Good Monday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Wow-the weekend just seemed to have flown by. It was a nice one but I feel I could use another day of sleep. I'm still having trouble with my voice even though I'm using the microphone at work so I'm thinking of actually calling the doctor today.

    After work we have a staffing on difficult child and the plan tonight is to go to the health club. At least dinner just needs to be heated (I made homemade chicken soup over the weekend and it's left overs-in fact-tomorrow is leftovers too as yesterday I made lasagna-I love when meals are already cooked).

    Wishing everyone a day filled with no meltdowns-remember it's a no meltdown Monday!:kisses:
  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All I hope everyone has a great no melt down day
    I will write more in another thread after the school bus comes
    Thanks for the welcomes Hugs Rabbit
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :coldday: Ok, it's not quite that cold yet, but it's 36 this morning! I went to throw the covers off and "whoooooaaa". You bet I've got my fire on this morning. I broke down and started the gas fireplace on Saturday night - it feels great with my coffee this morning.

    Good Morning Sharon, sorry your voice is still not better. I agree that you need to check with the doctor - it's been going on too long! I made soup this weekend too!! When the cool weather arrives, it's soup time! I made a huge pot of vegetable soup (so big in fact, that I have two additional frozen freezer bags full as well as plenty for tonight and another day this week in the fridge.). We're having it for dinner tonight as well.

    Rabbit, glad you are back with us this morning! Hope your day is a good one.

    Monday means busy, but home busy. I've got the gym at 9:30, then a quick run to the grocer, then home for laundry and other home stuff. I seem to keep really busy on Monday here at the house.

    I hope your Monday is good one and that your kids remember our monday motto :alien:

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  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, your soup sounds wonderful ~ I bet I have makings for chicken soup here.

    Rabbit, good to see (meet) you.

    Sharon (ldm), Monday's always seem to be busy for you ~ a good busy, clean laundry & groceries in the house.

    The tweedle family got home from our mini vacation to a cabin up north mid afternoon yesterday. It was a wonderful time away. The leaves were beautiful. The nights were pitch black we were so far out in the country. The small lake we were on had 6 bald eagles (that I could count) & I lost track of the number of loons. The loon calls were haunting.

    I spent the majority of the weekend painting, while kt fished, ran with Sally through the woods & played computer games. husband worked on guitar & taking photos. He has some beautiful pictures. There was no television reception (we watched old Sherlock Holme's DVDs one night) so the TV remained off. The only radio reception was Wisconsin Public Radio. It was a true vacation from what was going on around the world.

    That's enough ~ have to get kt going for school; she's dragging this morning.

    Have a good day.
  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, you might have to take time off work. Even with the microphone, it's still using your voice too much.

    Rabbit, good to see you back on the morning thread. I sent you a PM.

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like you have your usual busy day ahead.

    Linda, your mini-break sounds like it was wonderful. difficult child 1 would have especially loved to see your eagles. If there were so many, then the food must be plentiful for them. They do fish, don't they?

    I'm a bit late tonight - we just got back from a meeting with the caterer for the wedding. girlfriend's mother was along for this one, she's an organiser who wanted to also be heavily involved. I'd invited her to dinner, so I was madly cooking, tidying and getting everything ready so we could eat as soon as husband walked in the door.
    My legs and hips are really sore from the last few days' activity - shopping in the city on Saturday for my new 5" high heels, then climbing up to the tops of the neo-Gothic towers of Sydney University yesterday (Sunday) to see the organ loft and then the carillon. And wouldn't you know it? The caterer lives on the side of a cliff which we had to scale, to get to the bottom level of their three-story house. OK, the views during the day are spectacular, but visiting on a stormy night peppered with hail storms (thankfully we were arriving and leaving between storms) was a bit tricky.

    Tomorrow I'm heading out early to check out caterers with easy child 2/difficult child 2. Also at the same time we need to get easy child 2/difficult child 2's new-ish laptop computer checked out - it's suddenly developed amnesia, it can't find its operating system files.

    On the way home I need to buy more herb seedlings - I offered to supply the caterer with fresh herbs from my garden. I'm also making several litres of Bearnaise sauce for the reception. Would you believe - it's going to cost us only about $7 a head! That's Aussie dollars, too.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding plans are in complete contrast at the moment. Starting price for what she wants is in the vicinity of A$120 a head, minimum of 100 guests. That's just for catering only, for stand-up cocktail nibbles - the price goes up from there. Forget it, kiddo. Hate to think what they charge for a sit-down menu.

