Good Monday morning ....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Good morning all.

    Monday's tend to hit harder as I get older. I'm up & moving earlier but my body protests.

    Other than in home therapy for kt 2x this week, there are no demands on my time. I expect that could change very quickly.

    Second quarter begins at school today; with that, kt begins her first mainstream class since 3rd grade. That's 6 years folks ~ she's so excited. I hope the positive excitement hangs on & the anxiety stays at bay.

    husband has had the crud since last Thursday ~ you would think the man was in labor or some such thing. The whining ~ it's driving me up a wall. I told him last night if he were that ill & in pain, he belonged in the hospital & I was calling 911. At least that stopped the non stop whining. I'm not used to that out of an adult. (I really think the man is on the mend - he's just milking this for all it's worth.)

    Have a good day friends. Hope all is calm today.

  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning Friends! hope
    everyone has a great day! Hugs
  3. trinityroyal

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    Good morning all!

    Linda--I'm glad to hear that you don't have too much on your plate this week and hope that your schedule stays mild. Wow! What an achievement for kt. I hope that her mainstream class goes well, and am sending positive thoughts her way.

    Rabbit--nice to see you.

    Yay! I just saw husband off for the first day of his new job. I handed him his little red lunch bag, and waved from the living room window. His job is 3 towns away, so he needs to catch the 6:20 train in order to be on time for an 8:30 start.

    husband has been out of work for nearly a year. His last job ended in December 2007, so I think he's more than ready to start again. I know the client he's working for and they're a great bunch of people, so I hope he finds his feet and gets along well there.

    Happy Monday everyone.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :thanksgiving2: Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!!!!

    Linda, I hear ya on the body protesting! I took two of easy child's water fitness classes and my "seating area" and upper arms are a tad sore this morning. I'm glad you've got a clean slate this week - last week was real busy for you. Good luck to kt today!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes - it's great that she's excited.

    Rabbit, good morning - good day to you as well.

    Trinity, great to hear from you on the morning thread! Maybe you will be fixing breakfast and lunch for husband now and join us in the morning! I'm sure husband feels great about finally finding employment - couldn't have come at a better time for your family! What did you decide about your dancing?

    I'm beginning my two weeks of working at the office every day while our secretary is out for her Jamaca wedding. The kids have been talked to about pitching in around here since I won't have the time I usually do to get things done around the house. I will still do my time at the gym on M,W,F; just go in after that. I told bonehead that I really knew it was important for me to help at the office, but my gym-time was nonnegotiable!!!!

    Wishing everyone a great Monday - no meltdowns are allowed :919Mad:

  5. trinityroyal

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    Good morning Sharon!
    I used to be up at this hour, but rushing to get to my own job. It's kind of nice to have a completely quiet house in which to putter around. I think I'll check in here more often.

    As for the dancing, I am waiting until husband sees his first paycheque. Then I will know what we're dealing with and will make a decision appropriately. Somehow, I don't think I'll be going back to the Studio, much as it breaks my heart. When I really looked at the costs and realized that my dance lessons cost double the family's grocery budget, I just couldn't rationalize the expense.

    I might try to find a series of Salsa Dance DVDs and keep up with it at home. We'll see...
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, folk.

    Linda, I hope the mainstream stuff goes well for kt. As for husband - I agree about the hospital. Best place, if you're really sick. If you're not really sick - deal with it yourself and belt up is good advice for him.

    Rabbit, good to see you're on board.

    Trinity, congrats on husband for the job. And even a long train trip is better than a stop-start car trip. You can read the newspaper on the train.

    Sharon/LDM, good luck with juggling the gym and the extra workload.

    What a day! I had an appointment for 4 pm today for difficult child 3 to have his photo taken for a newspaper article on the research project on oxytocin, then I had my evening appointment for MRI at a nearby hospital. In between there I planned to supervise some schoolwork, do my roots, make some phone calls and get some rest.
    But it was difficult child 1's monthly day off and he was using the time to track down some long boots to buy for the wedding. And floundering. Once I started to help we got an address and phone number. difficult child 1 was going to order stuff online (because he hates making phone calls and tends to not think of doing so) but I rang them instead, talked to them and found some cheaper, faster options. So instead of staying home, difficult child 1 wanted me along as we headed out of the city to a country saddlery. He ended up buying half his wedding outfit and ordering more - nothing like planning, folks. After all, we still have more than a week... on Saturday (a week to go by then) he will be back there with his groomsmen to get their boots.

    We got back with barely enough time to do my hair then jump in the car for the drive to the city. I hadn't reminded husband that we were coming in and we were ringing the bell for the dock door while he had already left by the front door. Luckily he walked past the dock door on his way out and saw us!

