Good monday morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SearchingForRainbows, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    The weekend was a productive one for us but we didn't accomplish everything we had planned to do. It would have been nice if easy child/difficult child 3 offered to help us just a little bit. Instead she slept till noon both Saturday and Sunday and was a total PITA. We'll be so glad once our home improvement projects are finished!!!

    Way too tired this morning, lol... Heading to the kitchen for some more caffeine.

    Hope everyone has a great day... SFR
  2. HaoZi

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    Morning ladies. Not such a productive weekend here, still have a whole basket of clean laundry to put up. Kiddo not adjusted to time change even though she got to sleep at reasonable hour. doctor appointment later today with psychiatrist, then we go out to dinner (or likely split an appetizer/dish and have dessert, she's not eating like a lumberjack anymore yay!) and hopefully meet Travis, he wasn't able to make it last time we were up that way.
    Kiddo sitting here drinking "coffee" (mostly milk, in other words) to help wake up. She doesn't drink soda so it doesn't take much caffeine for her. I'd have preferred one more day to sleep in.
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    G'day people.

    SFR, I'm sorry difficult child 3 was such a pain. Sometimes a break in routine does a lot of damage.

    We had a busy and frustrating day today. difficult child 3's medications were increased to 35 mg two weeks ago, which means breaking tablets in half to get the 5 mg increment. I knew we were about to push it to 40 mg so I didn't make up more than a couple of days'. So this morning he didn't take his medications because that box was empty. He should have come to me to sort it, or ask what to do. So he began today's important assessment task, unmedicated! He actually got some work done, but it was not very much. To his credit, he told me when he realised the mistake.

    The pediatrician this afternoon formally advised us to make the increase to 40 mg. So hopefully tomorrow he will have a more productive day.

    The weather has cooled off a lot today, after yesterday's amazingly hot, sunny day. It heats up a bit more again tomorrow. We'll be heading off for a couple of weeks break on Friday, may be off the air for two weeks. We'll take photos and put them on FaceBook, for those who know me over there. We're in the run down to leaving for the holiday. Heading to my nephew's wedding in Byron Bay (Australia's answer to Woodstock, but with surf). Two weeks of sun, sea and sand. And my sister's coffee plantation...

    Enjoy your Monday.