Good Monday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    It's hard to believe it's Monday and time to go back to work. I'd like to send the kids to school and have a quiet day just for me! Yesterday our weather was just beautiful! We have one more day of this before it goes back to being not so nice.

    Looks like a long week ahead with lots of appointments not only for my own family but also IEPs for students.

    After work today I'm hoping to be heading to the healthclub:treadmill: For dinner I'm going to make chicken with pasta and a pesto sauce (just the store bought pesto as I need something ready quick).

    Wishing everyone a no meltdown, peaceful Monday.:kisses:

  2. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    Good Morning All

    I rarely have time to say hello during the morning thread, but I'm up extra early today so I thought I'd pop in.

    I have a very busy day and week planned... Today, difficult child 1 has an appointment with the neurologist and an endocrinologist. I cancelled his dentist appointment. this morning because I need to stay home and wait for the GE man to fix our washing machine and unstick the warming drawer of my oven. The drawer is wedged closed due to a cookie tray and I haven't been able to use my pans in over two weeks. While I'm waiting for the GE man I will be working on four IEP meetings this week !!! And because I have so many IEP meetings...I'm going to have to cancel my classes and not work with the kids (And you know how happy the general ed teachers are when the Special Education teachers cancel classes !!! :surprise:

    I hope everyone has a meltdown-free Monday !! It's been raining here for the past 36 hours...We did need the rain, but now the yards are really starting to flood !!

    Sharon-I'm impressed that you already have dinner planned for tonight !!
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    :try2fly: Good Monday Morning! Don't Forget the No Meltdown Part!!

    Sharon, glad you enjoyed the lovely weather over the weekend. Sounds like an extremely busy week for you. It's too early for me to have given dinner a thought!

    I was a total bum this weekend. I took a two hour nap on Saturday! But I had such a crazy busy week last week, guess I needed it. Yesterday we had rain all day - not once did it stop or let up! It will continue today and there have been some issues with high water on some roads and cautions of flash floods today.

    Here's wishing your Monday is bright like spring :flowers:!

  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon (with-o), another busy week in store for you - at least dinner is set for tonight.

    Jannie, sounds like you & Sharon need to get together for a break this weekend - that's way too many IEPs at one time. Good luck.

    Sharon (LDM), as you know I never consider napping to be bumlike behavior. It's called being "self caring"!

    It promises to be a mostly pretty day with temps in the 70's with a few tstorms thrown in just because it's spring. I'll take it!

    kt's IEP mtg is tomorrow. It's a big one so there will not only be school staff in attendance but also mental health CM, CADI manager & in home therapist. We're beginning to make transitional plans for kt - high school & beyond; plans that belong in her IEP already.

    I forgot to place a grocery order yesterday. Soooo......I'm throwing delivery guys off their schedule & will hear about it. Otherwise I take kt & PCA shopping - not always a good thing. I hear comments & requests that I don't have the energy to deal with. It's much easier to order online & pay the $4 delivery fee.

    Have a good Monday. I hope it is indeed meltdown free.
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/Wiped, I'm glad your weather is good. Enjoy it, you all had such an unpleasant winter. Dinner sounds good - I make my own pesto and grow my own basil, including lemon basil. BF2 is allergic to pine nuts, so I have to use cashews instead, in the pesto. tastes good, though!

    Jannie, I hope the technician can fix your oven for you. Have you ever noticed - we never seem to use the warming drawer for anything other than maybe storing oven trays?

    Sharon/LDM, your weekend sounds very relaxed. A wet day is a good day to veg out.

    Linda, I hope the IEP meeting for kt goes well. It's good that you're planning for high school already. They wouldn't let us do that before the last term of the previous year. Utterly stupid.

    We've still got another week of school holidays, but someone at the TV network goofed and the education programs are back on this week. Since difficult child 3 always watches them, he watched them today so I grabbed the chance to suggest he finally finish an English worksheet still outstanding. I bribed him - he was leafing through a favourite cookbook - cakes - so I said, "Let's get your English finished and then we'll make a cake."

    He wanted the really elaborate one, of course, but I managed to persuade him to make our family standby, a chocolate banana cake (I had some overripe bananas needing to be used up) and he chose to do it in three layers with a coffee butter-cream frosting. Because I was helping him (ie stopping him from going into full-blown panic, such as "Where's the milk? Where's THE MILK?" "Son, it's in the fridge, where it always is." "Oh.") I got him to help me prepare dinner - double rack of lamb with mustard and herb crust, and roast vegetables.

    So not only did he get some schoolwork done IN THE HOLIDAYS, he also got a cooking lesson. All in all, a productive way to spend a rainy, cold, autumn day!

    Tomorrow morning the op-shop is open and I need to be there - I'm desperate for a belt, ANY belt, that will hold my jeans up. I'm losing so much weight!


    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.