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    Good Morning Everyone,

    husband and I had a nice weekend. We went out to dinner Friday night. The food was really good and we had a leisurely, relaxing dinner. Saturday and Sunday were hot, sunny, just beautiful days. husband cooked dinner on the grill last night. I love nights when he does the cooking!

    difficult child 1 called us yesterday morning while at our house. He traveled "home" for the weekend to visit friends. Before he left Sunday, he picked up difficult child 2 and took him to our house to check on it, do a bit of maintenance. It was nice that difficult child 1 made difficult child 2 feel like he needed his help. In reality, difficult child 1 could have easily done everything by himself but he knows difficult child 2 needs to get out more. He gave him a few simple things to do and difficult child 2 felt useful, important - A great thing! Then difficult child 1 took him out for a sundae before bringing him back to his apartment and heading back to his. We're grateful for difficult child 1's help as it looks like we'll be getting a signed P & S this week. Please keep your fingers crossed...!

    Today it's going to be much cooler, highs maybe in the low 70's. I've got a load of wash going and as soon as it's finished, I'm going to the fitness room. I really need a good work-out today.

    As always, hope everyone's day is off to a good start... SFR
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    Sounds great SFR. Temps here are supposed to be warmer again with humidity rising throughout the week. I actually hate humidity worse than the heat. I want to live in a place where it is 60-80 degrees and no more than 60% humidity 365 days a year. THAT would be my dream world. Yea, I know, I dream big.

    Not much going on today. Both boys have things going on this evening but the rest of the day is pretty open. which means difficult child 1 will want to go to a friend's house and arguing about having to come home for lunch before he goes to the swimming pool. difficult child 2 will go on the computer and when I tell him time's up, he's been on it enough, he'll have a mini-meltdown because he doesn't know what else to do. Then he'll end up watching tv until it's time to go to his activities. Yea, we're pretty predictable here.

    Have a great day everyone.