    I got home still with a lot to do, I'm just finishing off and it's still too close to midnight. In the morning I am collecting easy child 2/difficult child 2 at 8.30 am to go look at reception places for her and also a circus/children's party company that wants to hire her. Tomorrow evening we meet with the caterer for difficult child 1's wedding, with final plans. I haven't even checked my 'to do' list to see if there's anything left I should be doing.

    On Wednesday I have my X-rays (assuming nothing goes wrong HIS time) then difficult child 3's drama class. Somewhere in there I have to get some shopping done. Thursday evening girlfriend needs to have her wedding dress fitting.

    Busy, busy...

    I enjoyed the MRI tonight. I was able to sleep.

    Enjoy your Monday, folks.

  7. Andy

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    Timer - I hope husband is getting over the crud. I also hope KT has a great 1st day of 2nd quarter in mainstream classes! YEAH!

    Rabbit - I hope you have a fantastic day today!

    Trinity - I hope your husband enjoys his new job.

    Little Dude's Mom - Here's to the strength to get through extra hours at work. I don't know that I could work full time for two weeks. I really appreciate my 4 hour days.

    Marg - Pace yourself as those last minute to dos tend to come fast and furious. Go over every detail tommorrow to make sure you have not forgotten anything.

    I will work two hours today, however being a Monday, may end up working up to three? Sounds like I am not needed for school lunch and recess so will spend the time doing errands. The leader of the kids at King's Kids has asked me to watch the kids tonight. She will have the snacks ready and not sure when/if she can make it tonight.

    Everyone have a great day today. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh!

  8. Jena

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    Good morning everyone!:coffee:

    Timer - I hope kt has a good experience back at school!! Keep us posted, that's a very big deal :)

    And yes men are quite funny, aren't they?? Can you imagine if they had to give birth?? LOL ( I hope he gets better soon and doesn't pass it on either)
    I hope you get take your time today and take it easy.

    Trinity - I hope he likes his new job. Yes, it can be quite the novelty being home alone when your used to rushing off. Enjoy the time you now have, the dvd's sound like a great idea. Don't be too discouraged with the dance classes, it'll all even out eventually for you guys. :)

    Rabbit - Have a great, calm day!

    Marg - Ok you enjoying the MRI so you could sleep? LOL You realy are far too busy!!! Try to take a deep breath adn find some quiet you time. Roots are absolutely no fun!!! I'm letting my highlights grow out it's quite the interesting look LOL

    Andy - Enjoy your few hours at work! And also good luck tonight!! Have a great day.

    Sharon - Good luck at gym! A Jamaica wedding, wow that sounds sooo nice. Try to have a good day.

    Me, i'm drinking my coffee difficult child has had a cold past few days. She never gets sick. We aren't sure why yet last time was pre-k!! sometimes I think it was all the medications somehow built up her immune system. So, i wanted to send her to school today she's never been absent yet (late a whole lot) yet she's realy acting like she's miserable complaining about her stomach, her nose stuffed up, her throat's a little red.

    So, I'm going to take her to the dr. I can't tell today if she's playing me, or if she's truly sick. I guess we'll find out!!! This is usually boyfriend's and my day to spend together while kids are in school and i'm not working yet. We'll just have to do lunch with difficult child. WE have all the kid tonight so it'll be a crazy night of homework and kids running around. :)

    Have a great day everyone!!!:dance:
  9. Fran

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    Good Monday morning all. :sleeping: Some mornings I wish I could sleep all day.

    Timer, good luck for Kt. and her first mainstream class. Fingers crossed that she connects with some of the kids. :goodluck: Too bad husband isn't feeling well. Life is hard on all of us.

    Adrianne, hope you are productive on your few hours at work. What sort of work do you do(if I may ask) that is a few hours at a time?

    Marguerite, wow but you are a bundle of activity. Sounds like there is big excitement growing for the wedding. Very exciting stuff.
    Take care of yourself so that you don't wear down. I bet difficult child 3 was very proud of having his photo taken.

    Trinity, how cute about sending husband off to work. :bravo:Good luck to him. I'm sure he is pleased and nervous. Beginnings are scary sometimes. Too bad about the dance classes but I'm sure you will find a way to continue with your hobby in a less expensive way.

    Hi Rabbit, have a peaceful, hopeful day.

    LDM, good for you for keeping exercise a priority. It's the only way I could have stuck it out too. Hope the kids pitch in.

    I am going to take easy child to the airport in a bit for his trip home. It's always lovely to have him home. We miss him but he needs to follow his own path whatever that is. I got to feed him and fuss over him a bit. Makes me feel better. Took him out for a pair of work shoes on sale. He is incredibly grateful now that he is paying for everything on his own. :check_writer:

    The difference in the relationships between us as parents and our two son's really makes difficult child's social and emotional superficiality apparent. It's all about him 90% of the time. :crying: The more adult he is chronologically, the more obvious it is that he is out of step with average. He is loved and we will try to direct him but there are limits.

    Have a productive Monday everyone.