Good Monday Morning

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  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    I hope to get back to sleep for an hour after posting this... I hate potty breaks in the wee hours!

    Duckie goes back to school today after spring break. We did pretty well by taking things day by day... she had one rather miserable day after a sleepover. She doesn't do missed sleep well. :winks:

    Our weather has turned cold and rainy; perfect for a Monday. My day consists of laundry, light housework and groceries. Duckie starts swim lessons this afternoon so she can start to learn some strokes.

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    TM-I'm glad the break went well (except for after the sleepover-as a teacher I can often tell which students had sleepovers or didn't get enough sleep). I hope Duckie enjoys her swim lessons.

    We are cold and rainy today too but our rain started yesterday, more specifically when I was in the middle of a 4 mile walk with our dog! Lots of fun-not! Besides the 4 mile walk I also had a great workout at the club yesterday!

    I'm hoping the rain stops enough for the kiddos to get outside for recess.

    After work I have an appointment. with a sports medicine doctor to hopefully find out what is going on with my knees. Many days any time I am going up or down a flight of stairs or going to a sitting or standing position I get sharp pains in my knees. A couple of times it hurt so much I crawled up the stairs. I'm guessing my cartilage (sp?) is wearing away and that I'll need pt-yuck-I don't have time for anymore appts.

    Tonight husband and I are suppose to go to the club for a work out, it's a weights and cardio day for me toda.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. Andy

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    Tired - I hope Duckie enjoys getting back to the school routine.

    Wiped Out - Yes, the kids seem to need their outdoors break these days. The energy in the halls at our school scream spring fever.

    I have to look at my schedule today and talk to the teachers. I don't know if there is 2nd grade social studies or not. I am hoping not but since there were basically no classes Friday afternoon due to the funeral, they may have M - W - F social studies instead of T - Th. difficult child has a dentist appointment Wed morning and therapist and psychiatrist appointment Friday afternoon so I will not be able to help those days. I think I need to bow out today also to get the pharmacy and lab bills sent in.

    husband is turkey hunting. He called last night to ask about the weather. I had only heard dry until Saturday and of course after telling him that I later watched the weather report to find icky today. Oh well, it is but one day only.

    difficult child seemed a tad better yesterday so the medications must be starting to work. He bowled yesterday (couldn't get hold of his bowling buddy so we went alone). As he started, he said, "It's turkey season!" Then after a few double strikes without the third (we call them wounded turkeys), I told him he better practice on his shots. He had many strikes and spares but usually followed up by gutter balls. However, he still made his average so somethings did work for him.

    I hope all have a great day! Find a way to make your kids laugh.

  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    TM, easy child 2/difficult child 2 has never been good when she misses sleep either. Sorry your washing day is wet - hope you have a good dryer!

    Sharon/WO, a four mile walk with a wet dog - I can smell it now! I hope you can get some helpful answers with your knees. You might need to change the sort of exercise you do, to ease the strain.

    Andy, difficult child 3 has been nagging me to organise a bowling party with all the autistic/Aspie kids in the social group. Possibly on the weekend, but it IS Anzac Day and I do need to avoid booking anything for that day. And the turkey hunting - you wouldn't have to go far here, I reckon most of the Dept of Ed district office here are turkeys, your husband is welcome to shoot the lot, as far as I'm concerned.

    I am still very tired, hoping to have another early night tonight (assuming I can get to sleep!). It's the second week of our school holidays but we're still busy.

    Today we had an afternoon appointment in the city to get the report on difficult child 3, the neuropsychologist report. Because it's a long trip for us, I gave difficult child 3 plenty of warning about our planned departure time and suggested he use the time to finish his assessment task. Amazingly, after about an hour or so of gaming, he did go to the computer with little reminding and finished the work all bt himself. I was so pleased! Mind you, I don't know if he's done a decent job of it, but from what I have seen I think he's done as well as he can do, without someone sitting beside him talking him through areas where he needs to answer the questions in more detail. HE thinks he's done it right, which for an assessment task is what is required.

