Good Monday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    I'm about to hop in the shower and get Duckie up for her 1st day of girl scout day camp. I hope she gets moving easy and has fun... four other girls from our troop will be there.

    Other than that... I have 2 birthday gifts to buy and grocery shopping. And cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning!

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Monday.

    TM, enjoy that shower. You've just reminded me to go make sure our electric booster for the solar hot water is switched on - we need an extra shot of juice in winter. Good luck getting Duckie moving. Maybe the incentive of meeting up with friends will do the trick.

    I spent a lot of the morning making phone calls on behalf of easy child 2/difficult child 2 to various industrial relations government groups. We've got a lot of crud dealt with and now have a couple of directions for her to go. She's going to wait until Thursday when she has her next day off. Until then she has to keep her head down at work, document everything and not react at all to anything her boss says or does. I've got a couple of calls to make in the morning (legal advice on her behalf, finding out what she can rely on and if the planned mode of action is advisable). It's getting nast for her at work but it still could turn around, if head office does what they're supposed to. Thursday will also work to give them as much time as possible to act on what they already have.

    Other than that - I had to see my specialist but also needed a new referral so I squeezed in an appointment with my GP beforehand. She asked how I was going, I said my rib was feeling a lot better, it only twinges if I try to do something the wrong way (such as pulling up weeds or sawing branches of mother in law's hibiscus tree). The doctor looked horrified - she warned me that my rib is still healing, it's only a few weeks and it will break again if I push my luck.
    The specialist - I filled him in on recent health events (such as the prednisone and the whooping cough) in case it was relevant. He's happy with my progress - I've got 6 months before I have to go back unless there are problems in the meantime.
    On the way (long drive each way) I went through my iPod library for songs to give the choir next practice. I still can't sing in my upper register without it triggering a coughing fit - a blasted nuisance. It's been over 10 weeks now - I strongly recommend you consider getting your adult immunisations for whooping cough. This is NOT nice... I am so glad we didn't give it to mother in law, she would have been in serious trouble.

    I came up with a bribe option for difficult child 3 to do his maths. He's willing to do it but getting started is a problem. However, I bought a 3 Kg bag of M&Ms. Yes, 3 Kg! I put about a third of it into a gum ball machine I have. We have a jar of coins and he's permitted to put in ONE coin for each section of Maths he completes. So today, he got an entire week's worth of maths done and has eaten a modest amount of M&Ms. It's sufficiently different that it seems to overcome his inertia problems.

    We'll see what tomorrow brings. husband will be home, we have some garden work to do (on top of my phone calls). I have a couple of trees that urgently need the white oil treatment. No pesticides, but the white oil to suffocate scale and aphids, mainly. Plus more hibiscus to cut and then remove so mother in law won't know how much we've removed from her tree. At least not until it begins to sprout for spring, I hope...

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  3. Wiped Out

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    TM-I hope Duckie has a great time at girl scout camp. I remember going as a child and loving it. You have a busy schedule today, try to find some quiet "me" time for yourself.

    Marg-Sounds like you had a very busy Monday. Take it easy on those ribs of yours!! I hope things turn around at easy child's job, it sounds like a terrible situation. Good for you for getting difficult child 3 to happily do his math work:)

    This morning easy child starts driver's ed class. She does not seem at all excited but figures it's something she has to do. Interesting as most kids can't wait to learn. We could have had her start about 6 months ago but she showed no interest, never once asked and since she was struggling so much more at the time we didn't push it.

    While she's at class difficult child will probably opt to come with us to the health club-really need to get there today as we didn't get there all weekend due to being out of town.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  4. therese005us

