Good Monday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    husband is at boot camp and I woke up early. My back is feeling 90% better and I wanted to go this morning but I'm trying to listen to the chiropractor and wait till I'm pain free. It isn't easy!

    This is one of the last two Mondays before summer vacation is over. I'm planning on heading into school today to see if I can start getting into my room. difficult child has a therapist this morning so one of us will take him to that.

    It is still beautiful here-62 degrees right now and the windows are wide open-love it!!:)

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. hearts and roses

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    Good morning Sharon! Glad your back is feeling better this AM and you're doing as told by the chiro. It's so difficult for me to be still when my back is out!

    Our mini vaca in Fire Island with H's family was very nice. Beautiful house right over the first dune! The ocean was lovely and the ocean breezes, wow.

    Back to work today.

    Enjoy the day everyone!
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day for Monday.

    Sharon/WO, you made the right decision to look after your back. Take it carefully for a while. My physiotherapist got me doing exercises in a slightly different way, so it would not only protect the various bits of me that are sore, but it would strengthen them. She is very firm about core strength and stability. The exercises she gave me are minimal in movement, but very effective. It has reduced my pain levels amazingly, where even the chiropractor was not able to help. And our chiropractor is brilliant.

    H&R, Fire Island sounds lovely. I hope you took plenty of photos of the ocean view over the sand dune.

    We're now in the last week before our Federal election. It can't come soon enough, everyone is fed up with it. I had a fairly quiet morning, difficult child 3 worked solidly on his schoolwork. Then daughter in law arrived, I cooked lunch for us both and then I drove her home. We've just had dinner at mother in law's as usual, I even took the easy option there and thawed something out of the freezer (a lamb casserole I made a few months ago). We also had leftover chicken but mother in law has felt overdosed with chicken. We won't be there for dinner tomorrow night so we left a serve of casserole and mashed potato for her. Or there's still some chicken...

    Tomorrow is a busy day. husband has the day off. First we have to drop his car off for a service at 8 am. Then we have to get into the uni by 9 am for difficult child 3's therapist appointment. That takes an hour. We then head for school (right near the harbour) and should get there by 10.30, although the appointment is 11 am. I have a couple of meetings there (fairly informal) while difficult child 3 has a one-on-one lesson. Than we head off at lunchtime for the regional hospital and cancer centre. I have a bone density test for 2 pm, then I see the oncologist at 3 pm (my 6 week check-up after radiation treatment).

    I've also almost finished knitting a tea cosy for the charity stall to be held outside the polling booth on Saturday. They want to raffle it. Then it's back to knitting my 10" squares for Wrapped With Love, something I began doing at the cancer centre, where there are baskets of wool and needles for people who want to do something with their hands while they wait.

    After the cancer centre, we head to difficult child 3's drama class after which we have dinner in a bistro then head home for an early night. We're always much earlier when we don't have dinner at mother in law's.

    A big day. I'll be glad when it's done. But one good thing - husband & I will be together for the day, he's spending his day off with me. A total SNAG, that's husband.

    Enjoy your Monday.

  4. Fran

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    Good Monday morning everyone.
    Sharon, ouch about your back but so glad to hear that it's 90% better. Enjoy your down time and let those windows fly open and let the fresh air flow.
    Hope you have a peaceful day.

    H&R, sounds like a wonderful time at the beach. Don't you wish you could do that every weekend?

    Marguerite, sounds like you and husband are going to have a lovely day together. Busy but together is good.
    I love the idea of yarn and needles in the waiting room to keep one busy. I'm sure it feels very therapeutic.

    easy child is home from school for 9 days. We are enjoying our child and want to pamper him with good food and lots of love. He is growning up and turning into a fine young man. Still messy but sweet and good. Lasagna is one of his favorite food so that's on the menu today.
    difficult child has a birthday that will be celebrated on Saturday before his brother returns to college. It's a wonderful week for the Mrs. Fran family.

    I am hopeful that once difficult child is situated in his new apartment and program that our house will return to an empty nest and I can go visit my babies and enjoy their company.

    As usual Monday's are about laundry, bills and clean up from the weekend. Hope you have a productive day.