Good Monday Morning!

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    Happy Labor Day to our US and Canadian members! I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing morning. I made Duckie wake up at 7am today because she's slowly started sleeping until 7:30 or 8 in the morning. This won't do with school starting in a few days. But I've got to say, it is a major improvement over her waking at the crack of dawn or earlier each day.

    We'll be heading out to a local theme park later, Fantasy Island. It promises to be hot and crowded, but Duckie's looking forward to the wave pool. I won't be doing any rides as my joints are way too sore.

    We're down to 48 hours and 15 minutes until her bus for school is here, not that I'm counting. Have a great day! :salute:
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    :labor_day: Happy Labor Day TM and all to follow!

    TM, well I made the effort with little dude.....I went in his room, opened his blinds, sat on his bed and talked to him. But I'm still down here by myself! He's been on the teenage bend this summer and sleeping until 9:30-10, sometimes even 11! I love wave pools!!! I hope you are able to stay cool at the park today - I know that Duckie will have a good time :swimming:!!

    Well, it's Labor Day so there is no labor going on in this house!!! The backpacks are packed, the lunchboxes are already laid on the counter, and the first day of school clothes are waiting in their rooms :teacher:. All is ready........ Today is for relaxing together and watching movies. Another year has past........ The time is going so quickly.......... difficult child just turned 13 and easy child will be 18 in 3.5 weeks! I always get a little weepy at the end of the summer because, first I love summer and the kids being here, and second, it's a symbol of how quickly the years go by!

    I wish a relaxing day for all :peaceful:


  3. Wiped Out

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    Happy Labor Day,

    TM-I know what you mean about waking at the crack of dawn. difficult child too has slowly been sleeping later. In fact, he just woke up (but they got in late around 1 something this morning). Have fun at Fantasy Island! I'd be with Duckie at the wave pool-I love them. I actually remember as a very young girl (4 or 5 maybe 6) going to Fantasy Island with my parents and grandma (she is still in Buffalo). We had a great time-no wave pool at that time though.

    One last day of summer for me. I'm hoping to get to the health club and the pool-it's suppose to be 88 today and humid. We do have to get difficult child to the eye glass place as it figures on the last day of camp he lost his glasses. Tonight I'm grilling brats for dinner-it's a Labor Day tradition!

    Wishing everyone a fun and relaxing day!:peaceful:
  4. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-You snuck in on me-enjoy your movie watching day-it would be my husband's perfect idea of the way to end summer!
  5. jannie

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    Good Morning All--

    TM-the wave pool sounds like a perfect way to end the summer. I hope she has fun :D. Good idea to get her waking up early. We're having the same thing going on here.

    We have very little planned for the day....almost a bit boring. Hopefully I can talk the boys into going to the pool for a couple of hours. If they had it their way they'd be on electronics all day...

    School started last week for us... my older difficult child started middle school and difficult child is now in third grade. They both did quite well for the first week of school....everyone was up on time and all homeowrk was completed! ;)Personally I'm quite anxious for the year....but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    I did end my week by spending some time with work friends hanging out and having some drinks/food. It was great to get out.....

    I hope everyone has a peaceful day....
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    Labor Day, huh? I just looked it up - it seems a very Australian concept, a public holiday celebrating the concept of public holidays! I'm surprised we haven't got something like it... hang on, I think we have.

    TM, I hope Duckie enjoys the wave pool - I wish they'd had those when I was young enough (and fit enough) to enjoy them. I can sympathise with the sore joints.

    Sharon/LDM, you sound well-prepared for the new school year. Enjoy your well-earned day of rest.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy the pool and the gym. It figures, with kids and losing glasses right at the worst possible time. Got to chuckle at "grilling brats" - it's what I have done, when the kids come in late and I want to find out where they've been!

    Jannie, enjoy your quiet day. We don't get enough of them.

    After being out and about yesterday, difficult child 3 & I had a quiet day today. This afternoon mother in law & I had doctor's appointments but the doctor was running so late I didn't get everything dealt with that I needed, so I need to go back. I also need to see my specialists again (so does mother in law) which is a pest.

    It was remarkably warm today, lovely for the first day of spring. girlfriend came for dinner this afternoon - a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, we were heading out as she was heading in. I had left difficult child 3 at home, which was good. But poor girlfriend - we were cars passing, at the highway! But it was good to see her (when I finally got home a few hours later). Also husband was bringing home the printer's proofs of the wedding invitations and other papers, so she was there with difficult child 1 to approve it all. Tomorrow it gets printed and from there, everything swings into action.

    A good thing, too - we need to know numbers.

    And I just realised - we haven't got an RSVP date on the invites! Whoops!

    Enjoy your Monday - I've got a bit of organisation to do tomorrow.

  7. Andy

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    :labor_day:GOOD MORNING ALL!:labor_day:

    Tired Mommy - What a great end of Summer for Duckie - I hope all goes well and you both can stay cool.

    Little Dudes Mom - If today is hot and windy like yesterday, I think we may just do a movie day also. Good job of organizing the 1st day of school.

    Wiped Out - Is there an eye glass place open on Labor Day? Stay cool - sounds like our weather. difficult child wanted to grill hamburgers yesterday until I reminded him that the grill was broken again - we seem to have a hard time finding the right size electric grills to replace it.

    Jannine - I am happy for you that the 1st week of school started so well - mine did also! Here's to a year full of cooperative kids getting homework done. (We can dream for a few more days can't we? LOL)

    Marg - Sounds like a busy time for your household. I am glad Spring is arriving for you. As you warm up, we will be chilling down. I hope you don't get too hot and we don't get too cold.

    husband was at the bad sister in law's yesterday and today. He may be home early afternoon and I might go into work - tommorrow at work will be a challenge - difficult child has a head cold coming on and had an aura this morning (I think the 1st since February). He better stay healthy for school - I need to be at work tomorrow! - I put down on my time sheet that I would be working 6 hours. Oh well, if I can't get in then I can't get in. I need to go grocery shopping also for the week.

    Have a GREAT day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh today.
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  8. susiestar

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    Sounds like you all have quite a bit planned. I am doing some cleaning and then hoping to do some stitching and watch a movie with the family. If the kids and husband helpwith the cleaning then I will go get a new (cheap) movie. Might try those red box $1 rentals - has anyone here tried them?

    TM - I hope you enjoy the theme park. The wave pool sounds lovely. Our city pool closed before school started, so no swimming for us. Our Y is just not very nice, and is veddy veddy spensive.

    Wiped - I hope you can get glasses for difficult child with-o breaking the bank. Enjoy your brats - those sound rEALLY good. Maybe I will get some and take to my dad's house for dinner. Mom is gone, so we might pop in and surprise him.

    Jannie - enjoy a peaceful day. I am glad the first week of school went well. My youngest is also in 3rd grade. hard to believe he is that old. I am glad you got to go out with friends for a bit at the end of the week.

    Marg - sorry you have to go back to the doctor. I hope he can help with whatever is going on (for both you and mother in law). Sounds like the wedding planning is going well - good tihng you caught the RSVP date.

    Adrianne - I hope difficult child isn't getting sick - that is no fun for anyone. We had a bug go through us the 2nd week of school. Have fun grocery shopping, hope you find some yummies.
  9. Fran

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    Happy Labor Day everyone.
    We are doing our "labor" for the day and getting some chores out of the way while keeping an eye on the weather channel. So far so good on Galveston Island. Hope all keep safe from the storm and flooding.

    We spent last night watching Madmen and hope to finish up season 2 later today.

    It's a little less humid than yesterday and very sunny. A beautiful day so far.