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    Well, hello everyone, and I hope your Monday isn't too hectic.
    It seemed to be morning very quickly, and very very cold. I'm sure we were in the minuses again. My fingers were fairly frozen.
    I had an extra child overnight, another German Student who was having trouble at her host family. So, she stayed over and I had to work out how to get her to school, since it was in the opposite direction. I had prepared all the lunches last night, and put the breakfast bowls and cerreal out before going to bed.
    I got up early, and slowly roused everyone else.
    DS had to go to work, cherub to school, and GSx2 to schools in opposite directions, and DD12 to her dance school for two exams. Wow! I was tired just thinking about it.
    So, the morning went well at least. Everyone was on time or early.
    daughter's exam was running late, I went to visit a lady who is rather depressed. Tried to cheer her up, then visited with an 88 year old lady who's getting feeble and feeling down about it.
    inbetween, cherub's school rings to say she's soiled x 100!!! and no clothes left. It was not in the plan to pick people up early, so I had to work out what to do about daughter who hadn't done her 2nd exam yet and would be finished first. Decided to get cherub, pointed out to the school there were actually clean clothes in her bag! Nevermind, took her home,showered and fed her afternoon tea, then started the pick up of everyone else.
    Dropped DS off to home, asking him to keep an eye on the roast. He let it burn, and burn and burn, and didn't remove from the heat. Why is that? I don't know, but it made me cross.
    Picked up GS#2 and took cherub to doctor. She is going to refer us to a psychologist, did full examination and will see us again next week.
    Picked up daughter, had her violin retuned and came home to burn offerings.
    Salvaged burnt offerings, added nice veges and called it dinner.
    GS#2 is moving from her host family as they are terrible drunks. So I have an extra student until they find a new placement.
    Tomorrow my aunt and uncle arrive for six days. So, I have to do a lot of rearranging to accommdate 8 people in a house designed for 2/3!
    This is the short version!

    I did say to DD12, I sometimes long for the days when it was just the two of us, and relatively uncomplicated.
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    TM, I hope Duckie has lots of fun at girl scout camp. Sounds like a busy day for you - Hope the cleaning goes quickly!!!

    Marg, Please be careful!!! Take care of that rib!!! I love the new incentive you have for difficult child 3 - It sounds like it would work with difficult child 2 - He loves M&Ms and is fascinated by gumball machines.

    The forecast calls for thunderstorms AGAIN. However, this morning the sun is shining:sunny:!!! I'm thinking about waking easy child up and heading to the beach for a few hours. We've had so little sunshine this summer that I'm actually thinking of skipping my morning jog, doing the banking, errands later in the day, etc., and just packing a lunch, throwing on a swimsuit, and heading to the ocean...

    As always, I hope everyone has a reason to laugh or at least smile today...:coffee::beach::beautifulthing:... SFR
  6. Andy

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    Tired - I hope Duckie likes her GS Day Camp. I directed a three day one when Diva was younger - it was so much fun!

    Marge - Listen to the docs about your rib. It is one of those things that will feel good while it finishes healing. Pamper it longer than you think you should.

    It may be an interesting day today. Once difficult child is up, he will go to the neighbor's home. He has instructions not to answer the door or the phone this morning. His bowling buddy's mom has not paid Diva for babysitting and was told that we are unable to watch him this week while Diva is out of town. I wouldn't put it past her to try to drop him off anyway and difficult child should not have to deal with that. All I can say is that she better make sure her son gets into our house (can't the door will be locked) before driving away if she just drops him off. Ugh, that makes me so mad because she NEVER tells us the correct time he is coming so how does she know we are really home?

    He was suppose to be here on Fri am but after I asked her to pay Diva on Friday, he never showed up. His mom went into creditor aversion once I called to find out why he didn't show up and tell her that Diva NEEDS to get paid. "My husband is out of town and I won't be home until 7:30!" She never refers to her husband as "my husband". Sounds like a story she would give to bill collectors. The boy also told his mom that difficult child beat him up - not true and the neighbor girl was with difficult child the entire day this was suppose to have happened so I have a witness that it did not.

    Bowling buddy wants to go to a baseball game this coming Sat. If they ask again, I will have to tell them, "No, you did not pay Diva so I had to borrow her money for her trip. I don't have extra money for a game now."

    People who do not pay for daycare are so insulting their kids - sending the message that their care is not important. That should be top priority with other sacrifices made to make sure your kid is taken care of.

    My cell phone's message pad went blank. It still sends and receives calls, but I can't use it otherwise since I can't see what it is doing. So, that has to go in today.

    I will call and cancel Friday's shoulder appointment. since I haven't had further problems in about two weeks.

    I have to drop off difficult child's school enrollment forms.

    I hope that is it. I think I will be making a list when I get to work so I don't forget anything.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  7. Andy

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    Wow - lots of sneaker inners today!

    Wiped Out - I also know a few kids that have no interest in driving. It is good that they learn even if they don't drive often.

    Therese - You had a very busy day. I know I would have had to write all those drop offs, stops, and pick ups down on a calendar so as not to miss anyone. Sorry about the roast!

    Searching - Yes, run to the beach. Enjoy a great morning. We had rain last night so the neighborhood kids did not get to play flashlight tag. 1st night in a while since they have not gotten together at dark to play. Such a cool neighborhood. Fun to listen to the laughter as all kids are having fun.