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    Good Morning Everyone,

    The weekend flew by! I took easy child/difficult child 3 clothes shopping and to pick up her new glasses. They look great on her. Saturday night, husband and I took her out to dinner. She picked out an Italian restaurant and it was really good. It was a fun evening. Yesterday the four of us (my favorite sanity saver came too) went to a fair to help raise money for Pilots and Paws. There were some animals for adoption there and easy child/difficult child 3 and I fell in love with a litter of kittens and their mom. No, we didn't bring one home, lol... easy child/difficult child 3 is leaving Tuesday for college orientation and placement testing. When husband gets home from work tomorrow, we'll drive her to the airport. Friday she's taking a train to difficult child 1's apartment where she'll be spending the summer. I miss her already and she hasn't even left yet!! I won't see her until Labor Day Weekend and then husband and I will be driving her to college. I can't believe it but I'm almost an empty nester!! It's so strange, from the moment I found this site, this is all I wanted. Now I need a case of tissues when I think about my "baby" all grown up, leaving home for college...

    I'm doing one final load of laundry for her and finishing what is left of the pot of coffee. I've got to get to that fitness room this morning. I need to clear my mind - I'm just too emotional thinking about easy child/difficult child 3 moving out...

    I hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile... SFR
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    G'day, SFR and all to follow. Sounds like you had a full but enjoyable weekend.

    I spent the weekend laid up in bed, except for when I put on a well face and went to mother in law's for dinner. I couldn't hide the flu entirely, but I was able to mask it a lot.

    Today I had a GP appointment (partly to deal with flu, partly to get paperwork in place for our upcoming trip). So I wasn't able to go to my Monday morning meeting. I headed straight out after the doctor, but only got to the highway in time to collect difficult child 3 and turn right round and come home again. The rest of today, I worked on a rough draft of a book. I spent this evening researching possible illustrations.

    Winter is definitely here. Tonight the sky was clear enough for us to watch the partial lunar eclipse, but Wednesday's transit of Venus is likely to be not visible here due to heavy clouds. Severe gales are forecast (starting some time overnight) and heavy cloud and rain will come with it. They have forecast record high seas. With the full moon we're already getting higher tides than normal, but the storm surge is also adding to it, even well before the storm gets here. Once it hits, they say we need to be prepared for the highest tides on record. That all means that the village boat is likely to stop running, because the jetty for our town is so exposed, the heavy seas make it impossible to safely tie up the boat. When seas are high, they snap ropes. Also, our church is likely to get wet 'feet' - in high seas before, I've found seaweed on the back step. I'll go down tomorrow (if I can) to have a look. The best place to check it is the wharf, but if it's as bad as they say, we won't be able to get near the wharf, seas will break across it.

    We'll be safe of course, we live on the top of a (sand) hill, 1 km inland. But we're close enough to get the salt spray on days like this, and to hear the surf breaking against the cliffs.

    difficult child 3 has assessment tasks this week, I need to collect him from college to get him home to do his work. If the weather is bad, it could slow us down a bit.

    Camera will be at the ready...

    Enjoy your Monday.

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    Good Monday, everybody. I had a busy weekend with grandkids' activities. Went to a family dinner with six other kids, ages 8 months-8 years. My difficult child grandson was so amazing! Last time we were there, he hit people, bit, had a meltdown--the usual. This time, he was sweet to everybody, shared his video game with all the kids, talked with everybody. My brother and sister-in-law (both educators) were so amazed and kept asking who this kid was! I'm so grateful for all of the people that have worked so hard to get my grandson to this point, and yes, it must be said, even the Concerta. I know it will be two steps forward, one back, but heck, that's progress, right?

    Have a great week. Last week of school for me! Yeah!! My students, mostly non-verbal, know it too, so it's making for some interesting times. Then most of them will be in Extended School Year (summer school here in California) and they will all have different teachers and speech and Occupational Therapist (OT) people. Oooooph. I don't teach summer school anymore. Nope. Need the break.