Good Monday Morning

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    Good Morning Sleepyheads!

    difficult child had a great time at respite this weekend (other than the two nights right before he fell asleep, he called in tears asking to be picked up, I think this is becoming his regular M.O.).

    This morning we have to leave, in just a bit, to take difficult child to camp. Then easy child has a psychiatrist appointment. I'm hoping to also get my workout in this morning and then to the pool this afternoon. difficult child has a therapist appointment. after camp. I think husband might take him to that this afternoon. Plus, I never did the grocery shopping or meal planning, guess that falls to today now.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. SearchingForRainbows

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    Sharon (WO),

    I hope your morning goes quickly and smoothly and you have a relaxing afternoon by the pool.

    I think you deserve a bit of a break this evening - What about take-out or even dinner out?

    I'm going to get my running shoes on, go for a quick jog, and then take easy child to the beach.

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... SFR
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    Morning everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend.

    We finally arrived at Bluebell on Saturday around 2.30pm, a little later than planned due to heavy congestion on the Highway. For about an hour, we moved at 10km/ph which was very frustrating. However, we did arrive safely.
    Cherub travelled well, and we stopped for toileting along the way.

    On first coming into the stone cottage, it looked very dirty and unloved. The previous tenant just left a big mess. I didn't plan on bringing garbage bags, etc. but I did bring disinfectant, broom, and rags for cleaning.

    We wiped down the mattresses that were left here, and swept the very dusty floors. I used wet rags to wipe down the window sills etc. and we found an old mop to wet down the floors, as sweeping was making us wheeze. disinfectant spread about made it smell a little fresher.

    I looked at the sink, piled with yukky dirty dishes and rubbish. What to do, roll up the sleeves and get into it. First I cleaned around it, wiping down the bench surface. Then Little Cherub offered to wash the dishes (Thank you Lord!) she had no compunction about the germs, I guess she's used to such awful messes. So, I said, go ahead, and let her. It doesn't matter that I'm going to throw all the dishes out anyways , She felt useful.

    DS alternated between interest and boredom, so I sent him looking for wood so that I could start the fire. Would you believe, he came back and said he couldn't find any!!! We live in the middle of the National Forest, with more trees than a woods, and he couldn't find anything!! i held my piece/peace and sent him looking again... he found a few twigs.... Honestly, what do you do with such a boy! Different environments do unsettle him somewhat, though he is getting better.

    daughter worked hard at mopping her floor and getting her bed organised in the loft, and then sweeping downstairs. Then begged to be allowed to go for a walk. She came back all excited about the views, and this and that... and begged me to go walking. I'm so glad that I felt well enough to do so, though I was struggling after a bit. We walked and looked, and walked and looked, the views are panoramic.

    Then we went looking at the sheds again. There is a treasure trove to look at there... I hope they leave this, or that, and if that works....

    daughter was dreaming, and working out her stables, and a riding path and all manner of things. Cherub was wanting to take photos and look here and there too. till she fell and scraped her knee. My how her cries echoed! She wasn't too badly hurt though.

    Time flew,we stayed the whole weekend, apart from Church and fellowship. The owners didn't come to visit until late Sunday afternoon. We went to our Church Minister for dinner, and their visitors wanted to have a Barby, so they bought the meat and made the salads. we were late, so they'd finsihed. they saved us some - kangaroo would you believe. Now I've never tried kangaroo, and didn't want to, but how could I not? It's not so bad, more like a beef steak. It's just, well, have they been raised properly, or is it wild? The wild ones reputedly are full of worms, etc. Well, I guess I won't die from one serve, will I?

    We stayed and played some games. Occupation was one of them, have you played it? then we teased the visitors with the doubles game. It was after 10.30pm when we got back, and the road is a little hairy in the dark.

    The house seemed more homely for a little attention, but it as a long ways to go before it's nice and clean like I'd like it.

    There is a huge chandelier in the lounge area, which will be relocated to the pig sty (a la "Country Practice" style) It's just a little out of place for the atmosphere I want to create.

    There are a lot of kerosene lamps hanging about too, which I hope work.

    The solar is good enough for the lights, for which I am grateful.

    After opening all the windows to let in some fresh air, we hastened to close some to keep out the cool air in the morning.

    Little Cherub had a doctor's appointment today. Apparently I am doing plenty right, as her tummy felt better. She is still talking abotu a 1-2 week hospital stay to check the toileting issues. I am considering finding someting more natural than Movical and experimenting with that, she is sick of drinking the stuff, and I question how much good it is doing her.
    School starts for her tomorrow and I then intend to start a round of proper assessments and get some theapy started. Starting with the educational psychologist hopefully; eye, ears tests etc.

    Well, that's enough from me for now. I should go to bed, a busy week ahead.
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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, sounds like another busy day planned.

    SFR, enjoy the beach. A run sounds lovely.

    Trish, the new place sounds delightful. Good for cherub, washing the dishes for you. Don't throw them out - A clean dish is a clean dish. If you must, then turn them into a mosaic for the garden.
    I had to chuckle at your misgivings over kangaroo. Don't worry about worms; I'm not sure what infestations they do get, but none in the muscle tissues. Any worms would only be in the GI tract and not in farmed roo. Usually what the butchers sell is just kangaroo rump, usually grey roo. It's better for you than beef, it's leaner and higher in iron. I use it in stir-fries, it makes a fabulous stir-fry with black bean sauce, or szechuan style.
    Good luck with all the assessments for Little Cherub.

    I went shopping with mother in law today. She has a badly swollen knee and I'm still short on energy from whooping cough and the broken rib, so we were quite a pair. easy child 2/difficult child 2 went home sick from work and met up with us, wanted me to drive her to the highway clinic (since our GP has taken off for the school holidays). We got a lot of little fiddly bits of shopping done and what with ingredients already at home, I'm going to be getting some cooking done tomorrow.
    difficult child 3 did some work on his assessment task while I was out; I'm going to get him working more tomorrow.
    The medications arrived today including melatonin (expensive!) which difficult child 3 isn't happy about taking. I'm going to talk to him about this tomorrow, we don't want to "do our dough". But he also has the right to make these decisions himself.

    I'm looking forward to a quietish day at home tomorrow, I might try and get difficult child 3 to help me cooking. It's fun stuff - sausage rolls and maybe some baklava.

    Enjoy your Monday everyone.