Good Monday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Aug 31, 2009.

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    I think my body is in for some serious readjusting of sleep hours. I took way too long of a nap yesterday for having to work today. I couldn't get to sleep til after midnight and here I am awake already-I still have more than hour before I have to be up but can't sleep.

    Today we have a day long conference. Hopefully it will be interesting. Lots of people are upset because they felt this should have been scheduled for Friday so that we could have been in our classrooms today instead of last Friday. Teachers want to be at school the day before the kiddos start.

    husband and I will actually be able to car pool together which is nice for once. Our entire district is meeting at a central location and then later we break out to different buildings by elementary, middle, and high school. They are having buses available that they want staff to take because they are worried about parking and causing a traffic jam. husband and I have decided to drive because our breakouts are on our side of town and otherwise we have to bus back to the other side and drive home. Plus we need to have a car in case of an emergency with difficult child and easy child being at home.

    husband and I are hoping to get to the health club as well tonight!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good Morning ALL! Hope everyone has a GREAT day!
    First Day of School for difficult child 2. This means I have to get up at 5:30 to get him on the bus at 6:30 Ugh. I'll miss those lazy crazy days of summer and sleeping in. difficult child 1 has gone back to college 2 hrs away. Already there have been issues. The cafeteria was redone with smaller tables and his power scooter would not fit. Finally after a few calls this and his other accessibility issues were fixed. difficult child 3 starts school tomorrow. Sending hugs to all and praying for those in need. Rabbit

    Sharon- Hope u have a nice day and make it to the health club.
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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, sorry your sleep pattern has been thrown out. I've occasionally tried to have a working all-nighter, only to find I take several days to recover and overall I get LESS done.

    Rabbit, I also have a mobility scooter and know the problems of trying to fit it in various small places. I'm glad the problems got sorted for him.

    We had one of those not terribly productive days when tyou HAVE to stay home but still don't get much done. The dishwasher repairman arrived early and gave us bad news - too many things have gone wrong with it, it's just not worth trying to fix. The cause - German cockroaches wich apparently like the micro-electric currents around the motherboard components, then get shorted out. And I'm not sure if the cockroach bombs we use are 'tuned' to that species. They only seem to get the big fat American ones... and no, I'm not being racist. The two main cockroach pests in our country are the smaller, paler German and the larger (huge!) American. Once either species gets established in your hoome, you can't get rid of them. We also have native cockroaches but they tend to not come indoors. They live on leaf litter and are really very pretty.

    Back to the day - I've been experimenting with some new varieties of rice I bought last week - red rice and black rice. From what I can see, they both look very similar. I looked them up, they're both "heirloom" varieties of rice. You might know the black rice as forbidden rice. it's a very dark purple when it's cooked and sends everything else purple as well. I tried to make risotto with it, I put chopped cooked chicken in it plus peas - the peas went black, the chicken went a weird purple. It was as if I'd overdosed the dish with squid ink!
    It tasted OK, but difficult child 3 was put off by the colour. Because of my diet, I only had a small serve, planning to eat a piece of fish - but I had a drink of water with it and found I had absolutely no room - the stuff is incredibly filling!

    So I think I have found a new dish for my diet.

    Tonight I cooked more up, this time following instructions I found online. Apparently in Thailand (where it comes from) black rice is eaten as a sweet dish, almost exclusively. So I followed a recipe and made - black rice with palm sugar syrup and coconut cream. And - it's fabulous! I've put the leftover in the fridge, it can be eaten warm but is better cold. If I nibble on it and also drink lots of water, it could help me get my diet back under control.

    A tasty way to do it. Loaded with iron, anthocyanins and fibre.

    I guess it's another sign my diet is back on deck - I'm experimenting with food in a big way.

    Tomorrow husband has the day off and we had already planned to go shopping, including looking for a mother-of-the-bride dress for me. Now a dishwasher is also on the shopping list.

    Oh well...

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  4. Good morning, all! We have an appointment with the principal at difficult child's school this morning. School starts tomorrow -- would have been nice to have had a discussion about which classroom would work best for him before this, but they do have a lot going on there. He will be in a larger class (we have budget issues in this state) and that's not a plus for him. Cross fingers and all that. Hope everyone has a good day!
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    Happy Monday! Whoo-Hoo!!!

    Sharon, I know what you mean about trying to re-adjust the sleep schedule....I am naturally more of a "night-owl" myself, and the adjustment to an early schedule is always hard.


    It sounds as though you are on the same schedule we are, although my son's bus arrives at 6:15. Not so bad when it's still warm outside, but BOY is that early when it's cold. Waaayyy too soon to get out of a nice , warm bed, in my opinion.

    Marg--you'll have to share that dessert rice recipe with sounds delicious!!

    As for me....I am SOOOO happy Occupational Therapist (OT)'s Monday, it's not even funny. difficult child is at school and she stays late today so I have a break ALL DAY!!! Yay!!!!! And she was so darn miserable and cranky yesterday--I couldn't WAIT for the weekend to end.

    Plus, it was a strange weekend anyway....If you can believe it we have a Jehovah's Witness who mentioned she was going to stop by and see us PLUS a Baptist Minister mentioned he was going to drop by our house. Frankly, I don't want a visit from either one of them--but I guess they are both concerned about our immortal souls.

    We have no idea when either of these folks intended to drop it was a whole weekend of waiting for the "shoe to drop" and then nothing ever happened. Nobody showed. Whew!!!

    Although, I admit that part of me wanted to see both the Jehovah's Witness and her group and the Baptist Minister and his group both arrive at the house at the exact same moment and battle it out on the front lawn...

    THAT would have been pretty entertaining!

    Happy Monday, everyone. Hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, productive day!