Good Monday morning.....

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  1. timer lady

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    As I recall Monday is no meltdown Monday....hard to remember these things most days. :D

    :coffee: gulping down hmj ~ can't sleep anyhow, but if I fall asleep now I won't wake in time to get kt off to school. She rarely, if ever, hears her alarm.

    Feeling some pain this early morning, couldn't get comfortable so I've been up working on various & sundry projects. One of them is NOT taxes though I need to get going on that little item on my list of to do's.

    kt & I had a quiet weekend together ~ mostly working in the same room on different projects. She's fascinated with Native American art & has been sketching out a bead work project. I'm doing my usual - sketching for my next painting. I rec'd new sheet music I had ordered & spent a bit of time practicing. It's always fun to get new music. Working in a bit of physical therapy that I've been assigned to do in between.

    It's to be a busy week ~ Monday & Friday being the only days I have nothing scheduled. So today I must run out & attend to a few errands & items on my list, then come home & crash (or nap) before kt gets home from school.

    Here's to a good Monday! Cooperative difficult children & all that. :coffee2::highvoltage::rofl::rolleyes:

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    Linda, the beadwork sounds interesting. It's good that you and kt both have art as an outlet. Can you each sit and work side by side on your own projects on a regular basis? It would be good for you to do this often, it can stimulate each of you in your own directions. Maybe bring in other people too? Start a local art club.

    As I type this I have the fan cooling the room down while a summer storm is rumbling in. I just took some stuff out to the car for tomorrow, and the lightning was really bright. I've made a big salad for us to all share.

    Today I saw the neurologist, he checked out my joints and spine to see what's happening with nerve roots etc. He thinks prednisone is "snake oil" and I need to be careful. However, I'm taking advantage of the drop in pain, to cut back on analgesic levels.

    After seeing the doctor I met up with easy child 2/difficult child 2 and we did some shopping. We've got some things to organise for the wedding, but didn't achieve much today.

    Tomorrow we're going to visit her wedding reception place, taking BF2 with us; he hasn't seen it yet. We're hoping to lock in some of the arrangements such as decorations, other frills, cake etc. We've got a small window then we have to be back for a doctor's appointment for easy child 2/difficult child 2. I'm also hoping to meet up with daughter in law so we can pay difficult child 1's Centrelink bill (the Aussie Social Security system). They overpaid him and want their money back. We thought it would be a good idea to sort that out before he calls them to ask for his pension to be reinstated.

    That thunder is getting loud. It's been a hot day today, I'm wearing a thin cotton dress and still feeling so hot I might go outside in the rain (as long as it doesn't begin to hail!) Meanwhile husband is carving the lamb roast I've just cooked. It's a bit late for dinner, already past 8.30 pm, but it was a bigger roast than I realised when I put it on to cook. It also means we have leftover roast lamb for dinner tomorrow night. We'll be later than usual because difficult child 3 has his drama class and there's no point us going home, only to drive back out again. Half an hour each way, to get home and back.

    Time to go eat. And dance in the rain. Enjoy your Monday.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :sleeping: Good No Meltdown Monday (you are right Linda, let's hope the kids get the message too!)

    Linda, sorry you are up early with pain. Hope you get that sleep in later.

    Marg, love lamb and love summer evening rain - I vote on dancing in the rain tonight!!

    Getting ready to head out the door for class. Few things on tap today - run to the grocer, return something to costco, 2 small loads of laundry and some paperwork. difficult child has his therapist appointment this afternoon. Haven't seen her since early December.

    Fabulous news in our house - easy child got accepted into the School of Arts at the university that was her first choice!! Highly competitive art foundation program. There were almost 30,000 applicants for about 3,500 spots university-wide, and only 30 spots for photography and film!! She got the letter on Saturday and, let me tell you, she must have run around the house screaming for 20 minutes!!!!!!!

    Wishing everyone a great Monday!

  4. Janna

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    Good morning ladies,

    Linda, D never hears his alarm either. I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable. Enjoy your day today.

    Marg, I love the rain too! Didn't the neurologist have anything else to offer you? Hope everything is okay. I'm glad you're having some of the pain eased.

