Good Monday Morning

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    Good Morning my friends,

    Wow-another weekend has come and gone. The game Saturday was amazing, my team was down 19-0 after the first half, we looked horrible and I was already preparing in my mind what I would have to wear due the bet with my students. In the second half it was a different team and we won! Lots of fun but I did manage to lose my voice due to cheering. Really though it had been almost gone before we went.

    Back to work today. This afternoon we have difficult child's iep. I'm not sure what to expect at the middle school level. After that we ave an in-home appointment and at some point I really need to get to the health club. Traveling football weekends are horrible for eating! Of course, I don't work out either!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    :D Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!

    Hi Sharon, hopefully all that jumping up and down and cheering burned some calories :tongue:. Changing difficult child's IEP in middle school was basically the same as elementary. The only thing was that I wanted input from teachers where he had a Learning Disability (LD). It was important that I knew what was going to be required out of him in 6th grade so that we could discuss accoms if needed. This year my only conern is English - she seems really tough and that is where his Learning Disability (LD) is!

    I'm still working on pricing for the yard sale! Everything in the Florida room that was gathered all summer is priced and sorted with the exception of clothes on hangers. I have about 10 more items to hang. I have two clothes racks full of clothes and I need to price them - then all the inside stuff is done. On tap for this morning, after exercise class, is the garage (I did the kid's old bikes and scooters and a few lawn chairs that were in the shed this weekend). The garage was always bonehead's territory. A two car garage that has never housed a car! I'm going to take a pad of post-it notes out there and just mark everything I think can be sold. When he comes over this evening I'm going to ask him to just go back and make sure that's everything. I think he will be cooperative since I will have done the prework! This has been a lot of work, but I've really sorted through the house!!

    Wishing you all a meltdown free Monday!

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, family.

    Sharon/WO, It sounds like a very thrilling game. I love it when a team comes back like that - it doesn't matter who you barrack for, it's just so riveting when this happens. I hope the IEP meeting goes well today.

    Sharon/LDM, your garage sale sounds very organised. I hope it goes well. I love garage sales! I'm going to the op-shop tomorrow with difficult child 3, to find him a good dress shirt to go with his new suit. Because it's school holidays for us, he will be able to come along without fretting over missing his work time.

    Yesterday was hot to begin with, unusual for so early in spring but typical weather for the warmer days here. However, apparently it was the hottest day we've had since October 6 last year - which means that it was hotter than most of spring last year, ALL of last summer and since. I knew we'd had a mild summer last year, I didn't think it was THAT bad!

    I've had a long, tiring but productive day. It wasn't a good night, although I've had worse lately. difficult child 3 & I were out the door early to meet girlfriend. We collected her and drove her to her parents' place so she could get the parcel that arrives late last week - the top to her wedding dress! We're making the skirt, but needed the top so we could match some fabric to it.
    So girlfriend & I went straight to a fabric shop nearby which has a great reputation for having a wide range of fabric at good prices. We finally found some likely possibilities and got swatches. We had at least two more stores to check before we confirm our choice, though. Because this area is also one of Sydney's Chinatowns, I grabbed the chance to stock up on some supplies.
    We then rushed back closer to home, I had to see the GP to discuss my last thyroid ultrasound results. By this time girlfriend had the beginnings of a migraine, so she stayed resting in the car. I took over an hour, so she got a good rest (comfortable car). difficult child 3 is good at staying quiet - I sometimes have to pull over and rest, I get very tired some days.
    So girlfriend was not well enough to continue shopping, so I dropped her home then went to my second doctor appointment - my thyroid specialist. He's an old mate, a classmate of my former GP and both former 'students' of mine from when I worked in the medication school. So this specialist has now told me, I have to have another biopsy. He'll call me a few days after it's done.

    So I headed off to book the fine needle biopsy (it's done in the radiology clinic, under ultrasound). It's a worry when a big clinic like this recognises you when you walk in!

    After that, it was mid-afternoon and we still hadn't had lunch. We were at the mall, I dropped in on easy child 2/difficult child 2 to let her know we were in the area, then headed off to check out the next fabric shop (on behalf of girlfriend). I was glad she had gone home to rest - the shop was a waste of time. So there's one more to go, that has promise. Another day.
    After that - grocery shopping, bits and pieces here and there. Every time I went back to the car I could feel the cold wind that has been a relief after yesterday's warmth.
    By the time my shopping got around to fruit and vegetables, easy child 2/difficult child 2 was getting off work. She joined me for the rest of the tasks, finishing off grocery shopping and finally getting to buying a suit for difficult child 3, to wear to difficult child 1 & girlfriend's wedding in six weeks' time.
    It was half an hour to closing, easy child 2/difficult child 2 took me to the same store that makes school uniforms for all the local children. difficult child 3 is very thin, very difficult to fit. He's also beginning to get tall - he's my height now, still has a lot of growing to do.
    But this place is miraculous - because they fit schoolkids, they're used to odd shapes and sizes. They found a black suit that is loose on difficult child 3 but still looks good. The pants will stay up well, with a belt alone. No need for alterations.
    By five minutes to closing, we'd bought a suit, a pair of shoes and a belt. I still had one more thing to buy from the shop next door and they were shutting the doors. They let me in, I found what I wanted, paid cash and was out the door before closing. After that we collected BF2 and I dropped him and easy child 2/difficult child 2 home to their flat, along with their shopping.

    A long, tiring but productive day! husband has been a darling and finished cooking dinner for me, he's brought me my food while I've been typing this.

    I want to get to bed early tonight, I think I need a good rest!

    Enjoy your Monday.

  4. Jena

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    jumping in quick........good morning guys! :)

    Sharon good luck with iep today

    Sharon........good luck with garage sales, oh how i love them. id rather shop there than a mall im so attracted to other peoples stuff lol

    marg - you need some sleep that day what you did i'm tired just reading it lol glad u had a good day.

    Jen :)
  5. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon (with-o), the game Saturday had to be a nail biter. Especially at half time. :fan:

    Sharon (ldm), lot of work for the garage sale, I know that feeling when you're finished though.

    Marg, phew/whew, what a day. What a sweetie your husband. Get some rest.

    jennifer, good morning - hope you have a good day.

    "hi" to anyone who snuck in.

    It's Monday & the beginning of a new week. Several appts on the calendar (many here at home, thank goodness). I need to make a quick run to pharmacy & grocery this morning & get back here to straighten the house. CADI & mental health case manager are doing that bi-annual review for the tweedles. The one that takes the most time is the risk management plan. It's a bear to review each year.

    It's a rainy cool morning & will remain cool today. Lots of birds (feeding frenzy actually) back in my bird sanctuary. You can tell the change of seasons by the number of birds in my back yard. Lots of cardinals this year.

    Hope your day is all you've planned & you find a reason to smile today. :happyguy: