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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Friday was a beautiful sunny day. husband and I drove easy child/difficult child 3 to the bus station. She had a long ride to get to difficult child 1's apartment - 12 hours! It would have been a much shorter ride but the bus made three stops along the way with an hour wait at each one. The good news is she has a summer job!:hapydancsmil: difficult child 1 got her an interview at the motel where he worked last year. At the interview, the manager told easy child/difficult child 3 that she had left the front desk position open, waiting to meet her - What a nice thing to do! It looks like she'll be starting the second week in June.

    husband and I had a nice weekend, spending lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather Friday and Saturday.:sunny: Sunday was much cooler and by last night we were expecting snow. Luckily, we woke up this morning to just rain. Still keeping my fingers crossed because it's supposed to remain cold, in the thirties, and the chance of snow will increase later in the day.:coldday:

    Already put a load of wash in, cleaned the bathroom. I'm going to have another cup of coffee and then my favorite sanity saver:cool_dog: has another appointment at the vet's.

    Hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile...:D SFR
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    SFR, great news about difficult child 1's job! I'm surprised you've still got such cold weather, though.

    School is back for the second term. I collected difficult child 3 from his college today and took him to his agency appointment (disability employment agency). They're training him for a possible apprenticeship, although it's taking a lot longer than I thought they would.

    difficult child 3 did not get any work done over the break, even though he was supposed to be working on finishing his assessment task. I really wish they had not granted the extension, I didn't think he would get any work done and all it did was ramp up everybody's anxiety. I hope to talk to the SpEd tomorrow, although I have to go out tomorrow mid-morning to a family funeral. I'm taking mother in law in her car - she can no longer get into my car, it's too high.

    I got a phone call today - easy child 2/difficult child 2 has got her appointment for neuropsychologist - this Friday! That's a lot better than the "we'll call you in July and let you know where on the waiting list you will be, probably November." I've asked her to go to the neurologist's office tomorrow and collect her file (my copy) with all her old neuropsychologist reports.

    I went to a village literary evening tonight and met some useful contacts. One of the authors there has the same agent I'm about to pitch for. She gave me some useful tips. I nearly didn't go, I'm very glad I did!

    Enjoy your Monday.