Good monday morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SearchingForRainbows, Jun 14, 2010.

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    I'm in a rush - Have to bring my "favorite sanity saver" to the vet for an early morning appointment. Just dropped by here quickly and noticed no one had started the GM thread yet so I thought I would.

    Today is supposed to be a nice day, not too warm, but humid. I'm hoping I'll have time to get a jog in sometime before I have to pick up difficult child 2 after school.

    As always, I hope everyone has a great day! SFR
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Good No Meltdown Monday Morning :salute:!!!

    SFR - glad you started the gm thread! Hope the appointment. goes well - gotta love those sanity savers!

    I think we are close to 100 today :hot: - but it's not unusual for us at this time of the year to have some unsettled weather with a chance of storms every day. difficult child is rolling early this morning - he realizes this is his last monday of waking early for school!! All I can think about is it's his last week of middle school. I can't believe my baby is going to high school. Darn, where did the time go?

    Have a great Monday all :peaceful:

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    SFR-I hope the vet appointment goes well and that you get in your jog!

    Sharon-Wow-that is hot!! Time does fly; doesn't it? I remember when you were looking at middle schools for your difficult child:)

    Started boot camp this morning! I wanted to throw the alarm clock when it went off at 4:30!!! We met at a park-it was a very intense workout and quite a challenge. I'm already feeling sore! By tomorrow I probably will not be able to move! After I got home I took Ella for a 3 mile walk-ready for a nap now but I have an IEP meeting for difficult child so he can attend an alternative school part time next year and then he has a therapist appointment and after that his case manager is picking him up for a bit and then we are all going to meet. At some point a nap must be had as I hate to start out summer vacation without one!!:sleeping:

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    SFR, enjoy your pleasant weather. I hope your pet is OK.

    Sharon/LDM, my fingers are crossed for a pleasant afternoon storm for you.

    Sharon/WO, boot camp and ten a long walk for the dog? No wonder you need a nap!

    It's late here, we're tired. We got back from Canberra this evening. difficult child 3 has been very difficult, very reactive especially to husband. Mind you, it's been a bit the other way too - husband falling back into old habits at times and stepping in to criticise difficult child 3 in ways that just don't work well. I think husband is trying to be protective of me so I don't have to handle so much, but it ends up making more work for me as I have to try and sort things out, after they're a bigger mess. OK, most of the time husband gets it and he really puts up with a lot of crud from difficult child 3. I also do my darndest to defend husband to difficult child 3. But the more I have to do it, the less it will be effective, long-term.

    We bought a lot of farm-grown tomatoes yesterday at the farmers market, tonight I've cooked up about half of them. They're still bubbling on the stove, we've got a timer set.

    Tonight as he walked down to mother in law's (where husband & I already were) difficult child 3 saw something fall from the power lines and lie there twitching. We went back to look and sure enough, as we expected, it was a young bat, the size of a half-grown kitten. Last year's litter. husband got a nylon bag from me and carefully wrapped it up until just it's foxy head was showing. The bat (a flying fox) was very unhappy about tis and was making the most blood-curdling screams. But on the ground it was struggling, not able to get around well. We figured it had been electrocuted; it was the same place where we had a dead bat hanging from the wires a couple of months ago.

    We took the bat to mother in law's and hung it from the low branches of a peach tree. It still struggled, seemed to have trouble with one wing, we also saw its knuckle bleeding (perhaps form a burn). I rang WIRES (Wildlife and Information Rescue Service) who finally called back and a rep dropped in to check things out. By that time husband had moved the bat to a better tree - and got bitten for his troubles, bitten right through his leather gauntlets. So it's likely that tomorrow husband will need a rabies shot. We don't have rabies in Australia, but the nasty virus bats carry here, called Lyssa virus, will respond to rabies shots.
    By the time the WIRES rep had arrived, the bat (a young male) had climbed a couple of metres higher in the tree and seemed to have recovered most of its agility. The lucky one that survived, it seems.

    Tomorrow it's back to radiation treatment then on to difficult child 3's therapist appointment. We'll drop husband off at his work (he has some paperwork to do plus a delivery to collect, even though he's on leave) then he'll drop in on his doctor to talk about the bat bite. After that we're taking difficult child 3 in to his school for a couple of one-on-one lessons. Then he has a drama class. I'm caffeine free tomorrow - no coffee (not even decaf) and no chocolate! So sad...

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

  5. change

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    Good Mornin' Everyone!!

    Busy Day here too!! It's hot in Texas and humid too. Going to try and get all my errands and chores done (grocery, store, laundry, etc.) because husband needs my car when he gets home to pick up our new generator. It's hurricane season here and we finally broke down and bought generator because NOAA has forecasted more storms than ever for this year.

    difficult child is from the hospital after a month stay so we are readjusting. I will post about THAT too.

    Have a great day everyone!!!