fell asleep, husband, sis & I put together Easter baskets & hid them. Kind of unfair as we knew where are own were & kt had to search. :bigsmile: Fun was had by all.

    husband, god bless him, made dinner last, while I rested up from my trip & all it's going's on. kt ran her own laundry, folded it & put it away.

    Today is to be full of phone calls & naps. The naps are always good.

    Enjoy your Monday - may it be meltdown free. Here's to accomplishing all you set out to do - that your difficult children are in their "stop & think" mode & you find a little bit of me time. :painter:
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    Good Morning! :coffee:

    Linda- It sounds like you had a great weekend. I'll look for your update.

    I came down with an absolutely horrid head cold yesterday. Ugh! I have groceries today and that's about it. Duckie continues to be on edge and difficult. Double ugh.

    Have a great day!:cheers:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning:Good Monday Morning (No Meltdown Monday) Linda and All!!

    Linda, looking forward to hearing the Mayo update. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with sis and your family. Glad to see you this morning.

    We had a lovely weekend as well. Easter Sunday was a really nice day. We had dinner about 4:00. I roasted a chicken for easy child and difficult child and broiled mom and I some nice lamb chops (with a rub of cumin, fresh mint, garlic, salt and pepper). We had new potatoes with fresh parsely and light butter, fresh green beans with almonds, and french bread. I had all the silver, china, and crystal in use. Even difficult child obeyed the formal dining rules! He sat down and put his napkin on his nap and when he was done he asked "may I be excused?" Love it when I don't have to cringe at my kids' manners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    easy child, mom and I sat the table and talked for about an hour after we finished our meal. Then the four of us got under blankets and watched "Enchanted" by the fire in the family room (easy child got the movie for Easter).

    easy child and I are leaving for the gym in about 20 minutes. I want to leave for the beach by noon. Of course, we have had a lovely spring here in central va, but the morning we leave for the beach it's in the low 30's! But, it's getting outa dodge that I'm aiming for!!!

    Wishing everyone a great day and remind those spring breaking difficult children that it's No Meltdown Monday :talkhand:!

  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, all.

    Linda, I look forward to reading your update. I hope you get a relaxing family time while you're home.

    TM, I hope you can shake that cold soon. Rest and take it easy. Could Duckie be coming down with something too?

    Sharon, your Easter sounds lovely. It's good to give our kids practice at eating with manners.

    We're still recovering from our Easter. Our friends from Philadelphia are even now mid-air, winging their way home (at least, their plane is). Yesterday evening we were walking around the Opera House and later, having dinner together.

    Today husband & I met with girlfriend's parents (plus difficult child 1 and girlfriend, of course) to discuss wedding plans. The kids now have a 'to do' list over the next few days, to start the ball rolling.

    I am so tired! I need sleep, but for difficult child 3 tomorrow has to be a school day. husband's sister and family are staying with mother in law, they all spent Easter in Newcastle for highland dance competitions. They got back to our village today, husband & I dropped in at mother in law's this evening to welcome them home. Tomorrow I've promised to take the nieces to the rainforest and the waterfalls nearby, once schoolwork is finished. It is about a half hour drive, there and back. It will be a good incentive for difficult child 3, too.

    Enjoy your Monday.

  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-It sounds like a lovely weekend. I'm glad you got to spend time with your sister. :D

    TM-I hope you are feeling better soon!:sick: I'm sorry Duckie is struggling right now.

    Sharon-Yeah for difficult child's manners!!:bigsmile: Good for you for hitting the club before heading out of town. Enjoy and I hope it warms up for you!

    Marg-Sounds so busy at your house-I hope you are able to sqeeze in a nap.:sleeping:

    Today is our last day of spring break. Other than going to the club and trying to keep difficult child (who is amazingly still asleep) entertained I don't have much on our agenda. Of course, a nap is a must:sleeping:

    husband is still not feeling well and is finally going to call the doctor today about his cough. He has had it since the end of February!

    I hope it is a no meltdown Monday for all of our difficult children:peaceful:

  6. Fran

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    Good Morning all and Happy Belated Easter to those who celebrate.

    Linda, nice to see you home.:i'mback: Glad everyone enjoyed the day together.

    TM, sorry to hear you are sick. :ill: Hope Duckie pulls it together. I always thought that my difficult child was worse with the change of seasons. Not sure why but it seemed that way.

    LDM, love that difficult child used manners.:woohoo: Congrats. Sounds like a great holiday for your family. Enjoy spring break. I drove through Va. yesterday. It is a gorgeous state. One of these days I am going to make it to your neck of the woods.

    Marguerite, sounds like you enjoyed your holiday with friends. I can imagine the wedding plans are pretty exciting. :jumphappy: Best wishes to the happy couple. Hope you do get some rest soon.

    Wiped out good luck with husband and the doctor. :doctor:Seems reasonable amount of time to heal so a visit to the doctor is a good thing. Enjoy the health club. :exercisebike:and your nap. :sleeping: Hope difficult child does well today.

    We returned home from visiting our parents and celebrating Easter dinner together. Fortunately, in laws came to my mom's house and we had one great big dinner. easy child was on spring break in Florida and difficult child chose not to come home so that he could recover from his loooooong first week at work. Now to get him to handle a budget and not buy 8.00 lunches. :why: Hard for him to understand.

    I'm doing the Monday thing of bills and laundry plus the unpacking and getting back on track. The puppies are happy to be in their own home but did do a good job of behaving at the different homes they visited. They got a little pampered by my mom.
    We had a nice visit and I'm happy to be home.

    Hope your difficult child doesn't meltdown today.