    Sharon, how totally great for easy child!! Congratulations to her! I'm sure you're very proud!

    I am off on a road trip today (about 2 hours) to tour the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) we're considering for D. I chose not to bring him with me because I need time. Quiet. I have questions that need answered and I must have my eyes open. Not focused on an ADHD child that asks the most oddball questions and distracts me LOL! God love him anyway....

    I had a list compiled of 54 questions. Um, therapist thought that was a little much and I should lower it ha, so, I combined them of sorts and knocked it down to 20. 20's good.

    I have a few other errands to run if there's time today. If not I'll get to it tomorrow. Won't get to do my 3 miles this morning, it'll have to wait until the afternoon.

    Hope everyone enjoys their day.
  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm glad you had a quiet weekend. I hope you get some rest in before kt gets back from school.

    Marg-I wish I could ship some of our cold weather your way and you could ship some warm weather my way. Then, maybe we could both enjoy some moderate temps! Sounds like a busy day ahead for you tomorrow.

    Sharon-Congratulations to easy child!! How very exciting for her and all of you. Tell her that this board auntie is proud and happy for her!

    Janna-I hope you are able to enjoy some of that quiet time in the car. You deserve some quiet time. I hope the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) is a good match for D.

    It's cold here this morning-only 1 degree and I can't seem to find my gloves anywhere. We had over 6 inches of snow Saturday so winter is still here.

    We had a relaxing weekend with difficult child at respite. He, however, did not. As bad as I felt for him, I told him I hope next month he made a good choice to enjoy the weekend.

    It's back to work today-I don't feel ready but that's just the way it is. No appts. on the calendar today (the only day this week besides Friday) and I'm hoping to maybe get to the club. We'll see though, because I didn't get a good night's sleep-either the start of a cold or some allergies but I swear I went through a box of kleenex. I might just come home and crash.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day, hi if you snuck in:peaceful:
  6. Fran

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    Good Monday morning all. It's clear, sunny and pretty cold but it promises to warm up. I have several cardinals munching at the bird feeder this morning. I'm not ready for summer but I do love to watch the trees and flowers start to bud. The daffodils are really unfurling and getting ready for some warmer weather to bloom.

    Linda, it's great that you are nurturing your artistic side. I'm sure it's a good balance with all the nuts and bolts that go into being a mom of two difficult kids.

    Janna, quiet is good. No matter how prepared you are, it's always a worry about the right decision for our kids. I always ask myself "what does my child need?" and "who does this decision serve?". It's sort of my own self monitoring test. If I can answer those honestly then I know I am on the right path. Good luck today.

    LDM, excellent news for easy child. What a great way to start her future. She wanted something and she went for it. Excellent. Congratulations to easy child and you for all your encouragement and support. Tell her I said "well done". :bravo:

    Marguerite, I like the idea of dancing in the rain. Oppressive heat is tough to live with. I can't imagine roasting a lamb in that heat but a salad sounds good.
    I can imagine that there is worry about too much prednisone but the other side is too much pain medication. It's a balancing act. I'm glad you have gotten some relief.

    Mondays usually mean laundry and mail/bills. I had a bit of a head start yesterday so I'm on by way. I do have a few errands to run while Honeysue gets her chemo. It's too far to return home and go back to pick her up. I suspect it will be a long day for her this trip.

    difficult child did a 90% good job while we were gone. I am deducting some money for not following the "to do" list exactly but he doesn't even ask for the money promised. It doesn't matter to him. He just wants that when he needs money for gas he has it. Hopefully, the folks who are going to provide services will be in touch this week. He will be getting a new medication routine next week from his new doctor. Yay!!!! Fingers crossed.

    Well it's time to get going. Have a good Monday and don't let them see you sweat.
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Sorry, wiped out. I missed you somehow.
    It's great that you have had a restful weekend. difficult child is responsible for his own pleasant time. It's not something we can give them. It's not something they can blame us for either.
    Hope you start to see some spring like weather soon. You guys up north have pretty long winters.
    Hope you feel better soon.
  8. Good morning, everyone! I was out of town last week and now have to catch up with everybody here again. Things are going OK here -- cross fingers! Hope everyone has a good day.