Good Monday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Good Morning Friends,

    It's nice to have a Monday where I don't have to get up and go to work! We have a relatively quiet day planned. husband and I are going to meet a couple of friends for lunch, I think difficult child will be tagging along too. I plan on a visit to the health club and, of course, a nap! Later easy child has a psychiatrist appointment. It will be nice to have some positive news to share.

    Weird weather here, it's suppose to hit 40 today which is warm for us and then go back to cold tomorrow. Much of our snow is gone due to the warm temps and rain we had on Saturday.

    Wishing everyon a peaceful day!:peaceful:
  2. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    :rudolph: Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!!!!!

    Sharon, difficult child said to me last night, "aww, Christmas break is half over!" He's counting the days! Have a nice lunch today and a good nap! Our temps are crazy too - actually we are going to be about the same as you today but we hit 74 degrees yesterday!

    I'm meeting my cousin at 9:30 this morning - I'm going to try and get a deal on a new car lease - I've narrowed it down to 2 vehicles and it's a matter of who gives me the best deal.

    After that, difficult child and I are going to see Marley and Me. He has the afternoon planned! We went to the grocers yesterday and he picked out frozen pizza for when we get back from the movie!

    I hope your day is a good one!

  3. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    good morning. I'm accessing via my cell phone & its new for me to navigate. I don't know yet how to scroll while typing to address each person. for me a very busy day. court for easy child being victim gosh been going to court monthly & more now coming up on 4 years & still no trial date. suspect remains free on bond. then to my rheumy 2 hours away right on one of the flooded rivers here. I'm still shaking my head in awe of all our bizarre record breaking weather here. in one week.....35 below zero w wind chill........many ice storms...massive blizzrds & snow....thunderstorms tornados record breaking warm 62 record breaking floods. I posted on watercooler the other day. so weird. have a wonderful monday everyone
  4. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Monday morning Wiped out and LDM. We are having weird weather too. Way too warm. I saw buds on one of our trees. Ugh!

    Sharon, have a nice lunch with your friends. It's good that you have a chance to socialize with husband and other adults.

    LDM, how cool about the car. It's always fun to figure out the best deal.

    easy child and I drove to Orlando yesterday. We had to add on 3 extra hours due to high traffic volume. I guess all the floridians who went up north for family visits for Christmas were coming home. All the snowbirds left the cold to head south and all the folks up north who decided to go to Florida for a week were all on the road together. It moved the whole time but not very fast. Worst road trip yet for me in terms of traffic.

    difficult child is watching over my mom and the dogs. I am calling everytime medications are due on Honeysue and to remind him to let them out. Meanwhile mom is a little spacey too. I'll be glad to get home this afternoon.

    Have a good Monday.
  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folks. Late again - our movie marathon tonight was "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" which difficult child 3 actually stayed and watched with us. He's in the shower right now, another very late night for him.

    I had my cleaner here today, I work alongside him to get more done. husband went shopping but his car broke down, so most of his errands were not done. We've talked it over, we have to go out tomorrow or most of his holiday projects won't be done.

    After the cleaner finished I did some pharmacy shopping then took difficult child 3 to the beach. It was overcast, cool when the clouds were over and searingly hot when the sun briefly came out. I decided not to swim but instead found a lovely spot on top of the rock shelf but covered in deep, white sand. I could stay there comfortably stretched out on my towel, let the warm sand warm my bones and still watch difficult child 3 while he played. He didn't want to stay more than an hour; he got cold too quickly.

    I baked a couple of brioches for the nieces to eat while we watched the movie tonight. Maybe more tomorrow - I'm baking a lot of bread while they're staying with us. We have a lot of movies to get through. Their education has been sadly neglected!

    So tomorrow we go out to get some shopping done. Maybe some swimming if we get home early enough, then more movies. Tomorrow will be much hotter so the beach will be welcome.

    Enjoy your Monday.

  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wiped Out - Enjoy your quiet day and especially a positive psychiatrist appointment.

    Little Dude's Mom - Good luck on car shopping and enjoy the movie.

    Dreamer - Have safe travels in the flood zone. Was the cell phone a Christmas gift?

    Fran - Safe travels home. I hope you don't get any unexpected unwanted surprises upon arrival home.

    It is coooooolllllldddddd here. 9 degrees with wind chill -14 so warmer than a week ago. I am going to drive 2 hours to see my parents today. With winter storm watch in effect late tonight, I don't think I will be able to see my sister for very long before heading home. I need to start back about the time she arrives. She may not go facing the winter weather drive home tomorrow. She was going to stay overnight.

    I went into work for 3 hours last night. It was so nice to have those hours of uninterrupted work.

    Everyone have a great day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Marg - you snuck in on me. Sounds like you had a very nice day except for husband's vehicle troubles. I hope he can catch up on his to do list tomorrow. I am looking for a breadmaker for my difficult child. My mom says she may have a recipie book for us and she can go over the basics of how to use a machine. She doesn't have one anymore.

  8. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Bread machines should come with the instruction book plus recipes. I buy bread mix in bulk and store it in a big plastic tub with lock-down seals. I've played with the recipes a bit and have fun with it. Definitely worth it, as long as you do keep making bread and leave the thing out. If you put it away, you will never want to get it out to use it.

  9. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Ah, so that is how to spell "recipe". Why do I have such a hard time with that word? Too many e's and thinking there are two i's?

    Anyway, thank you Marge. My difficult child has been begging for a bread machine for awhile now. He wanted one for Christmas. My sister tells me they are easy to use but I am still a little hesitant to put the money into one not really knowing how it works.

    If I make sure we have the ingredients on hand, difficult child will keep it going. He loves to cook. I can see it now, come summer for us, he will have a grilled lunch with fresh bread on the side ready for me when I get home from work. We need to purchase a new grill also - difficult child wore ours out last summer. Hard to find an electric one but they are so much safer than charcoal and propane.

    One of my friends told me she uses her breadmaker to only make the dough and then cooks it in the oven - she likes it better that way.

  10. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    Good morning everyone!

    Adrianne, I've owned a bread machine for many years and use it at least once a week and sometimes more. Like your friend, I put all the ingredients in the bread machine pan (liquids on the bottom, solids on top, salt away from the yeast, yeast near the sugar) and set it to "dough only." After the dough has been kneaded and allowed to rise (usually in 1.5 hours), I take it out of the bread machine, roll it out and shape it into a loaf that I bake in my oven. Yum!
  11. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone!
    Wow, what a variety of responses here, appropros for the lives we live.
    Between car buying and horrendous weather, and court dates, you all take my breath away.
    I asked for a bread machine for Christmas and it's the only thing I didn't get. Frankly, I think I've way too much to do anyway so I'll wait for the next holiday, LOL!
    difficult child had a friend over last night. We ran out of clonidine so I have to pick it up soon. Problem is, I don't want to leave difficult child and his friend here alone. easy child was going to be here all a.m., and got a phonecall asking why she wasn't at her babysitting job, so I got her out of bed. Sigh.
    I'm going to paint the DR again today ... wrong color ...
    Someone please take these dark chocolate Lindor Truffles away from me!!!!