Good Monday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    It's back to work today. Both kiddos have early release today but we don't. Should be fun trying to figure out what to do with difficult child. He gets dropped off at my school but I just don't know, I think I may have to find a way to get him to husband's work where there are computers for him to play on.

    After work I don't think we have any appts but I'm not positive till I check the calendar. I definitely need to get in a workout as I made cookies for a luncheon we're having and ate too much cookie dough!

    easy child has basketball cheerleader tryouts from 7:30-9:30 tonight. Seems late to me but I think the coach is a college cheerleader and it has to work around her schedule. She's new and from what I hear a good coach.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful, no meltdown Monday!:peaceful:
  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good luck with finding something to keep difficult child engaged. Hope you fit that work out in.

    My difficult child came home with a bit of an attitude yesterday. Didn't go over well. After his rant, he did come down and apologize. Later in the evening he was cleaning his room. Hope does spring eternal.

    I've been to do my workout already and plan to spend the day doing laundry and going through 10 days of mail. Not fun.

    Hope you all have a positive, productive day.
  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- Does difficult child have something like a DS you can bring for him? I can't imagine him being at your school all afternoon without a clear plan of what he's to be doing.

    Fran- I'm glad difficult child apologized and is back to his new old self again. Cleaning his room without prodding! Who would have ever thought it?

    I'll be calling the doctor's office soon to get Duckie in today and running out to pick up her rx. She slept better last night but woke up coughing again around 7am.

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  4. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, I've never understood the attraction of cookie dough, vs the final result. But you've given me an idea - I might get difficult child 3 to bake some cookies. If I can make sure our oven is working. I tried to roast a chicken tonight and again, it took three times as long. I think the bottom element in the oven is gone. I had to quickly whip up something else for dinner. As for keepnig difficult child occupied, I second the idea of giving him a Nintendo DS (use a package like Brain Training) to keep him occupied and quiet.

    Fran, I wonder if they ever outgrow the rnts. At least he apologised. We're still working on that one, across the board. Conditional apologies seem to be the worst, worse than no apology. "I'm sorry I did X but I wouldn't have, if you hadn't done Y." Sometimes I just want to bang heads together.

    TM, I'm sorry Duckie is still sick. I hope the medications can help. Good luck getting her in to the doctor. I hope she gets a thorough going over, a good listen to the chest, etc. There are some nasty coughs around, including whooping cough (speaking from experience!)

    It's been a busy, full, interesting day. difficult child 3 was really good for the media interview (I posted separately). It took six hours, including a break while they went off to the local cafe to grab some lunch. But I'm certain that all the extra stimulation has made him more mentally fatigued. Added to this, husband came home from his first day back at work after having holidays for easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding, and he was mentally exhausted. The two of them were clashing a bit tonight, this is going to happen more and more until we can find another way to handle the mutual mental exhaustion and intolerance they both get when tired.

    I told them both to go to bed - difficult child 3 has gone to bed and to sleep quite quickly. He was protesting that he didn't feel that today was stressful because he quite enjoyed the experience, he found it interesting. I pointed out to him that interesting or not, it still is mentally tiring to deal with something so new and for such a long time. I tihnk he might have finally realised this. Certainly he put his light out almost immediately.

    husband has taken longer to head for bed - he's trying to solve a complex computer problem and frankly I think is now too tired to think clearly about it.

    Has anyone got any experience on trying to formalise a diagnosis for someone, so late in life?

    Tomorrow I have a busy day but I can leave difficult child 3 at home. Frankly, I would enjoy a break from him and I suspect he will enjoy having control over his own day. Our oven seems to have gone on the blink, husband is gonig to try to bring home a high temperature thermometer from work so we can check out the oven thermostat. Handy having scientists in the family!

    Enjoy your Monday.

  5. therese005us

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    Good morning!
    It's raining here as I write, which is wonderful to hear. Not much though, just enough to keep my garden alive.
    Today daughter had two Speech exams, and then we made the dash to the hospital to see cherub. They put the NG down again, and it has to stay down, or they'll do it again and again! So, with that, and a lovely nurse encouraging her, so far at this time (11pm) it's still in. They intend to keep it in for a few days, then do a barium enema on thurrsday.
    biomum is really cranky with me, because I'm trying to put the biodad off from visiting till Thursday. I am desperate to get some answers from Dept who now say that as the allegations are not yet substantiated and their investigations are not complete, biodad is fine to visit unlimited! Whcih stresses me, as I can't be there 24 hours at the moment, i'm tired, and its a 90 min drive from home, I have other children to cater to...
    I think I'm getting an ulcer, does anyone know the symptoms?
    Seriously, this is really annoying me!

    So, biomum is fit to kill me, thankfully, she's miles away at present!
    I'm juggling the house and not doing a great job of it.
    DS is cranky and uncooperative. I don't think the job is really going too well, and I'm not being a very good parent to him either, he's been left to his own devices a bit this past week.

    Hoping to do better by the week's end..... and is it really ONLY Monday?:confused:
  6. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Trish, ideas on ulcers have changed a great deal in recent years (thanks to Aussie researchers!). We now know it's a bacterial infection and will respond to the right antibiotics. Seriously, if you think an ulcer is likely, talk to the doctor about it. I found that symptoms of ulcer problems in me were triggered by NSAIDS. Once I stopped taking them, the symptoms subsided.

    It's fairly easy to get tested for ulcer these days, no need for endoscopy. It's a breath test that picks up the infection. Fast, easy. Maybe get yourself tested at the hospital when you see cherub?

  7. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Running late this morning ~ Sally, the wonder dog, woke me up barking; poor thing had to go out. I slept right thru my alarm.

    I'm doing the same as Fran - laundry & bills.

    by the way, there are 2 inches of snow on the ground & it's supposed to snow until mid to late afternoon. Lucky it's early in the season (it's still autumn); this stuff will melt in a day or two if the temps rise.

    Have a good one.