    The neuropsychologist report - I need to post deparately. No surprises, just vindication from an expert and some useful material for the school's SpEd to get working on. One interesting thing - she said that even at difficult child 3's age, he needs to be playing computer games like Zoombini because it's brilliant for assisting the development of executive skills, an area where he really needs a lot of work now. He scores in the top 1-5% for academic stuff requiring memory and problem-solving, but bottom of the pile for executive functioning and abstract reasoning. He will make progress but we need to give as much help now as we can, throw everything at him.

    So on the way home we headed to our favourite computer shop to ask about the latest version of Zoombinis - to find we already have it and yes, it's too old to run on our new computer.
    Since we were in the area, we stopped by the Chinese grocery shops in the same area and stocked up. Bought some barbecued pork strips too, difficult child 3 & I were nibbling those on the way home. I'm bering a bit naughty on my diet, I also bought some custard tarts. husband loves them and the shop in that area makes lovely ones, still warm from the oven. I stopped in at the butcher in the Chinatown area too, and because the meat prices are set according to supply and demand I was able to buy some strictly European/Western cuts of meat ridiculously cheaply. It's crazy - all the recipes I was raised on, the "poverty food" of my childhood where we make some delicious casseroles from forgotten scraps discarded by the wealthy; all these cuts of meat are now so sought after that we can no longer afford to buy them. Except here - osso bucco at half the price we normally pay. Of course the cuts so loved by the Chinese community were a bit beyond my budget, but I get those cheaply in our neck of the woods, where the market is set by more European tastes. I just wish the Chinese community ate more lamb, so I could get some cheap lamb shanks!

    I bought a boiler chook as well, so tonight difficult child 3 helped me set up the crock pot so I can make a batch of Chinese-style chicken stock. It should be just perfect by morning! Imagine - waking up to the smell of fresh chicken stock, flavoured just a little with fresh ginger, star anise and Szechuan pepper! Tomorrow night I'll throw in some fresh vegetables from the garden, chopped chicken meat and some frozen wontons I bought tonight also.

    It's cold here, tonight was windy, rainy and cold. Not full-on winter cold, but I'm not out dancing in THIS rain! I'm still wearing my summer cotton dress, but with warm leggings, socks and thick cardigan. Tomorrow will be much the same, so having some chicken soup available will be lovely. Probably help me get my diet back on track, too.

    difficult child 3 sees the Occupational Therapist (OT) tomorrow for a typing test, for our special provisions application for his exams later in the year. We're also having a serious talk to difficult child 1 and daughter in law about the finance situation. Somewhere in there, more shopping at the mall.

    It's a matter of planning it all so it happens with a minimum of effort. At least tomorrow I don't have to drive into the city, it's all regional.

    Then on Wednesday - a day at home, to teach difficult child 3 how to make osso bucco. THat's going to involve teaching him to identify the herbs and vegetables we're growing - how to identify them by look and smell, and how to chop them for the sauce in the dish. How do I motivate him? Quid pro quo... works every time!

    Enjoy your Monday.

  5. artana

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    Good morning all!

    TM - Sounds like break was good. We have nasty gray weather too.

    WO - I hope the doctor finds out what is wrong with your knees. I have lock up problems with them, and I know that it is a severe pain. Be careful during your workout.

    Andy - Not same time today! You beat me. Sounds like your difficult child is pretty good at bowling. Even when I was in the league, I did not get many turkeys.:/

    Marg - The chicken stock sounds lovely. I really miss having Chinatown nearby. The city I live in now doesn't have one, and there really is nothing like it.

    I have to meet with difficult child's teacher today. He got an E in Reading because he refuses to do centers (he has issues with anything that requires writing) he has an IEP for writing, and I'm not sure why the teachers have not brought up solutions yet.:/ Now that he has a bad grade, they all jump to help. All his other grades went up. I could see how much effort he has been making.

    There are days when I am tempted to move him back to an easier school. He is smart enough to just cruise through most of his schooling. But, i worry about other types of behavior problems.