    Enjoy your Monday.

  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wiped Out - Sorry your voice is still so weak. I hope the doctor can help. Having meals lined up for a few days sure helps make facing the week easier.

    Rabbit - Have a great day!

    Little Dude's Mom - Hope you get everything done you plan to.

    Timer - Your vacation sounds awesome. What a great weekend. I think the leaves are brighter and richer this year than last. It really has been a beautiful fall.

    I am back to work after four days off. It has been a great long weekend. Still trying to figure out how to quit my job and still get that pay check. Why do people have to tell Human Resources if I don't come to work? LOL

    We have been downsized so much these last few years. Our facility has also been split with each branch going its own way. Lots of layoffs and hard decisions for our employees. And with most layoffs, many hard ones. We did have one employee throughout it that was able to retire under the best of circumstances. she was so happy those last 6 months as she counted down her days. I loved watching her and listening to her relief that this was going to happen before the layoffs. This was about 3 - 4 years ago. Another co-worker ran into her last week and they made lunch plans that include me! So, today I go to lunch with a friend I have not seen for awhile.

    difficult child also has bowling after school again. He wants to walk. I think I will just meet him there. When I asked about how I was to know if he got there safely, he just said he would be safe, I don't need to check. I think by the time I get used to this, it will be too difficult to walk with snow on the ground (no sidewalk and a very busy road).

    The Sunday School kids loved the pumpkin lanterns. So did the Jr High. I ran out so need to try to locate some more when I go to Fargo on Friday. For opening devotion, I asked them if they knew what my favorite commandment was - I laughed at every single kid who has had me in the past raised their hand and was excited to answer. The music staff were surprised. I had difficult child read the commandment and its meaning. "Honor your father and mother." I love teaching that one - my kids don't follow it often but I hope the other kids will.

    Everyone have a great No-Meltdown Monday - Find a way to make your difficult child laugh!
  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Marg - You snuck in on me. It is amazing how expensive catering is. I hope your kids are able to find something within the budget. You weren't wearing those new shoes yesterday were you? A lot of climbing/walking this weekend. Hope you can find time to recoup before getting too busy with the catering.

    Have a great day tomorrow.
  8. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Nope. I wore the new shoes on Saturday after I bought them but didn't walk too far in them. I didn't wear them on Sunday - I let my feet rest as much as possible. I'll save wearing them for when my hips and legs feel better.

    I'm glad your pumpkin lanterns went well. Here in Australia, a lot of churches view anything Halloween as really bad and campaign against it. The thought of having something Halloween-y in church would horrify them!

  9. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Our church would also not do anything Halloweeny - we do celebrate All Saints Day and let kids dress up in non-satanic and violent outfits. Our nearby Catholic church does seem to allow satanc outfits. I was surprised to see almost all their kids dressed in Harry Potter costumes one year. I like the books/movies but wouldn't think of letting my kids represent witchcraft in a christian church event. I am one of those who hates halloween and do avoid it at all cost. I do just the very basic to allow the kids to join their friend's activities. The lanterns were part of a Sunday School lesson so I was able to present them as lanterns (because we can't do torches - some people have no sense of adventure. LOL) with no mention of Halloween except for the fact they could keep theirs for trick or treating to stay safe after dark.
  10. Pookybear66

    Pookybear66 New Member

    Wow had to go back and catch up on everything since Saturday! The weekend went by really fast.
    Marg-the organ playing/church/carillon thng sounded so lovely. The little boy's question was so funny(difficult child-like). I can just see the lady picking her jaw up. Too cool!

    Whomever (sharon?) was making cookies and watching kids-FUN! I have to make muffins for easy child to bring for preschool snack tomorrow.

    Seems like everyone went pumpkin picking over the weekend. I cna't believe I was ahead of the crowd and went LAST weekend. I'M NEVER FIRST AT ANYTHING! LOL!

    Welcome to Rabbit!

    UPDATE: My ds's dr called and he is being scheduled for EEG on WED morn to check if he is having absence seizures. I hope he is okay with this and things go well. I really dont want him to be having them (and don't think he is) but I know that it will answer some questions. Please cross your fingers for me. Thanks! Still trying to find someone to do the full neuropsychologist evaluation.

    Oh by the way, had a fun 'tickle fight' with ds last night. So we were both smiling and laughing-I love those rare moments! Happy Monday to all!