Good Monday Morning!

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  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    I'm off to work in the Middle School today... I'm sure it will be interesting. :hammer:

    Duckie is quite tired from this weekend and grumpy this morning but compliant so far. May it last...

    Have a great day! :salute:
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    G'day on a beautiful Monday evening.

    TM, I hope Duckie stays compliant but loses the grumps. Enjoy your Middle School session.

    We've had a day at home today. After my work in the vegetable bed yesterday, it rained last night 9watering everything in). Then it rained again this evening, quite heavy at times. It has settled to a light, warm rain - just what I need. I did forget to cover up the vegetable bed and the chooks got to it, but I don't think they ate any seedlings. I'll have a more careful look in the morning. difficult child 3 & I rushed out and set up the bird net cover. It's a raised vegetable bed, husband built it out of hardwood railway sleepers and we filled it with enriched compost from the chookhouse. On Saturday we topped it up with some fresh manure and more compost. I think the chooks were enjoying the freshly turned earth. I also planted some vegetables into large pots, also 'seeded' with more concentrated manure. I had a look this afternoon, I'm sure the bell peppers have visibly grown.

    This morning I had another conference call from the school, we've got a meeting on Friday coming from the call today. PLus we're going in to the school on Wednesday, so this week is busy. easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 want me to take them to the wedding celebrant on Wednesday evening. She's an old friend of mine, which is why they want me to set up the appointment. But I may have left it too late tonight. I won't be too heartbroken if we're too late for this week, Wednesday will be a long day, with the school stuff as well.

    Tonight I tried a new variation on an old recipe of my mother's - fried oysters. I flour them, egg them and crumb them, then shallow-fry them. My mother's special trick was to use crushed rice bubbles for the crumbs. Tonight I added freshly toasted, crushed cashews to the crushed rice bubbles, and served them with bearnaise sauce.
    Then, because husband won't even eat oysters when fried, I did some pre-cooked frozen prawns (shrimp) so he could taste it and see what he thought.


    I know it sounds fiddly, but if you pat the seafood dry on paper towel first, and use small dishes and handle it carefully, it's easy, minimal mess and fairly quick.

    Northern hemisphere summer is coming in - get ready for your seafood snacks, people!

  3. Happy Monday All,

    TM, I hope that Duckie loses her "grumpies" and that work at the middle school goes well!I agree with you that it sounds interesting, but I hope not too interesting!

    Marg, the veggie garden sounds great. Maybe the chooks didn't do any serious damage to it. I hope that school goes well, and that you find some quiet moments in your busy week! The oysters with bearnaise sound wickedly delicious....Now that I have oysters on my mind I might just have to get an oyster po'boy at the Cajun place around the corner for lunch. I know that those oysters won't be as good as yours, though.

    This will be a busy week for us as well. difficult child needs to turn in his Senior Project this week, and I suspect that it is no where near completion. I had a meeting with the principal a couple of weeks ago to see if he will be held back from graduation if he doesn't finish his work on the Project. She assured me that he wouldn't. He has become fiercely independent, and doesn't want our assistance with any of his work. In a way, this is a good thing, but the problem is that he really does need assistance. One of husband's employees has agreed to mentor difficult child and this has helped some, but a lot of things still drop through the cracks.

    This makes me worry about college next year. We went to a evening reception for accepted students last week and are scheduled for a full day meeting in couple of months for difficult child to register and take placement exams. I guess this is really happening, and it is very scary....

    I am scheduled to do a telephonic mediation today, with a client who lives in NYC. This is a new technique at my job, and we do it to save folks from traveling so far. We use "telephone conference" rooms. It's a bit of a challenge to mediate when you can't see folk's faces, but I've had some limited success with it. Wish we luck!

    I hope that everyone has a peaceful day today, with some relaxing moments for themselves...

  4. Andy

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    Tired - I hope Duckie gets back into the school routine any second now.

    Marg - Planting your vegetable garden is a nice way to start the week. I hope there didn't get too much rain.

    I just put difficult child's caramel rolls in the oven. He was going to make 2 batches and split into 4 half pans for me to take to work. His 2nd batch did not turn out. We think it may not have gotten the water added? It turned out a little heavy and grainy. He says he is certain he put everything else in but can not remember the water. He just made the 1st batch so it may be hard to remember which batch he added what for. That was 8:00 last night - way too late for him to make another so I will take two pans into work. Maybe later this week he can make the other two pans for the other two units.

    It started raining here yesterday afternoon and I don't think it has stopped. It was so nice to hear the rain and wind last night. However, with it comes flooding. Our basement bathroom has flooded and our driveway is under more water than normal. We do have a drain for the driveway but that is still frozen. I hate wet feet! I drive in and out of the garage to avoid the flooding every Spring.

    Our town doesn't "flood" but those around and rural roads do. The radio states we are at record flood stage this year. So weird to have such an intense cold/bad winter and such a very early Spring. I didn't think it was warming up fast enough to flood like this. I kept the cell phone with me because I will be out of town on Thursday. I worry about husband on these roads this week. He now does not have a cell because I need it before he gets back. We need a third phone.

    On taps this week: difficult child has bowling after school and Firearms Safety Training tonight. Chiropractor Wednesday after school. He goes to Psychiatrist Thursday morning and Firearms Safery again Thursday night. Then on Friday, he has eye appointment late morning and Psychologist in the early afternoon. I will take him with to my sign language class on Tuesday night. He can not be home alone for awhile with his anxiety on the rise.

    difficult child feels he is getting worse each day. Thursday will not be here fast enough! I hate putting him through this misery. I want to make sure we are not missing anything and that he has the right medications.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.

  5. Andy

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    One Day - You snuck in on me! I hope your telephone meeting goes well. Good luck to difficult child on the senior project and college process.